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I'm a self taught musician and songwriter. My parents got my first bass out of a pawn shop and I've been playing ever since.

I'm an aspiring director and filmmaker, I'm working on my treatment actually.

I’m working on a romance novel
And I’m a twitch streamer

I’m a seal! Wait, that isn’t special or unique.... uh... I’m decent at piano? I guess?

I have the ability to back-bend and put my feet on the back of my head. With ten minutes of stretching, I can also put my bum on my head.

I seem to be a bit of an introvert magnet. I've been told that I cost little to nothing to hang out with.

I'm a pretty speedy learner. Most times I only need to be shown something once, and I research the heck out of it so I can do it independently for the most part. I can get super obsessive with something for a while, and then my interest just plummets hardcore once I feel I made a bunch of progress and I find something else to get that rush of accomplishment all over again. It has the benefit that I'm decent or pretty good at a lot of things, but really struggle to specialize in one thing specifically!

I can lay on the floor with my limbs splayed out, making me look like a frog ready to jump, lol.

I have a fairly decent knowledge and can recall certain things easily and can remember most of my early life easily,especially the fossil incident where I got hit in the head by a fossil.

Don’t know if anything is special with me. I can write with good syntax and punctuation, and I like what I think is good music, and I live life the best I can. Don’t think I have any outstanding talents that comes to mind.

I’m not that great of a Typer on my phone though.

I remember every story i ever read. I can also read upside down and backwards. Draw with my right hand and paint with my left

SarietheFae wrote:
I remember every story i ever read. I can also read upside down and backwards. Draw with my right hand and paint with my left

That is so ridiculously cool!

I have published a book! And even though I am tired of the content, then I am quite proud of it. And I have a stupid fast reading speed.

I have a passion for writing and my goal is to publish 1 book a year, eventually 2 books a year. I will be publishing a book in July! So maybe that's special? I can type 107 words per minute max, 86 words per minute average.

I can watch a movie and play it over in my head word for word, scene for scene. It's always nice to be able to run through movies before I sleep.

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Forums > Smalltalk > What's special about you?