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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • SunsetKit

    It's mah frienddddd Hadesssss. She's super funny and creative and also MAH FRIENDDDDDD!! XD She also punctuates and has the gud grammars. :3 :3 :3
    -- Moonlight_Minccino
  • Birdy99

    This person is awesome -- they are a great artist and drew one of my characters for me which was really sweet. And also, we do have a roleplay going and it's very creative with a lot a good, well thought-out ideas. This person is understanding and patient about IRL getting in the way of RP and has good plot and character ideas. Good with fantasy, especially. RP with them or check out their art!
    -- Abigail_Austin
  • Gembone

    Lemme tell you 'bout my beeeeest friend! Gem is a precious bean with a sensitive soul and a mind that constantly spits out wonderful ideas. I'm so glad we finally met and get to spend hours chatting away about bullshit at every hour of the night. If you don't know Gem, you are missing out.
    -- Highness
  • Vali

    Vali is one of the most genuine, authentic people ever. She has one of the kindest hearts ever. And she has a lot of widsom and a lot of smarts. I really like having her as a friend, and her RP skills are incredible...we do historical fantasy and she has skills, my friends. Lots of detail and interesting characters that tug at the heartstrings. I love knowing her. I look forward to getting to know her better and better!
    -- Abigail_Austin
  • Malamar Rose (played anonymously)

    I really just have to give kudos here. I had one little plot suggestion towards the beginning of our Rp and Malamar just took it and ran with it. He is very creative easy to talk to OOC and has for exceeded my expectations. Really just wonderful and totally deserves kudos
    -- ladywarth231992
  • DarkonDreams

    When I first started up my rp with DarkonDreams I was looking for some long detailed replies with a very strong plot and lots of character development. Over the course of our rp DarkonDreams has delivered on that time and time again.
    It was amazing how easily it was for our two characters’ worlds to come together as one and form this truly interesting story. Darkon is a skilled and creative writer that I have very much enjoyed working with and will continue to do so :)
    -- ladywarth231992
  • Abigail_Austin

    Everything about her deserves a kudo, she is sweet, understanding, makes awesome role play... I could talk a lot about how cool role playing with her is, but it is nothing compared to her personality. She is caring, funny, serious when is needed, she gives the best virtual hug I know. Don’t hesitate to talk with her, you won’t regret it, she makes rainbows in the sky whenever it rains <3
    -- Vali
  • damnationfromafar

    Lovely writer and wonderful friend. She is a wonderful gal and totallytheownerofthecounterparttomynewfavoriteship *cough* Anyway, she is a joy to both write with, and talk to. If you get a chance to squeeze yourself into her limited RP space, do so! You won't be disappointed! *Tigerbun stamp of approval*
    -- 8TigerBunnyTora
  • Serverus

    Serverus is the kind of roleplayer that knows exactly how to get you hooked. He's a roleplayer who is gifted with the art of narration. He doesn't just simply reply, but he adds to the rp with his own ideas and NPC's which adds depth to the story. There are no flat, plot-less stories and characters with Serv.
    -- furandfeatherscales
  • CelestinaGrey

    Celestina was one of the first people I roleplayed with here, and she was so welcoming! She still is, and very active in the community! She likes to give advice and get involved and that's the kind of people that make RPR such a fun and safe place to interact. RP wise, she's passionate about developing storylines and characters, which is always great!
    -- Annie_isOkay

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