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It has occured to me that there is no way to write kudos unless you are on your main account. but on your main account you can write kudos for characters and players.

However, if you play anonymously on characters you cant write kudos to other characters without exposing yourself which defeats the purpose of anonymity. I would love to see a feature in the future that allows people their privacy to provide kudos either as their anonymous character or as an anonymous player to keep privacy but still pass along the good vibes (especially since people can choose to keep those kudos or delete them on their end).

Just food for thought!

This is in 2.0! :)

In RPR 2.0, you can leave an anonymous kudos! :D

Is it!? did I miss this in the Beta? HA well never mind then because Kim is just that awesome

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Anonymous kudos