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Very sorry for the delay, work is been enslaving the past couple days. As soon as I get some food in me I'll get a post together.

Take your time. ^v^ Sometimes work eats your life. Avi not bugged if that happens.

Put 760 miles in in a 12 hour shift. I deffo worked for my money today XD

Thanks for understanding dear <3

Yeah, no kidding! 0v0

And always! I deal with enough work stuff to more than understand. ^v^

Hey, Jules? Neo? not ruin your fun, but could you two slow down a little? '^v^ It's been fun to watch, but we've gotta give the less frequent posters catchup time.


Thanksies! <3

Oh sorry! I just figured since it was only him and I about to be eating it wouldnt be a big deal. Unless I guess someone happened to come in I guess. I didn't realize people were near the village or anything. Sorry. I just enjoy rping especially with Jules

I'm just hoping not to have the time people have been taking get too de-synced. Not have hours go by for you while Victi and Drake have a 5-min chat, for example. ~v^

No I get that. We seem to group rp differently however I see your side. It's harder to do in this kind of group though since I am use to rping on discord.

Passage of time just matters because a) I have some plans of plans, and b) because timing of things matters. There's at least one spell Victi can't use properly at night, for example.

Hey, mind if I join? I got a sleuth of characters to choose!

Sure! There are a few things we'll need to do to start you off, but absolutely.

First: if you could go to the first page of this chat and read the introductory posts there (mine and Dazz's), as well as the first couple IC posts so that you know where the story is starting, that would be good. If you've already done that, that's awesome! Just need to make sure you follow the rules and work consistently with the world and plot.

Second: Message Dazz and I with any questions you have, including which shard you'd like. The list of shards in Dazz's rules post is I think up to date, so any open shards are fair game. If you've chosen a character (or two or three, you'll notice in the rules that that's okay), we'll want to take a look at them, but other than that we'll answer your questions and help if you'd like any advice on how to get started in the story. ^v^ We'll catch you up on what's happened so far, too.

So after reading that, I will be good and my reply is okay?

Maybe? I mean, you still need to pick a shard, and I tend to like making sure people are sure about what they're doing to avoid having to remind people here or in play, but other than that you're probably fine. Just message me so we can talk about that. ^v^

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Forums > RP Discussion > Bloodied Shards OOC (CLOSED!)