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This is a simple shipping game! Take a look at the character above you and take a moment to think; if this character asked your character (or you) on a date, would they accept them or reject them? Bonus points if you actually manage to make an RP out of these potential pairings!

Since I have no above me, I can't accept or reject a date, but would your character (or you) accept a date proposal from Ja'vassa?

Rimel would accept such a date from this strange Khajiit.. what a strange pair.

Hardly likely, Corninth has a child like personality and they would quickly tear at each other’s nerves.

Nah..... I find child like personalities somewhat off putting. ;)

"Sorry human, it is not personal...I only can date my own species....this is how you will say....biology."

"I gladly ac-scept your chhal-lenge to combat! Let uss demonsstrate to one another the prowess eachh of our evolutiionss grant! Thhiss evening shhall be mosst enjoyable!" The massive bug-like creature replies enthusiastically. She lets out a disturbing rattle of violent excitement, flexing her fingers as she starts readying her bio-augs.

((Didn't seem like the conventional date type so much. Figured an evening of challenge might be close enough!))

Pix stares wide eyed at the gigantic insectoid creature before her....what did it just say? A date?

"Uhh....I am not sure the best way to say this, but-" she begins tentatively, then a slick smirk crosses her face, "You are too big for me." Pix giggles a little to herself after the exchange.

"ah frick i don't like these situations, why did i put myself here?" she lectures herself for a moment.

"I'm not really into girls, and you're twice my age, gonna have to say no to you. maybe if those weren't issues I'd consider it, though."

"Are you a Princess or a noblewoman? My condolences then--laws dictate I am not allowed you." He does manage to put on a rather convincing mein of regret at that statement, however.

"Ah." An elegant finger tapped against a pale chin. "Under more agreeable circumstances, oui. Arrogance can be tiring, but is less so when coupled with genuine wit. Laisser le gros coquelicot debout. But I am not in the habit of forcing mine presence upon those who are not desirous of it. Unless my instincts have gone astray, methinks the good Sinclair would not be amenable to such a match. But...c'est la vie. There are always more fish in the sea hm?"

Jin-Yeong offers up a charmingly boyish grin. "I can't see it lasting for long, on account of him being what he is. But it would be fun while it lasted. It always is." Running a slender hand though his hair he shakes his head and chuckles softly. "I just hope Seung doesn't find out, he would be so disappointed in his little brother. I'd prefer my partners not end up... Eh, in pieces."

“Oh yes please! You are hawt? ^swoons*

Smiling softly, Avienus shakes his head. "Not likely, no. There are many reasons why, but let's just say I don't date children. Even I know that's wrong."

"Ring ring. Y'hear that? That's the sound of the 1900s callin'. It wants its funeral clothes back, old man."

It went without saying that she was not impressed. No first date?

"Hmmm...." he said, giving Venus a really good look up and down, as if weighing their worth in his mind. "You're alive, aren't you? If so, then yes. A date would be agreeable." Caius gave a nearly sickeningly sweet smile.

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