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"I'm not much for dating, but for you I might make an exception."


"I don't swing that way..."

"Nice sword! Compensating for something?? Heheh! Date? You seem fun to annoy, and I'd like to fight you afterwards!"

"I do need sacri.... Uh, guests for dinner. Please do join me."


“Save your sacrifices for someone else.”


Taz looked at the fellow guy in front of him " ill date you if you want me to?" she asked curious



"Yer a mess, lad."

“I hope we go on many adventures together, if you’ll have me.” Nightfrost smiled softly at the man before her, a glint of curiosity in her eyes

Our fates follow a different path, but we are in this world to make it better.

"....Well I am assuming you already have someone as your lover,so i'm gonna have to reject,plus it wouldn't work out because I live in the sea and you live on dry land" he explained and leaned back on a rocky like structure.

“I can’t pass up someone who also lives in the water like me, so date!” Ryn smiled up at the other as she pulled herself up into the rocks to sit.


"Let the kingdoms of the sun and the sea be as one!"

".......HAHAHAHA no...seriously I I'd hurt you by accident."

Guess it'd be a twist to fall for Jericho.

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Forums > Forum Games > Date or Reject?