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(Wanted to try my first IC FORUM, so I hope I did it right!)

Setting Music

Now take a moment to breath.


Now think, Cities, the most beautiful your imagination can ever picture.
Think about it for a bit.

Take your time.

A desert, a single cactus sitting against the brightest sunset ever seen.
Use that imagination.


What do waves sound like, crashing together, crashing over rocks, sea foam flying up into the air.


How about a playground, or maybe a Cook out. What's your favorite smell when you think of one?
What's your favorite taste? Can you taste it, is your imagination strong enough to simulate it, without it even being present.


Now it's Dying.

So what now?
Well The planet has been abandoned for years till a large Interstellar Ship returned.
Dropping off crates. By Dawn it's gone.
The crates open, letting out new life. All kinds of life.
What is the purpose?
To bring life back to this dying planet. Hoping.
The project is called INFINITY.

Crates drop off new life taken from other planets, created in labs on the ship, or even preserved by cryogenic suspension.
The water is still, contaminated, it hardly ever rains, the floral, grass, tree's and more are dying.
Insects are little to none, pollinators are little to none, many earth animals have starved, many more are already extinct.
The Food chain is broken.
Can the new life fix it?

Monitoring Ship Crew,
Ship Guards,


Allowed with reasonable use.
This is an entire planet dying.




Shaped like an exaggerated pear, it shimmies through the grass.
Using their tiny root like arms, pushing grass blades apart.
It makes a jingling noise before hopping between the grass blades.
Landing on it's little nub feet.
Slightly translucent, a pink-ish liquid giggles around inside both the top and bottom part of its body.

Jingle Jingle!!

Scurrying quickly across the dirt path way.
It's top heavy, and leans wherever it's top leans.
Until Poof!
It lays on the dirt ground.
Wiggling both arms and legs.
It attempts to roll.
But gets no where, so it just lays there for a moment.
Still wiggling both arms and legs frantically.
Like a child.
Face down in the dried dirt.

The two tiny flowers sprouting oddly from its body wiggle.
That is where the sound is coming from, the flowers!
Jingle, Jingle!!!!

I would be interested as an alien, if this is still open.

((Sure, go right ahead. :) ))

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