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In the future, jails took up too much space, all could agree with that. Everywhere you turned, there was a new prison, some taller than even a skyscraper and as wide as most bodies of water. Granted, they were only so massive because of new laws stating sizes and conditions within, but there still was little room for what humanity really, really needed. They needed new houses and new places to cultivate food, and all those massive prisons were just too bulky, taken up too much, more land than they deserved. So the greatest minds in history worked together to create something new. The VR Prison. Controlled by a chip in the mind instead of a headset, it was unique in linking their minds together, trapping them in a hell they can never succeed in defeating. But they couldn’t just straight up use this system yet. They did not know if it would truly work.

And that is what they needed. They need conclusions, and that meant they needed beta testers. So therefore they brought them in, hunting down those in need of money and those who are not satisfied with their lower tier. Even a few criminals were accepted as the main beta testers, promised a shorter sentence or possibly even a rescue from death row. However, they acted as if the real prisoners would not be there, knowing that that would pull people in.

And hurrah! They managed to pull in people, connecting them into the system, sprawling them on hospital beds and hitting the switch, sending them kindly into hell. The question is, though, would they ever get out? Or would the simulation consume them for eternity?


1. No OP Characters

2. No Mary/Gary Sues


4. Do NOT God Mod

5. Psycho is the god here. They are SUPREME RULER. Listen to them!


7. Don’t just jump straight in. Psycho will accept you, unless they choose somebody else to do that for them.

8. You can cuss, but don’t use degrading words that can be considered insulting to a certain group of people.

9. Only use a human character, unless the RP allows for something other than human!

10. No massive drama without my permission. More minor drama is alright though.

11. Thou shalt not kill without the permission of the roleplayer they are killing unless the roleplayer is venison.

12. Only minor, fluffy romance like hugs and cheek/forehead kisses. I prefer if I see absolutely no BLACKOUTS. I mean, you’re on one of my plots. Literally, all of my plots are violent. WHEN ARE YA GONNA FIND TIME TO FRICK FRACK???

13. Be semi-lit. Or literate. Honestly, as long as you aren’t using ** to RP

14. Give the others something to work with. That mostly means absolutely NO one-liners.

14. Have fun, my lil band of idiots! I love you all!


The Poor (0/-)
The Unsatisfied (0/-)
The Normal Prisoners (1/3)
The Death Row Prisoners (2/2)


Physical Description:
Extra Information:

name: luna
age: 21
gender: female
sexuality: straight
role: death row prisoner
personality: She is very hard core and cold but when you get to know her you will understand she is a loyal friend
physical description: just like picture
Backstory: my parents were very violent people. They were part of a gang so I wasn't raised the greatest I killed a guy that my parents told me to.
extra info: I have anger issues. I am strong and can run fast. I'm also very smart.



((Name: Tren Beren
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Uninterested to the brink of asexuality
Role: Normal Prisoner
Physical Description: 6'3", dark skinned, has a scar on his left cheek. Wears a pair of cracked sunglasses.
Backstory: Tren being a mercenary, he was always on a form of the wrong side of the law. It just took an elaborate setup to even capture him, and his lawyer managed to get him off with a couple of charges of breaking and entering and manslaughter. Still, jail time is jail time, and the sooner Tren can get out of jail, the sooner he can begin making money again.
Extra Info: Tren is capable of quick thinking and quicker reactions. He is also a very constructive individual. Not that he builds up people's self esteem, more that he can build items from materials mostly by memory alone.))


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