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Please read Safaalt's profile, it explains a bit.
Safaalt was a feral anthro wolf. He went insane and ended up in jail, many many times. However, there have been studies, and if he sees someone he loves nearby, he will act normal. So when your character happens to be the one he loves, the two are forced together so he doesn't go insane again. One issue, they ALWAYS need to be with him.
I know this is a small blurb, I apologize if that's an issue or something.
Looking for any character, preferably not magical, maybe some kind of hybrid, Humans and other anthros are fine. Safaalt is pansexual or perhaps bisexual, so any gender will do. But honestly, I don't understand what all the different genders are, except Transgender, and Female and Male. So preferably also just be one of those?
There shouldn't be fighting in the plot really, unless you want some fights or something that causes our characters to get separated. In which case he will go feral and attack people. Anyways, PM ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

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Forums > Looking for RP > the Feral Furry (LF Any)