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Hey there! I'm opening commissions!

Happy to draw:
Almost all humanoids!
Modern, Sci-fi or Fantasy
Armour and Weapons
Using Written Descriptions
Nudity (as long as the commissioner is over 18)

Will not draw:
Anthros (animal ears, tails etc okay. I am very inexperienced drawing animal faces/body types)
Fanart or stolen designs
Explicit material

If I don't think I can do your character justice, I'll be sure to tell you beforehand! I also reserve the right to decline any commission.

Prices are in USD. Payment is via Paypal upfront. I will send an invoice.

At the moment I only have full bodies officially on offer since they're what I draw most often, but I'm more than happy to discuss anything else!

All artwork will be either transparent or with simple colour background (or both - if you wish!)

Lines only: $25
(At this level you are permitted to add colours yourself.)

Flats: $35

Shaded: $50

Feel free to PM me or hit me up on Discord @ Claine#5505!

Designs for Sale
- Dark Fairy ($30)

Completed Comm for Wen!


Bumping up with some recent artwork! (click for big)


(off topic improvement showcase)

Some more recent artwork! (Click for large)


Unintrusive smol font to say soooo good and amazing! <3 _ <3

Somnom wrote:
Unintrusive smol font to say soooo good and amazing! <3 _ <3

Unintrusive smol font to say thank uuu uwu <3

Bumping up with some new rendered artwork


Claine wrote:
Bumping up with some new rendered artwork


I am always stunned by this piece, your artwork is so amazing <3

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Claine-missions