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Pretty simple, post an embarrassing confession! Of course, only if you're comfortable to do so ^^
I'll start.

I only learnt to properly tell the time when i was about 15/16 years old, and still sometimes struggle with time.

I've gotten a lot better at handling myself, but I get "high" off people in the right situations and sometimes do some really dumb stuff. Not because I'm showing off or anything, but because I become extra impulsive and have low personal boundaries.

An example? Once, in a hot tub, I bit a guy's foot. Yes, I deserved that face-kick I got. >.<

When I was working 2 jobs a couple of years ago. I was so sleep deprived. So one day I got up showered got dressed. Did my hair and makeup went out started the car. I looked at my phone. It was my day off so I went inside took off my shoes. And went back to bed.

When I was younger I was a really bad go-kart driver, so I ended up getting completely left alone on the track. Silly me thought I took a wrong turn somewhere and started to turn around, only got halfway there before I heard the yelling of a worker telling me to stop. He sat on my hood instructing me how to turn back around, and I never felt so ashamed to have everyone watching me as I drove up.

Next two times I ever drove a go-kart I crashed it, once into someone parked at the end and once in the wall. I hate go-karts.

During my earlier days of motorcycle riding (not that I can really be called a veteran rider, as I've only been riding for about half a year and don't really go out any more than 3 times a week at most), whilst filtering - which is legal in the UK - I forgot to drop into first gear (or rather, thought I had done, when I hadn't). So upon cutting to the front of the traffic light queue, When the light turned green, I stalled my bike, completely holding up the people I had just cut in front of.

As a side note, filtering is not just an act for self-time saving. It's safer, as it makes it less likely to get rear-ended or have to rely on less-efficient motorcycle brakes in stop-start queues. And it saves everyone else time if done consistently, as it means one less spot taken up in the queue once you've gotten out of the traffic.

Another funny one. I live in Minnesota. So I went to the mall of America shopped and forgot where I parked my car. Now I can take a picture of which letter and which ramp I'm parked on.

For the longest time when I was a kid, I said "idoit" instead of "idiot."

I've also read a lot more words than I've spoken since I'm shy and reserved, so I've pronounced many words wrong. Arrogant. Chernobyl. Constituents. To name a few.

Truth be told, I’m not the brightest. I snuggle with always hitting my knee or elbow against something without trying. An odd one, and more of a complaint, but I can’t headbang for too long, lest I want to get dizzy and lightheaded.

I was on my 10th 03:45 am shift in a row, terribly sleep-deprived, when I walked out of the door and realized I had forgotten to put on my skirt... Luckily, no one in my building is up at 02:30, so no one saw that little mishap!

I burnt myself on a fridge once. To be fair, it was an old-style industrial fridge with some weird quirks... but yeah.

Also, despite being a sword collector, I often manage to cut myself on stupid things... like teaspoons.

Just overly clumsy, I guess.

Due to being homeschooled literally my entire life I am oblivious to the whole "highschool" culture and missed out on a lot of stuff growing up. I never went through the "normal" phases as a kid and it's left me with a lot of weird feelings.

Oh and I'm also garbage at maths now.

to be completely honest, i'm trash at coming up with names for characters, and often have to rely on technology to help me think of something.

I'm also not the brightest thing in the room, especially while half-awake. For example, I almost put a bottle of refrigerated mustard into my pantry. Another time, I made two attempts to place a bottle of water into my medicine cabinet after taking my meds. I also tossed a loaf of bread into my microwave thinking that it was the bread holder sitting on top. It wasn't until the next day when I realized there was bread in my microwave for no reason.

I used to work in property management, I got hired for a luxury company and the dress code was very high end. Slacks or skirts, heels and blouses with a sweater or jacket. One day the Branch manager(and CEO) and the regional manager were out visiting with my boss and maintenance. I came back from lunch, I’m walking my big butt self up in my brand new stilettos thinking I look pretty good, aaand my heel breaks and I go down face first into the hot Arizona concrete. Ripped my blazer and my pants, scratched my face. It was my 3rd week as a temp to hire. I still got the full time position though lol

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