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The severe sunburn from his earlier mishap was soothed, leaving Dulirn refreshed, but also uneasy.

Just what was this Khajiit creature? And how had he come to possess so much magic? Gold, while certainly appealing, was secondary to learning where this creature drew his power. Was it tied only to this labyrinth of his? Or did it extend beyond?

"Was that the reward?" Urir asked the adventurers. "The potions?"

Reposting map for reference:


Fawn got up slowly. She walked over to Durlin. "I thank you and you Qash as well as Urir. You all have been most helpful. Durlin, when we make it out of here, if, if we make it out of here, i will see to it that you will have anything you want. That is a deal weather we make it or not. My father definitely will be abke to knight you my good sir. Being a knight definitely has it's advantages. I should know, I've been kighted about four times now. The last one was for saving a princess's kids from a fire breathing dragon. Anyway, let's move on. The door seems to be open now and we should move quickly before it decides to dissapear from us again."

Fawn gestured from Durlin to go first.

"After you sir, since you are Our leader. Lead on."

Qash felt the healing energy washing over her. She thanked their benefactor for his generosity. Part of her was glad to hear that he enjoyed watching their efforts to combat whatever he threw their way. The gnome waited until the others were finished getting healed before resuming her search.

She suspected they would need to backtrack some to find a new pathway to seek. There was no others door in the room they were standing in. She looked towards the others as Dulirn was nominated to be their leader. She had no issues with that. Qash was not a leader herself. It was better that one of the others take the position and make the hard decisions. Qash would make sure to offer her own input but for the most part would follow Dulirn's lead.

"I think we need to backtrack near the beginning. There was more pathways back that way," Qash said.

Qash had found the treasure keys while she was searching the room. She handed them over to Urir for safe keeping. The gnome was not sure where the keys would be used. However, she knew they would be important. Qash would slowly make her way back towards the first fork in the pathway. They could make their next decision from there.

"There was a key. It was the reward. Urir has the key now. We should head towards the next room. I want to see what else this place in store for us. Which way do you chose?"

Urir shook his head in disbelief as Fawn barely gave him and Qash a second glance, the ones actually responsible for... you know ... making sure she didn't die! And instead was acting like Dulirn had somehow pulled a miracle out of his butt.

He gave Qash a sideways look as he stuffed the keys into a deep pocket and shrugged helplessly, as if to apologize for the slight.

Meanwhile, Dulirn grinned at the fair maid as he twirled the end of his mustache. "I would be most honored by the gesture, princess," always happy take credit whether he deserved it or not.

"Indeed, let's continue our quest!" the wizard exclaimed. "Always to the right to avoid getting lost."

Urir made a few hasty chalk marks on the walls here to indicate it had already been explored. Though there was probably little doubt that they'd recognize the bear statues if they came this way again. He made an 'X' on the floor back at the main tunnel, then followed the others as they turned right (North) up the long tunnel.

Still high on his success with the bears, Dulirn grabbed the door handle and threw open the door, ready to take on whatever lay inside.

((I've never played Elder Scrolls (assuming that's where everything comes from?). I'm going to need a good description and/or picture of 'Ash Spawn', please!))


Fawn took the rear of their group. She wanted to make sure they all got out of that room as soon as possible. Fawn decided to listen around to see what there was to hear. "It would be really great if thise key unlivked a huge chest full of gold!" Fawn's eyes gleamed with delight.

But then she put her heand on her chin and looked down at the floor as they walked. She began to think. Before she knew it, she was talking outloud.

"You know, these key could also open up new doors to new areas here too. No telling what these keys are about to unlock. "

Qash kept quiet as they made their way towards the next door within the labyrinth. The keys could unlock any number of things. They could be used for doors. Or for treasure chests. Perhaps they did not unlock anything but was given to them as a test. A ruse or a cruel joke. Qash pondered the options as Dulirn opened the next door. It would not be long before their group was met with another battle.

The creatures inside of the room were grotesque to look at. They were humanoid in shape. However, the skin seemed to be a grey in color and sallow. It was gaunt in places and was loose. Or perhaps because it was not skin but perhaps soot or rock. Qash could not really tell. Flames licked lightly at the skin or rock. The eyes were glowing a burning red and there was also a strange light that seemed to emanate from deep within the stomach.

"Looks tough."

Qash thought about the best way to approach the situation. It seemed like fire was a bad idea. The creatures almost seemed to be powered by some kind of fire. Perhaps she could soak them or freeze them. Both options were viable. At first Qash was going to sit back and see what the others came up with. However, she knew they should end the battle quickly. The gnome would hold up her hands. A chilling blast left her hands and went shooting towards the nearest creature within range.

"Qash, i sure hope that blast works. If not, we need a back up plan. I'll put my shield up just in case. Durlin, try to use a water spell or perhaps a freezing spell while i got them distracted. "

Fawn put up her metal shield in front of her and her team.

