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  • Enchanted Wardrobes are back (discounted character slots)!

    The limited edition enchanted wardrobes have just returned to the RPR store! These wardrobes contain 4 pieces of clothing, each one magical in its own right.

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  • Downtime and lost data

    Most things came through the crisis just fine; so far, it looks like I was able to recover all groups, forum posts, private messages, kudos, accolades, custom templates, and purchase records. But some things did take a hit.

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Character Kudos

Tommy Bone (played by pockets)

Tommy is Lilly's best friend and second father. The two of them share an amazing chemistry. He is filled with dad jokes and band puns. The way he interacts with those...

-- Tiufel

Les'Kay (played by LuxofLight)

Les'Kay has just joined Tam'nýer—a', but I can tell you there are great things afoot with him around. His kind-heartedness, compassion, love for animals, and sweet...

-- Demilicious

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