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The RP has started! Here is the link:
Garden of Earth

Please remember that any character can go or be anywhere, and that this is a group RP that will either remain open or be closed to new characters at some point, depending on how things go. (I don't want things to get too confusing!)

The setting is modern earth, just as it is now but with a few small changes. The global environment of the planet is changing more noticeably, animals and plants are responding to mutagens in their habitats and producing dangerous offspring which then propels more ecological change. A global initiative has begun to put down or capture the more dangerous life forms; these Interceptors are also tasked with protecting human populations from environmental attacks.

Due to the nature of the world being less human-friendly, society has changed. It's atypical to go into an uncivilized area alone. Those who live in the countryside or underdeveloped areas are usually the first to receive critical attention from the Interceptors. Governments have responded as well, however the Interceptors act under no one nation, but rather as an extension of a union of countries. This does not mean they are above the law, but rather that no one country can fully control them. There are not monsters in this world, but the animals are much more aggressive and slightly stronger. Even some plant life is evolving to respond aggressively to human interaction. As for my character, I will be playing Iscana, who currently resides in southern Oregon. Because this world will be so similar, anyone can travel anywhere. This also means that yes, place names and the like will be the same, however I'm sure that we can all agree to keep things to a role play level.

Now for more detail on the setting, and the conflict area:
Reports recently came out about Eonar Corp, a medical supplier and research partner of the Interceptors based in California. It seems some of the syringes that the corporation supplied to eastern Europe were contaminated, although nobody was seriously harmed. Wildlife in the area, however, has become more docile over the past six months. Theories abound, rumors and conspiracy talk is all over the internet and television. Thus far, Eonar Corp has only made a short announcement about their condolences and the fact that no one was injured. Their CEO has been attempting to work with the Interceptors to provide aid in the area, however tense those negotiations may or may not be.

Although her company is at the eye of the storm, Iscana is fortunate that nobody really recognizes her in her hometown of Eugene, Oregon. Her location is also protected from the press, so no annoying flash-interrogations from a recording device in her face. Even so, a mess of this kind is exactly the kind of thing no company wants to deal with.

Finally, information on character restrictions:
No character can be an Interceptor or person in power (politically speaking)
No angels/demons or overly supernatural creatures
Vampires and werewolves are accepted, however these characters may be hunted by the Interceptors
Anthro characters are accepted, and viewed as a part of modern society

Oooh wow, this sounds so fun! Very thought out. :3. I'm totally interested!

Thank you for your interest! Hopefully it will be able to get started soon. =)

Bumping this up..

It hasn't started yet, has it? O: I'm still interested! <3.

This sounds like something I can do. Also sounds like a prelude to that movie 'After Earth'.

One question though. What are the character restrictions, if any?

Hasn't started, yet! I'll be sure to include a link at the top when it does. =) As for restrictions, I think because it is a modern setting, human or maybe some anthro characters would work. I'm not sure demons/angels would be ok, but werewolves and vampires could, so long as their player understands such creatures could be hunted by the Interceptors (along with anthros, but I think they'd be a bit more accepted into society). It probably would not be a good idea for anyone to play as an Interceptor or any person in power (politically speaking), but other than that I think anything goes.

Sounds like my kind of world, so I'm up! I'll be using my character Ulysses.

Well, that is just awesome! I will likely be starting the RP thread tomorrow, so keep a look-out on the top post (I'll update there with a link when it's posted)


The RP is up and open! Link is in the first post

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