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Due to my own personal issues and battle with autism (ASD) I cannot stand certain fabrics. I must inspect every piece of clothing that touches my skin and I have to travel with my own blanket because I cannot and I mean CANNOT sleep under hotel covers.

I order a specific blanket and use them up to 5 years. Me and my partner sleep under seperate comforters because I do not like their cover. It feels like a sleeping bag. I hate sleeping bags.

How do we cuddle? We just meet in the middle of our blankets and then when we sleep we sleep. We both prefer not having to share.

The fabric has to be smooth - mostly cotton. Nothing scratchy or makes ANY noise. Fur, Fleece, Silk, Sleeping bag, Wool, Knitted... NOPE.

Clothes? They have to be comfy, never tight, never itchy, never scratchy... Any noise? Nope. Sleek pants that rub together sound like nails on a chalk board.

Shopping for clothes actually doesn't take me as long as you think. I know what I'm looking for.

But yeah, fabrics for me? I refuse to wear anything that sets me off... And I've thrown out a lot of fleece blankets over the years. It's a very popular gift where I'm from...

Only smooth quiet cotton please! I'm a weirdo.

Weird little (likely anxiety related/maybe other things related) things I can’t do:

1) Start eating before others do/eat alone while I have someone else around me.

2) Opening a new bottle of soda even though I legit live here. I will finish the bottle then wait until someone else opens one because I don’t want to seem greedy.

3) Take something to snack on from the cookie cabinet unless my partner did it or I bought the thing for myself with my money (not from our shared account)/it was gifted to me.

4) Sit next to a stranger, whether this is in a waiting room or on public transport or even at a movie theater. I’ll go to great lengths to avoid this by standing up instead of sitting even tho there’s plenty of room to sit or picking a seat on the end of a row and having someone I know sit on my other side.

5) Move too far away from a door in a public place. Too far away is the moment I can no longer see an exit. I need to have a way out at all times.

6) Sleep near the door, whether that’s in my own bedroom or somewhere else. I need to have my partner between me and the door if possible.

7) Go out at night on my own without my dog. Our neighbourhood is quiet and peaceful, nothing happens over here but I feel more at ease when my dog is with me.

8) Make a phone call to a stranger or a company or for official reasons. I have to write out what I want to say and how they might respond and how I will respond to that to succeed if I really have no other choice.

9) Order food. I prefer for someone else to order it for me or will write my order down and give the paper when they ask what I want. (Unless it’s a place I often go to).

10) Take the last one of anything... food/drinks/cigarettes... unless it belongs to me and to me only.

11) Reply to private messages instantly unless I know the person very well. Even if we’ve spoken for weeks there’s a chance I’ll respond when you’ve been offline for a bit and I assume you’re busy or sleeping.

Well... I could honestly go on and the list would be endlessly long, but you get the idea XD

If I turn around a certain amount, and then want to turn to face the direction I was previously, I have to turn that same way to get there.

So if I turn from 12 to 6 clockwise, I have to turn counter-clockwise to get back to 12.
Yeah, it's the same amount of effort to keep going clockwise to get back to point A, but it's not evened out and that gets me all twitchy.

Honestly I'm sure I probably have more weird quirks, but between having seen this forum seconds after it started, and now, this is the only thing my brain has allowed me to come up with lol

I lock every door behind me and check twice to make sure it's locked, but I do it without noticing and accidentally lock my friends out of their own houses a lot. I also hate sitting in the middle of rooms without any walls near me. Not that weird, but.

It is not much that I refuse to do, as much as I tend to react rather aggressively.

I am told that this is creepy so

1) Listen to the sound of people chewing, speaking when their mouths are still wet, the sounds of saliva, the sound of people licking things or anything that has to do with those little sounds the mouth makes and this is not a joke. I nearly broke my phone after hearing it because I was so grossed out and angry at the sound alone, so it is, while uncommon, a not so surprising occurrence to suddenly hear me scream and start cursing people whenever I accidentally scroll onto a TikTok creator that likes mouthing their mic a bit too much for my liking.
Strangely, I can tolerate the sound if it is made by animals. If it is made my humans, even from myself, I get so angry that I want to break something, or start ranting and yelling about it until I got that out of my system. (Or slam my cousin’s laptop shut so quick when he thought that introducing me to ASMR is a good idea- it’s not, and I have only found another thing to hate with a burning passion.)

