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  • Deciding to do the impossible

    The things you want most, the bugs that still linger, the ideas that I have that I barely dare dream of... It's time. We need it. The RPR needs to be rebuilt on a more modern codebase.

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  • What would you like the RPR to get in 2019?

    Normally on January 1st I'd post a list of my goals for the RPR in the upcoming year. And even though I have plenty of ideas for things to do and ways to get more done, I thought this year, I'll mix it up --

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Character Kudos

Tiara (played by mitchs98)

Tiara-puu is so much puu, you'll want her too~ Hehe~ >_< She is quite a badass, and anyone who has survived a terrible fate is well worth all that puu~

-- Xenoworlds_BEYOND

Angel Everly (played anonymously)

This young woman is an absolute awesome roleplayer. She respects that you can't always respond immediately and she always has great ideas to hit ya when you're just...

-- NeonGreenHair17

Characters Looking for RP

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