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I’m getting into this online RP stuff again since G+ shut down.

Welcome to RPR! I hope you're able to find a lot of fun games here.

Welcome to RPR! I'm sorry you lost your old site, I hope this site makes up for it and move!!

Hello and welcome to RPRepository the best roleplaying website ever thanks to Kim.

Welcome Axelle! I'm sorry you lost your roleplaying hangout over at G+, but I hope RPR will be your new RP home with tons of new friends. :)

Axelle wrote:
I’m getting into this online RP stuff again since G+ shut down.

Hey! Welcome to the RPR! <3

Welcome to RPR! Enjoy your stay!


Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Greetings! Glad you've joined us. :)

Do you feel comfortable sharing anything else to help us get to know you? Maybe tidbits like... What's your favorite subject in school? What's your favorite RP genre? What do you hope to find here?

I'm sure you're finding your way around okay so far, but just in case, if you need help, there's a few ways to get help. You can always try typing your question into the search box, or you can check the help section. If you still need more help, we pride ourselves on having a warm and welcoming community. Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it!

Welcome to RPR!


Welcome, welcome to RPR! Hope you find lots of great games and awesome friends! :D


I hope you enjoy your time here!


Ah thank you guys for being so nice! My favorite RP genres are currently fantasy and slice of life.

Hi! Welcome to RPR, hope you have fun here!

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