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The Tangled Shore, Unknown Date.

He remembers very little of what happened on the Tangled Shore.

It's not that he's rebooted, however; rather, it was a blind rage and a seething need for vengeance that drove him forward, not sparing a second thought to what happened around him.

He remembers the Barons and the Scorn. The Cabal, the Vex, the Hive and the Fallen all closing in on one location -- he remembers the chaos that comes with one Lightbearer such as himself. There's a brief, fleeting memory of void crackling over carbon fibre mesh, seeping into steel plating as he generates two blades of the dark, the speed of which he moves increasing tenfold. He remembers the fast pace of which he slaughters -- all enemies, all targets, no hesitation. He doesn't remember, however, why he did such a thing. Why? He had forsaken his training as a Gunslinger for the Void's embrace, and that's all he knows.

Saber takes a deep breath as he transmats into Thieve's Landing on the Tangled Shore -- he wonders, briefly, if Petra is still nearby, if Spider has anything of value to him. In saying that, he doesn't find value in much anymore. The value behind stolen loot, or scavenged material... It's not the same as it once was. He misses the feeling of satisfaction he gets when he returns to the Vanguard, solar energy flickering across his persona as Cayde gives him a pat on the back for a job well done. Now, it's cold. There's no congrats, or friendly pat. It just is.

And now he wanders through the Tangled Shore, pulling back a bowstring, arrow at the ready.

One, two. Inhale, exhale. Release.

The Fallen Vandal falls with the single shot.

He sees a friendly blip on his radar and swings around, optics glaring through the Wormhusk Crown he adorns, the red and white and black figure standing ever still with the bow lowering.

"What do you want?"

“Are you sure it was a good idea to come out here alone,” the Ghost asked his Exo Guardian, still unaware of the hidden form, “we could get attacked by anything, and I really don’t want to get dismembered by any explosive “presents” again.” The Exo turned to glare at the Ghost for a second. “Sirius,” he spoke, “I’m well aware of the dangers of the Tangled Shore. Besides, we’ve learned to avoid the bombs, despite your over cautious behavior. We’ll be...” It was then that they noticed the dark Exo appearing close by, a Fallen Vandal at his feet. “We don’t want any trouble,” Sirius explained, “we’re just passing through.” His Guardian gave another glare before turning back to the other.

Saber gives pause, before slowly putting away his bow. He doesn't see them as a threat -- he knows better than to deem other Guardians a threat, of all things. Besides, the other Exo seems nice, and Talon... Well, the little Ghost was hiding in the Hunter's hood of his cloak, nervous to come out.

"Hey, no, it's cool. Sorry, I'm..." Saber sighs, to the best of his Exo ability, "... I'm just incredibly on edge."

"On edge is the understatement of the century," Talon chimes, peeking out of the hood to let himself be known to the other Guardian and his own Ghost, "you've been paranoid and upset since... You know."

Saber glances to his Ghost, then back to the other Guardian. "He's-- yeah, he's right. I'm sorry. But, uh, I guess it's a good a time as any to get to know each other? I'm Saber-3, and this is my Ghost, Talon. We're out on the Tangled Shore just because it's the only place I can seem to focus and I need to get some frustrations out. Why are you out here though? Not many Guardians want to come to the Shore."

“We’re...” Sirius began before the Guardian held up his hand, Vex implaments standing starkly against his Exo shell. “We’re hunting down a murderer.” he growled, clearly enraged that this has happened. “Pyre-5,” He turned back, realizing that he had been staring at the Vandal with a not-so-hidden rage, “and this is Sirius. Hope my...’deformities’ didn’t scare you. Not that it matters, of course.” “I don’t know if pointing those out was a good idea,” Sirius argued, “especially in front of another Exo.”

The Exo removes his helmet and pushes back the hood -- always easier to see without it, always easier to speak. He raises an optic ridge at the mention of "deformities", having not looked over the other properly, so he glances over Pyre and-- ah. It's a strange sight to behold, he won't lie. With all the Vex implants and it connecting to the Exo frame... He can barely imagine himself with all the Vex technology intertwining with his own. How long has this poor guy been living with this? It sounds too horrible to experience, no less have to live with.

Saber now understands why Pyre would think that about himself now, and decides against making any comment about it -- a long forgotten memory is briefly remembered. Don't say anything if you have nothing nice to say. The memory it comes from disappears as soon as he remembers it.

"Hey, I ain't judging," is the response he gives, adding a touch of friendliness to it. He glances to the Vandal he had killed before glancing back to the other Exo. Hunting a murderer? "Hunting, huh? That's more a Hunter's job, ain't it? Nah, just kidding, I've seen plenty-a Guardians on the hunt lately, but it's usually for the same thing. So! In saying that, who are you after? Any of the remaining Barons, Uldren... Or are we talking more personal than those guys?"

((Apologies; I got carried away, then lost the post entirely, so I was unable to respond...til now, if this is still on.))

“A bit more personal,” Pyre-5 clenched his fists, “if you see Kaniks, could you tell him that I’ve got a little ‘present’ to repay his ‘gift;’ a full round of ammunition stuffed down his crazed explosive throat, with a cherry bomb to top it off!” Sirius sighed, turning back to Saber. “Sorry,” he apologized, “he’s been like this after Kaniks sent a bunch of Screebs and mines to kill us. Well, that and the whole taunting of Cayde by the Scorn Barons; really sets him off.” “They aren’t fit to say his name,” Pyre shouted at seemingly no one, “they say I belong in the dirt; I say I’ll put them back six feet under for what they did to him! They’re like animals, and I’ll slaughter them like animals; I HATE THEM!!!” His eye(s) began to crackle with lightning, the raging storm beneath nearly unleashed upon this completely innocent Guardian until he managed to calm himself; harmony within, hurricane without, he repeated to himself as he sat down, Sirius floating by his side. “I’m really sorry,” he sighed, “the storm almost...the death of Cyade’s been really hard on me. I won’t rest until I help put a bullet in Uldren’s head.”

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