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Yeah, just waiting on Dante in the main party at the moment. That said, I kinda realise that I've been disappearing a lot as of late. I'm trying to remedy that, and I do apologize :(

We live, again! Oh it's good to be back ^_^

You bet'cha!

I instantly feel better lol I missed this!

<3 <3 <3

Katia, remember that Raven has Lisa's shard. This should be an awkwad conversation. :3

They share one, to clarify.

Hey guys, I have a dumb, short story.

Avi and I are teaching my sister how to roleplay so she might be able to join Bloodied Shards later, and she did the most sister thing ever and ran an interaction that mildly annoyed all my characters in our ”tutorial” at once.

God help me. xD

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet in the IC chat most of the weekend. I’ve been with family or friends pretty much since Friday afternoon and I’m not getting away until tomorrow morning.

I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet evening tomorrow. I should be able to squeeze in some RP posts between study time.

Give me a heads up if you guys want me to change anything. I've been missing my RP, so I kinda got excited about getting back into the swing of things ^_^'

I for one am perfectly happy with whatever shenanigans you have planned, though I won't be able to participate a whole lot. Apparently November is finals prep month in college. Papers are due, big projects are being assigned. Generally, a lot is happening/going to happen. Between all that and my sudden urge to go back to an old personal project of mine, I won't be roleplaying consistently for a least the following week if not the rest of the month.

To be brief, I'll only be posting what I really need to avoid completely locking this group. I'm sorry for the past and upcoming delays, happy roleplaying everyone and I hope to be back again real soon.

Hey everyone, I’m Dazz’s before mentioned little sis. She’s making me introduce myself. I’m very new to all this so bear with me :)

Welcome aboard! It's nice to meet you! I'm Rachel. I play Jules in this.

Give her a warm welcome! ^v^ Her gal Ren will be joining us in-game soon. Lemme go get Vol, too. They're back, speaking of, with different critters! ^v^ or a different critter, at least.

Hey there, you dork! Finally, welcome to absolute chaos.

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Forums > RP Discussion > Bloodied Shards OOC (CLOSED!)