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Dante, please note that the shard is not forced upon the characters with the messages. The message is given to them because they hold one of the shards already, (or in the case of Vee's it had been left where the shard had been waiting for a while, but that was something we'd discussed ahead of time).

If the fluffy folk in orbit could move the shards like that, they would have just locked them away where Victi couldn't reach them.

If you meant that he'd already had it, that's fine, it's just mot super clear. '^v^ (curious about how he acquired it, but whatever)

oh sorry

So do you guys have any idea where the mythical forest is in relation to, say, anywhere else? I'm just curious when I reach the point Vee enters, as they call it, the barelands, where they might end up or who they might meet first. Do you think a village would be setup near the forest due to curious adventurers entering it, or do you think society would intentionally keep its distance?

I could see there being a few villages and/or outposts along the edge of the territory, a) to service the adventurers and get what coin they can out of them before the rest is lost to the woods, and b) to make sure that if anything serious comes out of there (600 manticore riding tribesmen or something? I dunno what they're expecting X>) they can maybe drive it back or delay it or.... something. If there are outposts, they're probably used as an excuse to station unliked people far away from everyone else. (giggles)

Alright...personally I feel like something coming out of the forest would be kind of shocking, fascinating, and possibly concerning for these outposts considering the nature of the forest (or at least the perception of it's nature). I feel some would consider something like Vee walking out interesting and want to learn more about it like a unicorn while others think they could be dangerous and maybe want to just kill it out of fear before it summons 600 manticore riding tribesmen or something (returns giggle hah). Thoughts?

I agree fully! If you'd like me to run whoever you meet and keep you on your toes a little, I can, or if you're happy to run them in your posts and handle it all more quickly and smoothly, that works too!

That's your call really. I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself, but having you running them actually sounds like fun. I've probably Rp'd with myself long enough anyway XD

Sure! I've had some practise running confused and disgruntled soldiers. (giggles)

Soldiers? Uh oh.....RIP Vee's innocence XD (or RIP Vee depending on the soldiers lol)

I get the feeling they may mostly just be confused. We'll see how it plays out!

I might be good for an exiting post today depending how things turn out IRL....I cant promise it though sadly. Work you know...

Voldarian_Empire wrote:
I might be good for an exiting post today depending how things turn out IRL....I cant promise it though sadly. Work you know...

More than fine by me. Work always comes first.

Just about done with said post. I'm thinking I'll lead them up to the edge of the forest and let the look upon the barelands for the first time and allow you to post what it is that's there, then Vee can proceed and we'll get them into trouble somehow XD

Is this okay with you Avitra?

Hun, don't worry about asking for permission for everything! I trust you to make things interesting in a responsible way. You've more than shown that you can. <3

But yeah, that's awesome. Feel free to take initiative on describing what you see, of course. I'm excited to see what you come up with! ^v^

I think you misunderstood maybe? I meant you could describe what it is Vee comes across, like what this town might look like, if theres a wall or guards or random adventurers nearby or what have you. I'm less asking permission in this case and more asking if youd be willing to do that.

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