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hello yes I will draw for green wrinkly papers

So yeah...Commissions are now officially open!
It's the first time I actually open commissions, so I'm not really sure of what should I say here hehehe, regardless, I'll try to keep this short and informative:

- All prices are in USD
- As stated in the image, I take payment by either PayPal or Western Union
- Full payment is done up front. However, if you want to upgrade a piece later on (IE: You buy a lineart but want to upgrade the piece to full colors) you can pay the difference when you request the upgrade!
- Items not listed, such as Reference Sheets and Avatars, can be discussed upon request.
- Lasty, by all means, if you are interested in anything that's not listed on the sheet, please feel free to ask me!

If you are interested or curious, please contact me in my DMs, by mail at or by discord as Coro⋆#0514

Thanks a bunch for reading!

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Coro's Commissions! [Pls Buy]