Fawn looked around the room, careful to keep a eye on their enemies.

"Too bad there it's a sprinkler system in these tunnels. I could of sliced through it and maybe put there fire out that way." "Thoughts guys!!???"

Qash watched as the cold spring from her hands. It seemed to be having some sort of effect on the ash spawn. However, her spell was a little lacking when it came to power. The creatures were still able to move even with the chilling effects.

"Not enough," Qash mumbled.

The movements from the creatures would be slowed as the cold hardened some of their bodies. Her eyes drifted towards the others waiting for them to spring into action. The results should be apparent to the others what was happening with her spell.

"Anyone be able help?" she asked through gritted teeth.

Qash kept her focus on the slowing the creatures to the best of her ability.

((Will edit or post again later...

1-3 Spell backfires
4-8 Ineffectual
9-13 1 Ash Spawn Destroyed or Neutralized
14-18 2 Ash Spawn Destroyed or Neutralized
19-20 All 3 Ash Spawn Destroyed or Neutralized

rolled 1d20 and got 11
Dulirn's (sometimes) amazing magical feats!

Dulirn hesitated a loooong moment when he saw the creatures. Not out of any initial fear, but more of a befuddlement about what exactly he was looking at. Some kind of creature from the hell planes perhaps? Ones that lived off of fire? Or maybe some artificial construct create by the Khajiit. Certainly nothing that he'd ever seen before or read about in any of the bestiaries that he possessed back in his tower.

"oh, right..." he said, as his mind was pulled from his curiosity at the creatures themselves to the more immediate matter of how to kill them... or at least stop them from killing himself and his companions.

Qash's spell seemed to having a good effect on them. So Dulirn concentrated on the one closest to them and pulled a ball of destructive magical energy into his hands. Nothing fancy here. The good 'ol standby of 'Magic Missile'. With Qash keeping them held somewhat stationary, it was relatively easy to aim and the wizard hurled the ball of magical energy at the closest one. Instead, it hurled past and slammed into the one just behind the one he was actually aiming at.

Oh well, the effect was the same. The Ash Spawn crumbled into a pile of smoldering ash. One down. Two to go.

"Nice shot!! Keep it up! If we keep up our guard, I'm sure we can get passed them!"

Fawn kept her shield in front of herself and her team. Without warning, her eyes began to glow yellow and the markings on her shield did as well.

A magical barrier, small but enough to protect the small group, formed.

"I'm not sure how I'm doing this or why. Not sure where this magic is coming from. But I'm sure glad it's helping us."

Fawn looked back at her team. "Should i try to see what else this magic is capable of?"

Qash was glad to see that their spells were having some effect. Their magic was enough to take down the first of the ash spawn. It was not much but they could work to whittle down the rest of the ash spawn. Qash glanced towards the next ash spawn but her attention shot towards Fawn. The barrier was useful but she did not want the woman to overextend herself. Magic could be draining if one was not properly trained in the art.

"Don't overdo it, Fawn. We may not be able to keep you safe if you get tired or weary."

While Qash normally encouraged others to explore their gifts this was not the time for it. Their lives were hanging in the balance. She wanted to make it through the maze and beat the owner. Her mind focused at the task at hand. Her eyes darted back towards Fawn to see her expression.

"The barrier is useful. Focus on defense for now, Fawn."

Her words were trying to cheer up Fawn. She looked like she wanted to explore her own magic more. To test the limits of her abilities. Qash would head closer towards the nearest ash spawn to unleash another cold blast towards the beast to slow it's assault against their group. She was confident that the others would lend their support to finish off the second threat to their lives.

((Rolling again! Just cause I enjoy chancing it!

1 Death of Dulirn or Urir
2-5 Spell backfires and/or Injury
6-11 Ineffectual
12-19 1 Ash Spawn Destroyed or Neutralized
20 Both Ash Spawn Destroyed or Neutralized


Now feeling quite over-confident, Dulirn gathered another a ball of pure magical energy into his hands and hurled it toward one of the remaining Ash Spawn.

Unfortunately, it found the edge of Fawn's magical shield and deflected up into the ceiling, showering sparks and a bit of rock down onto them. Not enough to cause them any harm, but certainly enough to be surprising.

The Ash Spawn that Quash was freezing in place seemed not to be moving, but the 3rd moved forward to attack...

rolled 1d20 and got 6
Dulirn's (sometimes) amazing magical feats!

"Okay! I will keep up my defenses" fawn yelled back. With each strike she kept her shield raised. Bam! Another strike. And again it was blocked. Fawn was holding her own against these beings.

She took out her sword after Dulirn blast of magic shot off of her shield, just in case these creatures made a counter attack.

"We gotta hold them off as long as possible. I'm not sure when we will be able to break form to go get what we came into this room for."

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