And to give you a context, one of my teacher had this weird way of pronouncing, and mades some overdramatic, and weird sounds (imagine: imitating the sound a fly makes, when she is thinking about how to answer our questions) and makes this horrible, horrible, absolutely nasty and disgusting sound of her lips smacking-and the saliva- when she speaks. Our classroom is able to fit seven rows of tables with about 40cm of space in between, and each table is roughly 60-80 cm. My teacher is standing at the top right corner, talking to another student, and I am at the front row of the first row from the left, nearest to the door.

I. Can. Hear. The. Sounds. When. She. Closes. And. Opens. Her. Mouth. And. All. Those. Wet. Sounds. That. Are. The. Literal. Opposite. Of. Sexy.

The fans are at full blast, there is an air conditioner in the room, students are chatting and I can still hear it- I don’t know if I am over-focusing on that sound, or if I am just picking up something similar and imagining that it came from her but regardless, my deskmate seriously said that I scared her with how creepy my smile was. (Context: I smile/grin when I am purely frustrated/furious, weird habit, but yes, it does get creepier because it gets wide the angrier I get, I am not joking.)

As you can see from this short five essay narration of how much I hate that type of noise, I do very much hate that type of noise.

2) Things like ‘good morning’ or a ‘good night’ or the occasional ‘how are you’ through text, I don’t like doing it casually, because I don’t like it when others do it to me.
Sorry, I sometimes get those and I don’t know if it is because I am not a big fan of extended families who I barely know how we are related. (Great granduncle’s daughter’s husband, I have literally no idea you existed, nor do I know how to greet you properly, especially when I can’t cover it up by pretending to be friendly and call him ‘uncle’ because we rarely ever speak english in my family) But regardless, I hate those things. If we talk occasionally, and maybe send each other jokes every now and then, I can tolerate, but if I start receiving messages from the same person every single day, regardless if the topic of our conversation is interesting or not, that person won’t even be on the blacklist, no, that person is dead to me as far as I am concerned.
TLDR: I basically ghost anyone I deem as clingy over text, and my definition of clingy is basically more than three words exchanged continuously for a week, and is horrible at giving people that aren’t in my very small ‘precious people group that consist of only two people’ the everyday validation/concern of ‘how are you’ )

3) Letting anyone other than a few select people touch me, even on the arm. I hate shaking hands (it isn’t a common gesture over here, so no problem for me), I hate having people touch me in any way. My piano teacher tried it and it took a lot out of me to not just slap her away, and only move my hand away. Anyone that touches my shoulder has to be prepared for me to attempt to crush their arm, because my automatic reaction is to grab that person’s arm as hard as possible and not release until I see who it is. (In hindsight, maybe I should hone this weird habit of mine and start going to self-defense classes, it would be cooler at least, to reply with, “Sorry, I take (insert martial art), force of habit. ) Trying to touch my hair, or even my arm would reward you with the frostiest glare of your life, indefinite passive-aggressiveness and brutal sarcasm, I’ve made people cry when they think its a good idea to touch me without my explicit permission, and while I feel guilty, the anger is much stronger honestly.
(Public busses...are special cases, and most of the time it can’t be helped when people bump into each other; I am talking about others intentionally trying to pat me on the shoulder or hold hands and things like that when I didn’t want them to)

4) Wear earphones. I hate wearing earphones, and I can only tolerate headphones. Earphones...they never fit properly, and is incredibly uncomfortable but besides that... (related to the first one), I can’t stand the sound it makes when something scratches the wires. I can’t really describe it, but I think it is the vibration passing through from the wire and out- whatever it is, it frustrates me just as much as the sound of people’s lips smacking and such- so, I am not sure if it is just the earphone quality, but I swore off earphones after that pair.

