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Welcome aboard mate! You will love it here! If you ever want to rp hit me up! It should be a blast!

Hello! Allow me to pile on to this welcome wagon. :D How are you enjoying the site so far? Any questions we can help with? :)

Hi, welcome to RPR! Hope you have fun here!

Hullo, J! o/

Welcome to RPR, enjoy your stay! :D

Hi, J!! Welcome to Roleplay Repository! It's nice to have you here! I hope you have fun here! be sure to check out the roleplay forums once you're ready!

Welcome! I hope you have a blast🚀 here!


Welcome to RPR! I’m happy you found this wonderful site. If you’re ready to roleplay then I’d suggest going to “looking for RP” or “Find RP”. There you will find the exact roleplay that you please. If you need any more help I’ll be willing to help you out. :D


~AmongstTheStars ✦

Hi there J, welcome to RPR! As you can see, the community is fun, friendly, welcoming and helpful! If you haven't yet, we recommend browsing the tutorial, it's got a ton of helpful tips and guides for all sorts of different RP-related subjects, from making characters to looking for RP partners--even experienced roleplayers may find things they hadn't thought of, I know I sure did. :) And if you're still not sure about something on the site after checking out the tutorial, feel free to ask questions of the mods and anyone else who offers to help. (that includes me!)

If you're hankering for some specific kind of RP, we have an awesome Find RP tool that has a bunch of neat filters and stuff you can use to look for particulars. If you just wanna browse, you can go straight to the Looking For RP forum and see if anything there catches your eye, or even post ideas of your own! :)

Or if you just wanna chat for a bit as you decide what kind of characters you want to make, we have a place for Smalltalk too!

And above all...hope you have fun and stick around a while to make a bunch of RP friends! These people being friendly sure helped me decide to stay, too, when I was new!

*Me just wanting to give everyone a hug for being so nice* Oml thank you so much! I wish I could answer to all of you individually (and I probs will because I wana be nice) But yeah! I'm liking it here a lot so far! I'm findingnthe find rp tool to be a little annoying tho, because I think that the rp's I'm searching for don't show up, but besides that, I think this website is super cool! XD I honestly can't beleive so many people saw this and went 'hey let's be nice and talk to the newbie'

Oh! And the smalltalk thing doesn't let me... talk XC I have tried, And I'll try again just to be sure. But the first two times it just said 'you aren't allowed' or something like that

Dharlas wrote:
Welcome to the Repository! If you are ever looking to rp I suggest the forums, there is usually a little bit of everything going on, or post a topic of your own! There are also fandom rps going on if that is something you enjoy doing as well!

Sorry I answered late, but my god YAAASSS XD

The RP search tool will not show you the exact same results every time, to make sure every looking for RP thread has a chance to be seen. Just keep looking and I'm sure you'll find something. If not, you are always free to post your own for others to see. ^_^

As for the Smalltalk thing, that sounds weird, maybe a glitch of some kind. You aren't able to post to any threads or start any threads of your own in that forum?

I tried talking in the chat, but the second I puched the send button it would go 'youre not allowed to see this' or somethin'

OH MY LORD It's finnally letting me!


Very strange.

Glad it finally worked, though ^_^

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