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The Dwemer were an illustrious race, innovative and perfection-oriented. Their great cities spanned the northern side of the continent, their talent unmatched even today. But their end came after the Battle of Red Mountain, becoming one with Anumidium, the Brass God. Their cities were left to ruin, scavengers and theives taking the treasures of the dead race, leaving us in wonder of their past. With the recent defeat of Alduin in Sovngarde, a previously unknown city has risen from the rock and stone of the Velothi Mountains, inciting the adventurous spirit of many. Of the many to attempt to scale the steep cliffs of the mountains, only one has led a group of intrepid adventurers to the gates of Bahlzarf, the Underdeep City.

Mountain Crown Productions presents, in association with Bethesda Softworks;
Bahlzarf, the Underdeep.

I’ve been playing Skyrim recently, and I thought it would’ve fun to host a role play of dungeon delving. I won’t be on all the time, but I will be here as often as I am able. Same rules apply, Elder Scrolls races only, with exceptions in certain cases.


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 4 other players.

Well considering iam both vastly fimialr with D&D and skyrim id be very interested and have a drow assassin named Zakeria whom i based loosely off the dritz series. She is basically dritz sister via his father Zaknafin. Though she is taken as a babe by a very skilled and renowned assassin and raised by the woman.

Anyhow iam highly interested in this roleplay!

Oh heck yes! I've got Katrina though she's a WIP still, all of my characters are XD

You are both able to join; there are dark elves, or Dunmer, in the lore, so Zakeria may be able to pass off as one.

I was thinking of either leaving Katrina as a Nord or change her to a woodelf.

Either one will do.

I normally do Emily and her sister as Bretons, with Emily being a straight up warrior and her sister being a mage/assassin

I welcome you, adventurers all; assassins, sorcerers, dragon-knights, and all others!

Still looking for more players.

Still here. :p

So we have three players, besides myself;

Emily Crow (and sister)

I will use Neemus Xercles, my Argonian Dragonborn and Shadowscale of the Dark Brotherhood.

I’ll post the forum tomorrow, though I hope others express their interest, if possible; the more, the merrier.

Should we begin, or has this died before it began?

Oh, I never checked back for the forum. 0_0

So are we all ready?

Also, I noticed WolfieX45 is no longer with us.

I just need the link, but I also have been hella busy

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Forums > Looking for RP > Under Deep, Below the Dark (open)