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I'm not sure if this falls in Smalltalk or Forum Games, but I placed it here because it feels small-talky to me. Feel free to move it if it's not the right place.

I noticed that there's no thread like this yet (I think), so I decided to make one! Just write one thing that you've learned today!

It can be something big, something small, something new you tried out and liked, general info you didn't know before... It can even be something you relearned!

It's okay to post here once per day, every time you learn something, or write more than one thing that you learned!

I'll start. TIL that avocados are actually amazing. <3

Today I learned about the donut chicken sandwich KFC is supposedly subjecting Americans to.....whose idea was this????

credit to kamizombie for sharing this post, be that a good or a bad thing tee hee

Today I learned that the ambrosia beetle leaves behind red stains as it munches on wood.

I learned today Archer Fish can spit up to ten feet.

Today I bought my first acoustic guitar and am learning how to play it. I already know bass and harmonica already.

Today I learned my uncle knew Melford Spiro. (Don’t worry if you don’t know him he was an anthropologist and my uncle was a Religous studies professor)

Today I learned that it's very difficult to try and watch the rest of the crime show you want to see the ending to when you have a headache! My brain hurts but at least I know what happened.

Today I learned that Frisbee is a company!

Today I learn that rabbits and hares cannot breed together as hares have one more chromosome.

JanieJones wrote:
Today I learn that rabbits and hares cannot breed together as hares have one more chromosome.

Today I learned that rabbits and hares are not, in fact, the same thing....they are different from the moment they are born

Today I learned that M&M’s milkshake is far from as good as I’d hoped it would be

Today I learned the thing you use to open a soda can doubles as a straw holder.

today i learned that i can make a harp with rubber bands and popsicle sticks

Today I learned I'm fronting a a new/old band in 2020. The drummer and rhythm guitarist from our old band decided to reform. I can quit bartending and be a professional musician again playing bass. I got 4 notebooks of songs already.

Today I learned that you should probably not rely on memory when setting the temperature to bake banana bread...

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Forums > Smalltalk > Today I Learned...