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Hi, ho, hello - and how is everyone on this lovely (freezing) night. It's been a while since I've been free, and/or brave enough to reappear onto the online rp site. I'm not to beat around the bush, I'm definitely a little rusty but I'm always ready for a new story or just hang out and chat.

Hello and Welcome (back?) to RPR!
May you fine many a friend old and new, and may your to stories be many!

Hello and thank you, terribly sorry for being so late in replying back.

Hello and welcome to RPR. The best roleplaying website ever.

Thank you very much~ I'm glad to be here

*slides in* *falls flat on face* *swears for an exceedingly long time*

Welcome, to the RP Repository! I am absolutely stoked to see you here and glad you've made the absolute life-changing decision to join us all as we slowly plot to take over the world!

I am FlamingPsycho, virus extraordinaire!

I've been roleplaying for a while and would love to RP with you now that you are here, lol. I'd also love to answer any questions you have!

So, if you need help or are just up for a roleplay, please please PLEASE PM me! I'm always around!

Well, nice meeting you! Enjoy our little haven here, and I hope to see you around!


Well hello~ Thank you for greeting me, hope you didn't hurt your face too badly.

Welcome to RPR! ^_^

Thank you~

Welcome to RPR!

@Cherry_Red, hello! And thank you!

Hey! Welcome to RPR! I’m happy you found this wonderful site. If you’re ready to roleplay then I’d suggest going to “looking for RP” or “Find RP”. There you will find the exact roleplay that you please. If you need anymore help I’ll be willing to help you out. Just PM me! :D


Welcome to RPR.


Thank you both very much, I'm glad to be here~

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Forums > Introductions > Bonjour~