5) I would never allow myself to eat with my mouth open, or chew too loud; honestly, when I say that I hate the sound of people chewing coming from humans, I am not exempt to that rule. So yes, I would get frustrated when I have to eat in a quiet place, without distraction, and left alone to my own thoughts because yes, my own chewing bothers me as well. (It varies from eh, to ‘I’d rather not eat just to not hear that sound ever again’ )

So yeah, these are the few things that pop up immediately, mostly because whenever that happens, it does tend to be rather frustrating, so I guess they leave a stronger impression.

Oh forgot another major one for me...whenever I go out to eat, I have to sit with my back to a wall so I can watch the room. It makes me feel uncomfortable if people are behind me and I can’t see what they’re doing. I like to know the situation at all times. 😂 In the same vein, I hate when people walk too closely behind me. Not in crowded places, but like in college, when somebody would just (for some reason) insist on walking DIRECTLY behind me...makes me grit my teeth and be hyper aware of all the sounds going on behind me — that might just be a female thing, though. I know a lot of women inherently distrust strangers lurking in their blind spots, and I’m definitely one of them.

Omg, thanks all of you for telling me your own 'strange' habits/won't do's. :) I will go through later when my brain isn't mush or hyper focused on one thing and read all of them since I did read some and noticed some things I also can't do/don't do for similar reasons.

Everyone thinks I'm ridiculous for this but here I go!

I will NOT go near an aquarium or a fish tank because I have a fear of fish. One time at the zoo I thought I could conquer my fear and walk through the aquarium exhibit without looking down or closing my eyes. The little fish was fine and I even looked at the sharks. But then this HUGE UGLY BASS was swimming across the glass tank. Everyone was in awe while I had my head down, but I wanted to see too!

I see these lifeless eyes looking directly at me, into my soul, I was done for the rest of the trip.

Using plastic spoons for items like yogurt, pudding or anything that is eaten cold. I find everything tastes metallic if I use a metal spoon, but only with cold items. Hot items like soup, oatmeal, ect are okay to use a normal metal spoon because things don't taste metallic.

I usually have a couple disposeable plastic spoons kicking around for this purpose, and usually wash and reuse them to cut down on unnecessary waste.

Another one is waking up at 6:35 am, instead of 6:30am, because 6:30am just really sucks. I really am not a fan of early mornings, and I've discovered that 5 minutes can make a world of difference in terms of my attitude and ability to keep a positive outlook for the day.

1) I can't touch lined paper or hear it rub against each other! Oh it's like nails on a chalk board to me! I hate it so much, my spine shivers and the noise and the feeling. It's stuck with me for a bit

2) the sound is snow/splash pants.. Rubbing against each other. I lived somewhere when I was younger where the temp was -30C or higher every day in the winter. You needed snow pants. But I hated how they sounded, how they look, how they felt. I hated when a bunch of other people wear them and walk around. It's like a bad band!

3) food textures. I have no idea why but it has made me so picky. I can't eat food, cuz of the texture, weather it be too grainy, oily, mushy, crispy. If I hate it, I can't eat the food. It feels like I'm eating somthing wrong, like celery. How it gets stringing. Or mushrooms cuz they act like rubber. Even dumb things like soup with a bit or oil on the top ruins my day!

4) if something creeks, I do everything in my power to avoid it or stop. I feel like I'm sneaky around, or someone is going to yell at me. The floor creeks? Avoid it the best you can unless you step on it, then run. Door creeks, closing it as quickly as possible. I feel like I'm a bad person if it creeks

5) I must travel from place to place the same way. More room to room, if I'm at the school, I have go down the same hallway, stairwell and side of the hallway to feel normal. If I use a different route, I feel like I'm going to Miss It, be late, look weird walking inside. Dumb stuff

6) when I go to a fast food place and I see the same coworkers, I feel like they judge me for ordering the same thing everyday. I worry and sometimes go somewhere else to avoid them and not feel like a loser with no life

7) I have to have my phone turned away from people, I just hate the idea is them looking at what I'm doing and possibly judging me for it. Even if I'm just playing a game or texting someone.. I don't want them to
See it!

