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Hey there! I'm opening commissions!

Happy to draw:
Almost all humanoids!
Modern, Sci-fi or Fantasy
Armour and Weapons
Using Written Descriptions
Nudity (as long as the commissioner is over 18)

Will not draw:
Anthros (animal ears, tails etc okay. I am very inexperienced drawing animal faces/body types)
Fanart or stolen designs
Explicit material

If I don't think I can do your character justice, I'll be sure to tell you beforehand! I also reserve the right to decline any commission.

Prices are in USD. Payment is via Paypal upfront. I will send an invoice.

At the moment I only have full bodies officially on offer since they're what I draw most often, but I'm more than happy to discuss anything else!

All artwork will be either transparent or with simple colour background (or both - if you wish!)

Lines only: $25
(At this level you are permitted to add colours yourself.)

Flats: $35

Shaded: $50

Feel free to PM me or hit me up on Discord @ Claine#5505!

Designs for Sale
- Dark Fairy ($30)

Completed Comm for Wen!


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Forums > Art & Creativity > Claine-missions