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Fianna watched as Roxanna left; something serious must of been going on if she was taking a grenade with her. Fianna almost spoke up to offer assistance, but Roxanna was already gone by the time Fianna even got the idea of helping. She sighed and walked out of the classroom; she took a peak inside the room Aaron and the others often made their decisions at. Sure enough Aaron seemed to be talking to someone through the radio, she stood at the doorway; should she ask if they needed help? Fianna - caught up in thinking of how to pose the question - ended up just standing halfway in the doorway, staring at Aaron with an uneasy gaze.

He looked up, seeing Fianna standing there in silence, and soon spoke. “Mike made another stupid decision,” he explained, making sure the radio was off at the time, “he went to a hospital I advised was a bad location and now both him and Roxanne are dealing with a horde. Don’t bother asking either of them if you can join them; they’re confident they can handle it. Me, however, I’m sure they’re headed for certain death.”

Fianna nodded and spoke softly. "If things get worse, I'll be in my classroom." She then walked back to her classroom and laid down on the makeshift bed of desks; she dug in her pockets for her mothers cross. They should be fine, right?

“I’ll let you know,” he called after her, turning his attention back to the radio, “Roxanne, how far are you from Mike’s position?”

She answered. “ I’m right outside the building and it looks like hell over here.. I’m not sure I can kill enough from the outside alone. I think I’ll have to go in, get mike out and blow the whole building up using the gas line.” She said as she worked into the basement. Finding the power supply and gas tanks

“Alright, just be careful,” he advised, “and keep your wits sharp; there may be more skulking about nearby.”

“ I know. I wish I had a light or something down here...” she said as she walked slowly. “ don’t leave the radio. Please..” she whispered. There was a bit of fear in her voice. She slowly made her way to theBreaker and tried to get some wires

“Ok,” he calmly assured her, “I’m not leaving; keep talking so I can keep you alive down there. What wires do you see?”

“ thanks... I see many red and blue ones. But I’m look for a green one...” she said as she kept the radio on. Opening the panel about. She pulled out some wires before hearing a loud meter clanging. She stood up and listened around. “ mike?” She called out. It was dead silent for a bit

“Roxanne,” he reminded her, “Do you see the green wire yet? It should be left of the yellow and orange ones.”

She shook her head. “ yeah...” she turned back to the panel and looked again. She suddenly felt something cold grab her shoulder and she screamed bloody murder. Dropping the radio

“Roxanne,” he called, “Roxanne? Kastaban, talk to me!” He felt dread flow through him, hoping she’d get out of that situation. Despite his earlier disposition towards her, he really hoped she’d make it out alive.

Maybe 5 minutes later she responded. “ SINCE WHEN COULD THESE THINGS SEE IN THE DARK!?” She was sprinting on cement. She was still in the basement but the obvious loud screaming in the back meant she was being followed. She made a sharp turn before running upstairs. Jamming the door shut

“Oh thank the heavens you’re ok,” he exclaimed before realizing he had said that aloud and reverted back to his logical tone, “Are you alright? Are you in a safe location? Did you sustain any bites or scratches?”

“ I am happen to be missing my left hand!! I don’t know why i am not half dead right now. The virus isn’t spreading to me! “ she said as she broke the latch on the door. “ dear god! I’m not safe at all! I have to get up to the roof, get mike, get back down to the basement, and blow the building up. I still have my mind so I think I’ll be ok.” She said as she ran down the hallway. Screaming as things came from left and right

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