I cannot wear knitted clothing. It's just so itchy and uncomfortable. When I was a child, my mother used to force me to wear knitted jumpers and it drove me to the point of tears. Felt like torture that she forced me to wear those things. I have a similar issue with 'ribbed' clothing or clothing with tight elasticated cuffs. I used to not be able to stand jeans either, but I can endure them nowadays but tend to avoid them in favour of other trousers.

The sound of forks against plates. Noooope nope nope nope nope. One set of my grandparents have very squeaky crockery. Dinner there I spend half the time holding my ears because of all the damned squeaking that goes on. My family looks at me like I'm mad. It can also cause overstimulation in my ears which sort of sets off a weird shuddery feeling where every little noise sets it off during that state... shouting can also cause that as well as unexpected loud music.

I refuse IRL cuddles. Sad, but... I have a very sensitive waist. touch me at the sides of my stomach area, and you're in trouble. I don't hit people, but the accidental flailing and spasming is unpredictable. People seem to like the squeak it makes me yelp though. I guess to them it's hilarious. Even worse when people catch me by surprise when doing it.

I cannot sleep with a thick pillow. Makes my neck really uncomfortable.

I don't open youtube links in my default browser unless it's something I know I enjoy watching. I have to open them in a browser I'm not logged into google on. Mostly because I don't want to corrupt my recommendations.

this is super weird and awkward, but. Thanks to some jerk kids who I went to school with like ten years ago, they knew I was afraid of dead people and played off that.

#1 They told me that when your walking/driving pasta cemetery, if you breath the ghosts and demons will enter your body and losses you. So now it's just ingrained in me to hold my breath.

#2 I can't watch/read about Ancient Egypt. Those kids told me that into looked at a picture of a mummy for more than a hour I would turn into one. It scarred me so badly as a kid the entire subject of Egypt turns me off. It sucks because I wanted to be an Egyptologyst too.

I refuse to let people touch my feet. It's to the point I always sit cross legged and keep my feet under me. Though I know the reasoning for that. When I was little my toes were constantly getting in grown toe nails. And most of the times we went to a local pediatrician to fix it, but the anesthetics they used barely worked, so I could feel most of everything they did. To make matters worse, they refused to cauterize the toe nail to keep it from happening again for whatever reason. So my toenails kept getting ingrown over and over and over, until like, a year or two ago, I had my last ingrown toenail dealt with, and the doctor we saw decided to cauterize it, and my toes have been good since then.

Setting my alarm anything other than XX:00, XX:15, XX:30 or XX:45. No XX:25 og XX:10 here.

Isn't completely melted. Like, eating a piece of toast with a bit of unmelted butter is just impossible. Then I'll either scrape it off or or give it another go on the toaster to make it melt completely. If someone is making me breakfast, they'll have to butter my toast first, otherwise I'd rather just go without the butter. Luckily, my SO has a weird thing about when his coffee to be poured, so we compliment each other rather well on that part!

0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T wrote:
I refuse to let people touch my feet. It's to the point I always sit cross legged and keep my feet under me. Though I know the reasoning for that. When I was little my toes were constantly getting in grown toe nails. And most of the times we went to a local pediatrician to fix it, but the anesthetics they used barely worked, so I could feel most of everything they did. To make matters worse, they refused to cauterize the toe nail to keep it from happening again for whatever reason. So my toenails kept getting ingrown over and over and over, until like, a year or two ago, I had my last ingrown toenail dealt with, and the doctor we saw decided to cauterize it, and my toes have been good since then.

I feel you there.

Though for me it's less being touched and more being seen without at least socks because it still ain't really pretty down there. Then again I don't really like being touched in general anyways. But damn, those needles were scary long and the rest of the process was neither comfortable nor completely painless. Not something that's fun to go through multiple times. -.-

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