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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Vozhad

    I play with Vozhad with my charater vesper darksun. This player is a gem that might be overlooked by most players. He is one of many players that have a vibrant intense well thought out story to tell but might get over looked because english is not their frist language. He still has better grammar then I and I am a native speaker. He is understanding and a quick reply (10 to 20 min between posts when he is on) he loves his word and wants to share it with you. Ooc he is sweet and thoughtful.
    -- SarietheFae
  • Dragon_Eye

    I have not played with Dragon, but I can say a few things from seeing them around. Things that need to be said. They are sweet, they are generous, they are kind, they are a great, no.. a fabulous member of the RPR community who we are all lucky to have here. <3
    -- Kruhee
  • Somnom

    Oooookay, so I hope there is no limit on how many times you can say someone's amazing. Somnom is, to put things frankly, one of THE most generous, kind hearted, sweet, amazing, brilliant and HUMBLE people I have ever known. To say that I am honored to call them my friend would be like saying there are only a few stars in the sky. A gross misjudgment of how much they have taken my heart. Somnom embodies the spirit of patience, of creativity and is a mad evil genius!!!
    -- Kruhee
  • LotusFlower

    LotusFlower needs kudos because she is amazing! LotusFlower is a beautiful writer and a total sweetheart OOC. All our character interactions have been so natural and fun. I have the feeling we are going to cause many more shenanigans in our future. I -always- look forward to her replies <33
    -- Mipps
  • Juls

    This writer tips the scales of excellence to the point of breaking them :) Awesome characters, realistic and detailed reactions, well thought out posts with all the nitty gritty and backed by an awesome OOC personality. Can't get enough RP time with her. I would recommend her but she is too good to share so I will have to put a "keep out" sign instead
    -- Tusitala2017
  • VanHelsing

    Oh man, VanHelsing is great. Our adventure is still in its infancy but VanHelsing is an amazing writer with a great deal of description and depth- It all pushes the story forward while still giving characters time to process and react. I feel very lucky to have tripped across each other! I definitely recommend VanHelsing for campaigns!
    -- Mipps
  • Juls

    I gave the Frank character kudos but Juls needs kudos too. Juls is one of my favorite people to roleplay with; we have been at a campaign for a while now that has been loads of fu! She has dynamic characters, dynamic NPCs and knows how to drive a plot. Not just drive a plot bug ping a plot back and forth and roll the dice for extra spice. I have been having a blast role playing with Juls and highly recommend her for shenanigans!!!
    -- Mipps
  • StaticNightmares

    I've only known Stats a few days, and already I just want to be his best friend forever.(if I didn't use the right prono-) He is very sweet and is always willing to help out and talk with you, as well as a very funny person. Everytime I talk with him I instantly start laughing or smiling at his words. I've always wanted to be his friend but have been too scared to approach, (Anxiety my dears-) But I'm glad I did. And I hope we make a lot of funny memories together. You're my bestie, Stats. Ty<3
    -- XxCandy-ChanXx
  • Lycanhoth

    What can I say about Lycanhoth? Well, they are super sweet, kind, and caring ooc. They have boundless patience and they are communicative about story as it goes along. All in all they are a great RPer!! They paint a beautiful picture with their words, and it’s easy to come to feel the complexity of their character which unfolds over time in play. I’m really happy that I know them! <3
    -- Kruhee
  • WaffleSeagreens

    Again, I give this wonderful Waffle another kudo. They are wonderfully nice and I can’t get over all their great ideas and how they make their characters come alive!

    Waffle again amazes me with their fabulous writing style and leaves me speechless. They make the RP come alive and I can’t be anymore baffled.

    But baffled in a good way!

    Waffles, you are a wondrous friend and RPer. Keep being yourself, no matter what, because you are fabulous.
    -- Nivela

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