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Hello! I am new here and I hope to make a lot of friends


Hello and welcome to RPRepository.


Hello!I nice to meet you!im sure you’ll make friends!maybe we can be friends : p

Hello! Welcome to RPR!


Welcome and hope you have a lovely time roleplaying and meeting new people.

And friends you shall make :D Welcome to RPR! Here, you can be whoever you want to be and find people who fit well with your rp style! If you ever have any questions please dont hesitate to ask :3


Hi! Welcome to RPR, hope you have fun here!

Welcome to RPR! >^.^<


Konnichiwa, newbie!
Watashi wa Hibari desu. I'm Hibari.
And welcome aboard on the RPR express -- best roleplay site evah!
I hope you're having fun so far and please do enjoy your stay.

See you around! <3

Welcome to RPR!!!

Imthenaysayer wrote:
thank you^^

River_Cipher wrote:
Welcome to RPR!!!

I hope we can get along!

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Forums > Introductions > Hello^^