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:D Thank you! XD

No problem! :) XD

Crystal did you get my message lol?

lol yeah sorry I just replied to it, I had to reply to like 5 other messages as well

I’m doing about 10 or more rps in my pms lol

Lol that’s a lot of rps, I think I have like 5-6 and I can barely keep up because of how swamped I am with school and trying to run a business


I have like 15 and I feel bad bc it takes me so much time to respond sometimes


"i have like 4 and get bored out of my mind because one takes too long to have any responses and sometimes the others go silent"

And then they respond all at the same time, right? Because I think I have four as well, and get swamped sometimes, ignored the others

It gets annoying because I leave ti listen to music and then they all respond. And I'm over here like, "really?"

All of us, I mean, seawarriorrachael and me being stingey and waiting for the person we were roleplaying with to be back be like D:

Well, i'm usually online...

Noticed XD But I'm not always online, but the moment I go offline, BOOM The Ic explodes

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Forums > RP Discussion > The Lab (OOC)