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It's my favorite time of year, I've got an actual excuse to throw cheesy scenarios at my characters, and this time, it'll involve throwing one of my video game characters into the real world (or vice versa) through some stupid portals, namely some of my Pokemon trainers or my Khajiit. Obviously, I would absolutely love for their to be a romance (MxF) to blossom between our characters, but isn't necessary and is completely optional.

Here's the basic gist of the plot.

The day had started out like any ordinary one for your character. You went about your day like normal, you went to school, your job, threw some cheese at your little brother, y'know, the usual. Unfortunately, things were looking quite boring until the day of your ##th birthday, as per the tradition, you blew out the candles on your cake and made a cheesy wish just for some giggles. You wished to meet a character from one of your favorite games (in this case, it'd be a Pokemon trainer or the Dragonborn) or that you wished to be transported to said world in order to escape your boring days on Earth. The next morning, you find that your wish had come true. What will you do now?

The plot can split here.

A Fictional Love:

On your birthday, you had wished that a character from your video game would greet you in real life (Ja'vassa, Molima (Molima is still a WIP) or a Pokemon Trainer listed down below) and much to your surprise, that's exactly what happened. You had run into the game character. Perhaps he had rescued your character from the neighborhood bully, perhaps you two had literally bumped into each other, or perhaps something else entirely had occurred. Regardless of how you met, a love began to blossom when you first laid eyes on each other. What will happen from here?

The Brand New World

On your birthday, you had wished to visit the game world as a joke, soon heading to bed with peaceful dreams. The next morning, you find that your wish had indeed come true. You awoke to find yourself in the game world, only to be met with a character from that world. From there, a love begins to blossom almost as soon as your hands touch. Considering you're in a brand new world, you'd need help getting situated a bit, and with the help from the game character, you find yourself slowly getting used to your new life. What kind of relationship will you two develop?

Available Pokemon Trainers

All of the trainers can be found here.
Lars Septer - the Gastly Trainer (page 1)
Lars is a simple trainer hailing from the Sinnoh region, he is the owner of the Haunted Gastly Mansion in Hearthome City, a small attraction that's home to him and his six Gastly, though while it is a haunted house, it's more comical than scary. The haunted house relies on the cheesy pranks and cheesy jump scares, so you're more likely to burst into bouts of laughter than you are to scream in terror. This haunted house is being used to fund Lars' next project, a sanctuary specifically designed for Ghost-type Pokemon. Though, while he adores his Gastly, he would love to find himself a girlfriend, believing having someone by his side would be beneficial in the long run.

Lucas White - The Eccentric Trainer (page 1) Lucas is entirely based on my in-game Crystal trainer.
Lucas is an energetic, kind hearted trainer hailing from the Johto region. He has simple goals of exploring everything that his home region has to offer, from the highest mountain peaks to the oldest ruins, for him, it doesn't matter. Though his flirting skills are absolutely atrocious, he would love to start a relationship. He isn't much for battling, so he hopes to find someone who will share his love for adventuring and exploring.

Johnny White - Champion of Sinnoh (page 3) Jonathon is entirely based on my in-game Diamond trainer.
Jonathon is a friendly trainer hailing from Sinnoh, he has a passion for battle, Pokemon, and food. He has simple desires of holding onto his position as Champion of Sinnoh, though he also has desires to start a family one day, though he's had little luck in the romance department lately. If he isn't tending to his Pokemon League duties, he can often be seen in Veilstone City with his Pokemon. He is a cheesy flirt, but he's sincere in what he says and often won't hit on a person unless he feels there's a chance with them.

Wyatt Price - Champion of Unova (page 3) Wyatt is entirely based on my in-game White 2 trainer.
Wyatt is a confident, level headed trainer that'll never shy away from boasting about his many achievements as a Pokemon trainer, going from his victory in the Unova League to his numerous victories in the Pokemon World Tournament. Beyond his arrogance, he has a good heart and never hesitates to help someone in need, he loves his Pokemon, he has a desire to start his own family in the future and harbors a crush on Roxie, the Virbank City Gym Leader, though he's had little luck in the way of confessing to her.

Jay Topeka - Champion of Johto (page 3) Jay is entirely based on my in-game Gold trainer.
Jay is a calm, go with the flow artist with a love for anime, manga, and exploration. He's currently working on a cheesy manga following the adventures of the Entei Knight and the Princess of a fantasy version of the Johto region, though during the plotting of the adventure, he had reached a bit of an idea block and has since begun exploring, hoping to find some inspiration along the way.

Jonah and Charlene Hill - The Hill Siblings (page 2) Jonah is entirely based on my in-game Sun trainer.
While Charlene herself doesn't have much of an interest in romance, she's not ready to commit to anyone yet, though she knows her brother is actively searching for a romantic relation and she knows how deep his crush for Lillie runs, however is pretty frustrated that he's unable to just come out and tell her how he feels. Jonah does indeed love Lillie quite a bit, though he's just waiting for the right time to tell her and he's a bit of a coward, so he's not had too much luck in doing so, but he's hoping that'll come in the future.

Now, I don't have too many requirements for the RP. All I ask is for some patience with me, I could respond immediately, sometimes it'll be a millennium before I respond, and I need at least a paragraph per post. I'm not asking for walls of text or anything, but just something to work with. Please be willing to help me with a bit of brainstorming and don't leave the planning all up to me. PM me if you're interested; don't respond here, as I probably won't see it. While this RP is obviously suited for the Earthling x Game Character, I'd be happy to crossover with other fantasy settings. As for the Pokemon trainers, I'd greatly prefer peaceful settings.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

You still interested?

Magicoal wrote:
You still interested?

Yep, please PM me if there's anything you wanna discuss :)

I'm gonna reopen this for now.

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