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  • Trick or treat the forums begins!

    Visit the IC forums this week and look for topics with titles that begin with "Trick or Treat". Other players will be posting their character's residences for your doorbell ringing delight.

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  • Friday RP Prompt

    You wake up with a small group of others in an underground city, clearly spanning miles in every direction. Aside from this group, you seem to be alone, except for a voice you can all hear in your minds.

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Character Kudos

Atreus (played anonymously)

Atreus is such his fathers son that everyone can see it. The characters, the players. Diving right into the role of what he was born to be and understanding his...

-- Michonne

Rootwork has done some of the first pieces for my most important characters and has been an artwork **staple** for me over the years. Root's work is littered over my...

-- BrandyCat

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