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Forums > Help > Restarting Old RPs?

So we all have old RPs that go no where.

Maybe they go on for a few posts and die, maybe they never get off the ground. it acceptable to restart old RPs? Like....say an RP I started when first joining RPR and just reposting my starter/explanation post or something like that?

I personally wouldn't bat an eye at it, but I'd personally also update the post to my current tastes before posting.

Sometimes a lot of work goes into a gem of a starter, and it gets abandoned after a few posts. So yeah, use it again and again, maybe tweak it here and there, and recycle posts written for a long dead RP in another one.

There is, in fact, a feature related to the rp finder dedicated to assisting this in a way actually. I have had a couple ideas I've done this with as well, and I see nothing wrong with it. If you want to run the idea still there is nothing wrong with a relaunch I say. One of my ideas for a prompt for example I reposted twice because the first two partners I had had really life things that took them away, now I have a third rp partner I never would have met if I hadn't done that and this individual is an absolute gem, fantastic partner and the story is progressing amazingly!

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Forums > Help > Restarting Old RPs?