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So I'm finally getting in on the raffle scene! You can win a set of these yummy Macaroons!

macaroon-purple-image.png macaroon-green-image.png macaroon-yellow-image.png macaroon-blue-image.png macaroon-pink-image.png

I'm taking some inspiration from Eniiko's Raffle for this because I really just wanted to read some cool stories. The length can be whatever you wish, so long as I can see some work been put into it then thats great :)

I have some topics below, so roll a six-sided die to get your topic (Entries must pertain to topic in some way) and then edit your post with your entry.


I'll decide on the winner based on how much I like your story.

Entries Valid until October 1st. Winner will be contacted that same day. Good luck!

1: Batman
4: RomanceDue to all the fours, theres a new topic for this as well! All future rolls of this number---> RPG Games
5: Mistakes
6: Pets if you get six, please reroll. Theres so many sixes lmao NEW TOPIC FOR SIX: Bar Shenanigans

Topic: Pets

Juls and the Rooster

I did not grow up as a farmer. But always loved animals and daydreamed of the idyllic scene of a country homestead; one where a momma hen is pecking the ground, surrounded by her little peeps.

So of course when I finally got to a point of enough financial stability to buy my own house, I decided I wanted some property to go with it…. Enough for a garden and some chickens. After a nearly year-long search, I closed on a farmette with a little over 10 acres. My own little slice of heaven.

As the first spring rolled around, I, armed with at least a week’s worth of internet research on chickens, anxiously visited my local Tractor Supply as soon as their “Chick Days!” sign went up and picked out 6 baby biddies based purely on cuteness factor.


See that dark one on the cardboard? Looks all cute and innocent in this picture, doesn’t it?

Chickens grow fast! And soon enough… that dark little hen was definitely showing some signs of not being a hen at all and was making some god-awful squawking noises each morning from their box in the back porch.

Did you know young roosters need to practice their crowing until they get the hang of it? I sure didn’t. This one would start practicing at the first hint of dawn… ya know, around 5:45 a.m., continuing on and off for the next several hours.

I really should’ve built them a coop first… little buggers could fly right out of that box within a few weeks! And fairly soon our rooster was greeting each sunrise from the railing of my basement steps with his ear piercing, shrill crow, gaining in confidence and notes with each passing day until he perfected his full cock-a-doodle-do!

Fast forward a few months… they’ve since moved outside to their new coop and spend a large portion of each day roaming the yard. Idyllic scene? Maybe… until a human dares approach. Then this miniature raptor goes on to show that he truly is descended from the dinosaurs by going into full on flock-protection mode. Roosters have spurs! And they hurt!


After him scoring a few cuts on my legs, I feel like I’m armoring up to go into battle just to go out my back door. Long pants? Check. Gloves? Check. Boots? Check. Stick? Check.

Let's do this, you little handsome devil you.


Just look at those eyes... he knows he's the king of the yard. No one dare tread on his domain!

Well, one day he gets my husband pretty bad with a surprise, ambush style attack. There was swearing involved that I cannot repeat here.

One guess what we had for dinner that night...


The End


I've had several roosters since this devil chicken, all of which were much less aggressive! And I really do love these creatures... they taste just like chicken. :-p

rolled 1d6 and got 6

((Romance is not my strong suit for writing but I gave it my best shot.))

Romance: New Year's Wish

The streets were bustling with people as they headed towards their various destinations. Idle chatter filled the air with a vast variety of topics. Some were talking about the falling snow while others were talking about their favorite sports teams. The smell of hot cocoa and baked goods filled the air as the gentle snow started to blanket the streets. The town was celebrating the coming of the new year with a festival. Decorations lined the streets and several people were hoisting a large metal ball towards the top of a flagpole. The metal ball would serve to count down the time until the start of the new year.

“Sure is busy,” a young woman said, while weaving through the crowds of people.

The young woman, Selena, was in her early thirties. She had medium length sandy blonde hair with bright blue eyes. Her outfit consisted of a knee length skirt with leggings underneath. She was wearing a dark colored sweater under her coat. A hand knit hat was on her head along with a hand knit scarf around her neck. Most of the time she carried a book in one of her hands and a cup of hot cocoa in the other hand. Several of the people at the festival, knew that she worked part time at the local bookstore during her free time.

Most of her friends were married with families of their own. However, she had remained single over the years. She never found the right person to be with. The person that she felt a powerful connection to. Selena was doubting that she would ever be so fortunate, to find that special someone, but she made do with the blessings she already had in her life. Selena had a roof over her head, food in her belly, and a steady job that she enjoyed. She did not need a man in her life but there were times she longed to find one.

Couples were walking hand in hand with smiles on their faces. Selena could see several people kissing while she passed by the various stalls and buildings. Love was in the air with the promises the near year offered to bring them. Selena had been focused on the book in her hands when she bumped into someone. Looking up she offered an apology to the person.

“Sorry. I was not looking where I was going,” Selena said.

“No worries. Are you alright?” came the reply.

Selena gave a nod of her head to confirm that she was alright and unharmed. Luckily she did not spill her drink all over herself or the person she bumped into. The young woman took this time to look over the person she bumped into while giving her answer. He was tall with a tanned complexion. Tufts of dark brown hair covered his head while chocolate brown eyes met her own. A soft smile was plastered on his lips as he checked to make sure she was not injured. The two of them would talk briefly for a few minutes before heading their separate ways.

Selena felt comfortable talking with the man whose name she learned to be Robert. She even thought that he was easy on the eyes and could see herself spending more time with him if she ever met him again. There was almost something almost magical in their meeting. Something that she had read in numerous of her favorite stories. It would not be until later that evening during the ball drop that something truly special would occur.

