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Hello there! I'm honestly not sure who to contact on the site, and although I know the penalty of deleting a character (not being able to retrieve them ever again), I've been wanting to retrieve their profile from some time ago. I just wished I didn't hastily delete them in order to add in a slot for a different character, if only I could've pasted their information somewhere else. Now I come here to ask if it's possible to retrieve them by any means.

If anyone is kind enough to guide me over to how I can possibly retrieve my deleted anonymous character profile, I would appreciate! <3
Otherwise, thank you for taking your time to read this!

This question's been asked a few times, especially following the server issues a few months back, and unfortunately the answer is a big "nope". Your BEST bet is to try and find a cached version of your profile's page. Sites like the Wayback Machine can do this, provided you have the original URL. If it wasn't TOO long ago you might be able to find that URL by googling your character's name (Google might even have a cached version of the page, if you're lucky). And then you can copy down all the information from there.

AJ covers it really.

I nearly deleted a much-loved character once. I realised how much I'd lose, so I have a folder on my computer and Dropbox where I go to the character's edit screen and click the 'Print Character Sheet and save it to PDF, or copy-paste it into a blank Word document. That way I can re-create a character if needed, and have an archived record if I don't.

Or.... you can simply ask Kim if she could help out with that... Maybe.

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Forums > Help > Retrieve a Mistakenly Deleted Character