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All right. Might as well plop this down here. No one seemed interested in the LFRP post I made, but whatever. Here we go.

WARNING: This RP will include slightly mature subjects, such as violence, gore, romance, and so on. Nothing really explicit mind you, but still be aware of it.

Also, the setting is modern world with magic/supernatural elements. Think...well the Supernatural TV show.


A young man sat morosely at the bar counter, nursing a single drink for the whole night. There was nothing odd about a moody man wasting time in a bar. What was odd however was his bare arms, especially on such a cold night. They were covered from shoulder to wrist in strange dark tattoos. Rather eye catching, but his "leave me alone" attitude ensured he was left alone.

For a little while at least.

A trio of very thuggish looking men entered the bar, their leader taking a moment to scan the environment. Upon spotting the tattooed man, the leader pointed and the tree approached the drinker.

"Mr. Graves?" The man looked up from his drink, looking at the lead thug with disinterest. "That's me. What do you want?" The leader sneered. "You've been asking questions about my boss. Too many questions. The boss doesn't like that, so he sent us to...polity...ask you to stop."

Gideon Graves sighed, slowly standing from the stool to face the three men. "Your boss has information I need. That's all." The lead thug wasn't having it. "Yeah, but seems our boys get a little roughed up every time you ask questions. So you're going to stop, now!"

The three thugs went at Gideon in an instant, two grabbing his arms, and the leader driving his fists into the man's stomach. " stop..." Gideon rasped between impacts. The men didn't listen, just continuing to whale on him.

"Fine...we do it the hard way..." Gideon grunted, the tattoos on his arms glowing red hot before the sound of thunder erupted from him a flash. The three men jerked back, rubbing their eyes. As their vision returned, Gideon, but not Gideon, stood before them.

He wore a skull like mask, black hair long and wet looking, and he seemed to be wearing some sort of body armor over his chest and abdomen. He let out a long low breath, mist pouring out of his mouth in thin wisps. "Now...where is your boss?"

A few minutes later Gideon, back in his normal attire and holding the lead thug's phone, stepped out of the bar into the cold night air. "Hmmm...well this is a start." He mumbled, pocketing the device. As he moved to leave the bar door burst open, the lead thug limping out and pointing a gun right at Gideon. The man was covered in blood and bruises, his two compatriots on the floor behind him in worse condition.

"You...bastard..." The leader slurred, blood dripping from his mouth. He suddenly jerked, looking down to see a long thick chain impaling him in the chest, right through the heart. Looking up he saw the chain was some out coming out of Gideon's wrists, quickly sucking back into him as if it were never there, save for the now gaping hole where his heart was. The man shook, took a step forward, and slumped to the ground, blood pooling out quickly.

Shaking his head, Gideon walked into the night to find a place to get some rest, not knowing that he was being watched.


So there you have it. My first attempt at an RP here on this sight. Hope you like it, and enjoy it! If you have any constructive criticism feel free to PM me. Who doesn't want to improve eh?

((This seems fascinating. However, I have a question. Where do other characters fit into this?))

((Other than that, I'm rather interested in this plot))

((Any moddern-ish character that would fit in a modern time super hero type story.))

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