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"...And that's barely even what we'd be anyway. That is, if you can tolerate me. Hmph."


"You seem like you could use a good friend buddy!"

"Are you some kind of Vigilante? That'd be an interesting date!"


"Well, I guess we could be friends, just don't get upset when bullets fly towards my enemies."

“I wouldn’t mind being your friend. You say the least.”

"Not very strong an' weak ‘n a WAAGH!"

".....i think i'll pass big guy" he said and walks off

"I am too busy with other endeavors to care for such things! I must pass..."

"tsk tsk tsk... well sorry honey but your not for me"

"Eh, no offense, but you seem kinna boring. Even for a werewolf! Pass!

Friend, "You seem interesting."

"Sorry kid, but it's gonna be a big pass from me."

"Friend, if that's okay" he said with a kind smile

"You seem really nice. I would like it if we could be friends." His smile was kind and genuine, ruby eyes shining brightly.

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Forums > Forum Games > ♥ Friend, Date, or Pass! ♥