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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Wolfcat

    I personally adore and respect this person! She's just one of the greatest, in my opinion. She's kind, understanding, cool, respectful, and many other optimistic words that I cannot think of right now, heh. Also, she is great at roleplaying! Especially when it comes to hmmm..let's see...AHA! Romance roleplays.

    Well that's pretty much it! lolpopsxx is out! ✌
    -- lolpopsxx
  • Graces12

    So this is the second Kudos I've given to Graces, she's awesome, her characters are just like her! Sassy with a side of amazingness, she's my best friend and RP Partner, I highly recommend her for any kind of RP, you're the best Grace, I love you!
    -- Vali99
  • Jaci (played anonymously)

    This is Baltos moon. His other half. She is a wonderful leader who shoulders so much without a peep about it. Heartache and pain is all she's ever known. Hard lined expectations always held over her head. It's not a wonder to me one bit why Balto is her Treanis. May Balto help her find herself once more and help her shine once more in the dark.
    -- Michonne
  • Pegacorn

    Sweet as candy. Lovely and soft place to land. That's what I always think of when I think of Pegacorn. Although our views at times, don't match up. We can still friendly speculate and share views in such a easy manner. It's almost relaxing to talk heavy plots with her.
    -- Michonne
  • Pegacorn

    We have only been rping together for a short while but I can already say, without a doubt, that this girl is wonderful and amazing. She has great ideas for plots and character designs and is wonderful to bounce ideas back and forth with - nevermind the fact that she's as sweet as can be.
    -- Cami
  • Azebet (played by Vixy)

    Azebet is a character that I could write a thousand scenes with and not get tired of. I hope I get to test that! The attention to detail and forethought put into Vixy's character makes her unpredictable in a marvelous fashion. There are layers to explore, she's equal amounts adorable and frightening if you get to know her well. Vixy outdoes herself with each scene, and she deserves -far- more praise than I can give in the space alotted. Plan a scene with her! You won't regret it.
    -- Kaiser
  • Sozbi

    AAAAA????? Sozbi is the most creative person I know with the absolute coolest characters and stories/background behind them each! He's also really good at drawing- at least way better than I am!
    The. Coolest. Characters.
    -- KittyLazer
  • Valie

    I've given Valie kudos before, but I really must do so again. In the time I've known her, she has proven to be the most earnest and steadfast sort of friend a person could hope to have. Fair-minded, level-headed and infinitely generous and kind. And this is to say nothing of her boundless, exuberant creativity, which is enlivening in the extreme. Beautiful. Truly.
    -- Hooke
  • ValentineGhost

    Though we haven't been writing together for long I am already in love with the plot we have going on together. The amount of thought and detail put into every reply they write is nothing short of amazing, and refreshing! Ive only had the pleasure of writing with Alexander Infernum so far but I do look forward and hope to write with other characters of their in the near future, if you haven't messaged them yet then I highly suggest you do! They're very polite, and so easy to plot with.
    -- KingHades
  • Zhi

    THE BEST. I love Zhi so much! She's so fun to be around and clever and good at explaining things!
    -- enchirito

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