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Howdy! It’s me, Archie, and I’m just looking for a super casual SOL roleplay. I’m dying to write something yet I don’t want to get myself into anything too serious as of right now due to being so busy with everything, so a slice of life isn’t anything too drastic.

I have a little array of OCs for use, and I happen to mainly write female characters. That being said I don’t really care what gender your character is, as long as we can write.

I use discord so if you’re interested then I’ll give you my info in PMs. I’ll be seeing you!

Heya Archie, welcome to RPR!

Hey! Welcome to RPR! This is more of just an introduction forum! This would be better posted on the Looking For Roleplay/LFRP forum!

Welcome to the site! :D

Hello and welcome to RPRepository

We can discuss something if you're interested. I like these types of roleplays. Adventurous and slice of life combined. You can pm me and welcome to the site.

Welcome, I hope you find the RP you're looking for.

Hello! Welcome to RPR! I hope you like it here. Feel free to message me if you'd like to rp or chat.

Hey TomDick, it’s the best RPR!
Welcome to RPR!

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Forums > Introductions > Just looking for a Slice of Life Roleplay