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I had no idea how to tie knots until sixth grade. That also includes shoestrings. I'd wear Velcro straps to get around it.

I almost burned down my entire house because I warmed up McDonalds fries for way too long.

For the longest time, I'd always thought that HDMI cables referred to those big blue VGA cables and used the terms interchangeably. It was only until last year that I found out that they are not the same thing.

I'm friends with a lot of dumbasses offline. It sounds rude, but, it's true. XD

One of them convinced me to add my last ex-girlfriend on Facebook, and I have no idea why. I mean, we're on speaking terms, but still. Haven't talked to her in at least two-three years.

Im an idiot so I've got a long list

(I saw someone post one like this and I'm just agreeing cause it's true) I don't understand how high school works. I'm homeschooled.

I never memorized multiplication facts. It takes me a long time to do that. (I'm good at division though)

I'm afraid of thunderstorms.

I played with dolls until I was 14.

I still like to build Legos.

My parents don't let me use the oven because I always forget to turn it off.

I'm too scared to learn to drive.

I accidentally ate a perler bead the other day. I though it was my Nerds candy.

I was like... Oh, I don't know. 12 at the time?

I've always been an anxious mess. One day, a new (and rather cute) boy at church introduced himself to me. He asked me what my name was. I stood there, my expression blank. I literally couldn't remember my own name! I just stammered like a fool.

More recently? Well, I unintentionally hit on my Chemistry professor, who is married and has a child. I said a light-hearted joke that was... misconstrued. :|

But we got it squared away! But I can't look at him anymore. :|

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Forums > Smalltalk > embarrassing confessions