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I'm Arley! I've roleplayed on this site before a couple years back and I'm here to start anew! Nice to meet you all. I like detailed RPs with a lot of depth; unpredictability and thrill is what I believe makes an RP so fun! Love a good modern RP, but fantasy and sci-fi elements are something I'm open to exploring as well, since they leave so much to the imagination. And I love a good romance as well, always sends my heart fluttering when it's well done. Hope to make many new friends~

Hi arley. Hello and welcome to RPR. The best roleplaying website ever. It is full of beautiful freinds and roleplayers.

Welcome (back). I hope you enjoy it here and find some good friends and RPs.

Welcome back? I suppose. Lol glad you're back.

Welcome back Arley! Nice to meet you~ I am not sure what to say really...but big mood. I also really enjoy detailed RPs with depth-as well as the fantasy and romance genre! I really hope I can get the chance to roleplay with you sometime in the future ;;w;; You sound like a really cool person!

Welcome to RPR! I hope that you have fun! =)


Thank you all for the warm welcomes! Appreciate it and hope I may encounter some of you in a roleplay in the future!

Hello and welcome! It's great to meet you. I've been roleplaying for seven years, and I just love dragons;
Be they from Spyro, Final Fantasy, D&D, or Disney.

I plan to add characters from each, and RP them on here. c:

Hey! Welcome to RPR, hope you have fun!

Hi, and welcome to RPR! We are all glad to have you here, and we all hope that you will have a lot of fun here!
My name is Kamryn, but feel free to calling me Bean, as that is my nickname! If you're ever interested, feel free to shoot me a PM so we can chat if you'd like, or possibly strike up an RP! I'm very easy to get along with, and I'm always up for making new friends! Don't be afraid to reach out to me if you need help or would like someone to talk to about the site!
Again, welcome to RPR, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Welcome back to RPR! Glad to have you coming back around again :)

Thank you all! Giving me such positive vibes <3

Hey there!


Welcome to RPR! I'm super glad you've joined us back here!

I really recommend checking out the Looking For RP boards, and I definitely recommend hitting up the OOC Chat as a place to get to know some of your fellow roleplayers!

Thank you SO MUCH for coming to us and helping us make our community great!

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Forums > Introductions > hello hello hellooo!