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Forums > Help > Does RP Repository Have An Affiliate Badge?


I'm new and already dropped my introduction post in the other forum. However, I just wanted to know if RP Repository has any official creative assets that I can put on an rpg site I'm building i.e. I want to advertise YOU guys on MY site.

Looking for banners, badges, whatever you got. I tried to find this information on the site but haven't come across it so I just figured I'd ask here.


This is the coolest directory forum I've come across yet. Also, your user interface is far more intuitive than other directories I've used in the past. I love that I can create a profile for my main characters.

Unfortunately, not really! Something we should look at in the future for sure.

You could always snag an icon and embed it, if the coding on your preferred site allows! IE,


We did a stamp contest a couple years ago--those might work for your purposes. :D You can check out the entries here.

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Forums > Help > Does RP Repository Have An Affiliate Badge?