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  • 2019's Genre Mascots

    Meet this year's Genre Mascot in our brand new Genre Jumble!

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  • Modnouncement!

    Given the expansion of membership and the related increase in site activity, the mod team decided that rather than bringing in one or two new mods, we would stretch ourselves and grow fast so that we can keep up with the community's growing needs.

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Character Kudos

Evelyn Jones (played anonymously)

Evelyn is a simply amazing character. There's so much depth put into her, and her creator is an amazing roleplayer. I love how genuine and real they made their...

-- ALTY_Heave

Jess (played by Abigail_Austin)

Jess is an extremely well developed character who exhibits a rich backstory with proper character growth. Every time there's new dialogue from her, I'm blown away by...

-- Sanne

Characters Looking for RP

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