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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Dunedain-Ranger

    He is an amazing person and human being. Me and him have been role playing I’d say for maybe a week. I’ve told him things I haven’t told anyone and he’s helped me ajust and he understood and helped boost me up in real life and in the roleplay. He adjusted to help me in our roleplay and I hope he will continue a rp with me 😃 he has gotten to know me from a outside level he’s amazing I wouldn’t miss a opertinuty to be his friend it’s worth it in the end
    -- emi
  • OpenToThings

    She is correct, our rp has just begun, however, her posts are detailed and cover every aspect of the scene that our characters are going through. If you want detail, a good time, and great conversation, OpenToThings is that person and a great rp partner.
    -- DukeKagan
  • CrimsonKnight

    CrimsonKnight is a great friend and has great depth in her characters and her writing skills. We have been rping for a long time and I have enjoyed it and continue to look forward to each post as our journey continues.
    -- DukeKagan
  • SexySultryBabe

    SSB is just the sweetest loveliest person you could ever hope to encounter <3 She's always available to chat over messages and I really love that about her, she will cheer you up with cute IMs and always make you smile!! I haven't rped with her but I wish I could, I am excited to do it in the future <3
    -- Rune_stoner
  • Arinbjorn (played by JayBird)

    A very intricate, detailed character, with a lot of thought put into his background and current life both. Plus, he's Norse, and that's a definite plus!
    -- Subtleknifewielder
  • Hollyfrost

    Amazing roleplayer! Always keeps things interesting in the rp and outside of it. Has great puns and an overall good person!
    -- MrTransWolf
  • WickdCookie

    WickedCookie. Well, let's say this first and foremost. Her writing is beautiful. It reminds me of a poem in a way, but much more full of feeling. She is very talented and good and not dragging something out while still giving the information needed to keep the mind bouncing between the words she writes. It's a really lovely way to role play.
    -- MitsuHarp
  • jamerson

    James is an amazing artist, dreamweaver, friend and human being. His dream, the Cosmos, was the first place I tried human RP, and I haven't looked back! He is unbelievably creative, and the universe he created has endless possibilities for a roleplayer. He has also always been so helpful and encouraging to me and other new roleplayers in the Cosmos, which I cannot thank him enough for. He really has created something amazing on Furcadia. Thank you, James.
    -- miarup
  • Nightingalered13

    she is so cool, and makes very detailed responses. it's always interesting in our rp, and i'm sure you'll feel the same if you got to know her a bit.
    -- nightmaregamesYT
  • LotusFlower

    No matter the situation, Lotus is always giving amazing responses with detail and a spark of interest. You'd better believe she'll keep you on her toes with her in deoth characters, and bold plot ideas! If you get a chance with Lotus, please don't pass it up!
    -- TaeOreo

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