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Epic week 2018 is going on now! Join the adventure
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  • Epic Week 2018: The Journey Begins!

    HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY, RP REPOSITORY! To celebrate, we're having a fantastic birthday bash on the beach. What could go wrong???

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  • Friday RP Prompt

    A new Friday RP Prompt: A catastrophe is ending the world. A plan to save some of humanity is being rolled out, but there is no way to save everyone.

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Character Kudos

Asio (played by winplaceshow)

Asio is a complex, beautifully written character. As lovely as he is brutal, one could cut themselves on his broken porcelain edges. With Asio you will get fun,...

-- Lady_Ashe

Meritamen (played by Penholder)

The RP with Meri was and is planned well in advance, but despite that she still manages to surprise me in all the best ways, and is ridiculously fun to play off of....

-- JayBird

Characters Looking for RP

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