Selena was counting down with the others when she felt someone place a hand against her arm. The edges of her lips curled upwards seeing who was standing before her. It was Robert, the man she met earlier that day. He waited until after the countdown was finished to wish her a happy new year.

“Here is my number if you ever want to sit down and talk again,” Robert said.

Robert wished her good fortune and happiness before he headed off into the crowd. While there were many ways their encounter could have gone, it left an impression on Selena. She bit her bottom lip very lightly but knew in her mind that she wanted to contact him later. Selena felt confident that this was the start of some true and and quite possibly very romantic. Much like the fairy tales and romance stories she read and loved.

rolled 1d6 and got 4
rolling for topic

((almost finished with the story , so i might post it tomorrow when I can))

rolled 1d6 and got 6

Getting my topic....

Shake shake shake .... dumps cup....

edit... is the die loaded? We have three sixes out of four rolls

rolled 1d6 and got 6
... and the topic is ....

Really cool idea for this raffle! Thanks for your generosity in creating it. :D

Is this still open to try?

emi wrote:
Is this still open to try?

Yes it is. Feel free to give it a go.

Somnom wrote:
Really cool idea for this raffle! Thanks for your generosity in creating it. :D

Haha Eniiko deserves most of the credit for the idea. But thanks that makes me happy to hear :)

(( I do so love a good short story contest. ))

(( Woot! My favorite! Romance! ))

Short Story click here!

“You will do this, or I will walk.”

“Winter. Let’s be reasonable-”

“Walk, Freddy. That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.”


“No. No more artifacts. No more books. No more pretty face to plaster on the cover.”

Fredrick Tousel sighed and pushed a few stray locks of graying hair out of his eyes. Time hadn’t been kind to the man’s hair but dealing with this treasure hunter’s attitude wasn’t helping anything either. “I understand you want to be respectful, but there’s no way this story makes any sense without him. The temple chamber alone-”

“Figure it out.” With that Winter Durant, adventuress extraordinaire, stormed out of the museum curator’s office. The door slammed shut behind her, setting the window rattling. For a moment once the door was closed her body slumped against it. Her chest rose and fell heavily but her hands quickly balled themselves into fists. The back hallways of the Museum of Magical Antiquities was no place for tears.

The roof of the Museum of Magical Antiquities, however, is the perfect place for tears. Fingers still clenched tightly, Winter raged at the heavens. At circumstance. At luck. At whatever damnable fate had caused that last falling beam to miss her. They always missed her. Why did they always miss her?! Missed her by just enough to keep her alive. Just enough for her, but not for those around her. Not for Sigroem.

Ragged screams echoed over the rooftop and between belching smoke stacks for nearly half an hour before her voice finally gave out. With one last kick to a nearby contraption made mostly of whirling interlocking cogs which doesn’t do much more than scuff her boot with oil and the cog with mud, Winter finally collapsed onto the clay slats beneath her. The sky above Querival was blue and vibrant. It was as blue as her hair and that didn’t help her mood one bit.

Sigroem had liked her hair. He’d never said as much of course. He never said much of anything. Still. She knew. It was the way he looked at her when she’d pull off her fur lined hood at the end of a long day tramping through knee high snow. He probably didn’t think she noticed, but she had. No one got to be as skilled a dungeon delver as Winter without knowing how to be aware of their surroundings at all times. That included when they’re sitting around the campfire with only their hulking brute of a guide for company during the long northern nights.

Reaching into her pocket, the adventuress pulled out a thick length of braided hair. Holding it up against the sky, she remembered what it had felt like to run her fingers through that hair for the first time. She remembered watching him plait a new braid every morning while she worked to break camp. He’d said it was a record of their journey. That was one of the few times he’d deigned to explain himself or his actions. Mostly he just kept her moving through example. He never bowed to the howling wind or the bitter cold. He pushed her harder than she’d ever pushed herself. At night, though…

At night…

Pressing the grisly memento to her chest, Winter closed her eyes against the warm glare of the afternoon sun. The museum would publish the book, the chronicle of her journey to retrieve The Shard of Mayhem from Loraesyn’s lost temple in the far reaches of the Blasted Wastes. They’d publish it with or without her, but she’d be damned if she let them degrade Sigroem’s name with that dime store trash they call writing. It was bad enough she had to endure the ignominy of those wretched books. She wouldn’t let that quiet, gorgeous, brutal, fascinating Northman’s memory get dragged into it too.

Not him and not any of the others that had died in her wake either. She’d fight tooth and nail, literally if necessary, to see that it wouldn’t happen. Not ever. The dead deserve to stay dead. It’s the only way she can express her love for him now. For all of them.

rolled 1d6 and got 4

Ohh exciting *rubbing hands together*

UGHHH 6 again?? Oh well. Thanks for holding this though!

note: might not do this because 6 is literally the worst option for me but I will attempt.

rolled 1d6 and got 6

Mercyinreach wrote:
Ohh exciting *rubbing hands together*

UGHHH 6 again?? Oh well. Thanks for holding this though!

note: might not do this because 6 is literally the worst option for me but I will attempt.

You dont have to do six. So many have got six. who loaded my dice oml. Please roll again and...

*edits top post furiously*

Juls wrote:
Topic: Pets
Juls and the Rooster

This is adorable. Aaaaah! Oh man. I can already tell this is going to be a tough raffle to decide the victor. Everyone is so creative.

Also...chicken is gr8.

Neat idea, Hikari. :)

Oops rolling the dice...come on NotASix...

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