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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • JB2500

    JB is a very skilled writer that can get tears running down your face. For the few months I’ve role played with him, I am completely amazed with how descriptive he is. 10/10 would reccomend.
    -- LordAzrael
  • Aurora (played by BrandyCat)

    Aurora is a strikingly well-written character with so much time, effort and love poured into her that she exudes it. On the surface, she is calculating, elegant and almost arrogant, a smooth veneer she shows most. Beneath, she is a creature teeming with insecurity, loneliness and heartache that she hides with startling efficiency. She's made for the sort of love that eludes her. Once you find yourself immersed in her, all of her little idiosyncrasies make sense.
    -- Owelle
  • Lanier (played anonymously)

    Lanier is an excellently played character that oozes grace, authority and while commanding the respect of everyone around him. Multifaceted layers mean that there are so many things left unsaid, tiny nuances that will be missed if you don't look for them and spend the time to untangle the web of things left unsaid. Utterly fascinating and well written, Lanier is a guaranteed way to spice up any scene, in more ways than one and for vastly different reasons.
    -- BrandyCat
  • Lyssic

    I have know Lyssic for a bit now and all I can say is I never regret anything. I used to be shy of her but one day I had the guts to speak to her. Now, every chance I get I flood her with love. Not only are her characters all great they all have their own personalities that make you want more. I do, and I know I can't show her enough just how great she is.
    -- SennM
  • Dawg

    There is a kindness to Kyle, a kindness that flourishes and shines like the sun whenever someone gives it a chance to. I am happy that I did. You've become a gentle reminder that you should do whatever makes you happiest and for that I can't thank you enough. You inspire me in many ways, make me smile, laugh, and even bring a warmth to my day I didn't know I needed. Never stop being all that you are. ♥
    -- Queen
  • Grumpyskunk

    My friendship with Grumpyskunk has been the most precious thing to result from my time in Furcadia. They are funny, patient, understanding, driven and creative. Grumpyskunk is a versatile roleplayer who has inspired many of my own characters and though we have known each other for so many years now, they never fail to surprise me. Grumpyskunk also knows the difference between IC and OOC which makes tormenting each other IC especially satisfying. 10/10 would give a kidney to.
    -- Noxious
  • Dunedain-Ranger

    He's a constant bright light in the forums. I just recently started an RP with him, and he has a magnificent writing style and a wide variety of characters. He obviously cares about each post he sends out because they always have lots of detail and depth.
    -- 8_Stars_8
  • Dunedain-Ranger

    It is so nice to refreshing someone who's writing inspires me in this way, his posts have those precious tiny details that give me everything I need to keep the story flowing. I absolutely love rping with him and honestly can't get enough. From his writing style to the attention to detail and beautiful use of linguistic tools you would be lucky to get some rp time in with him. I know i am ;)
    -- Autumn_Vale
  • RoryT

    Rory is a fantastic roleplayer, having known him at the DND table for over a year and seeing just how quickly he picked that up i can't wait to see what fantastic things he will bring to play by post roleplay. Trust me when i say that for excellent character and plot you will want to roleplay with him.
    -- Autumn_Vale
  • Aeneas (played by Demilicious)

    Infuriating lovable prat. Don’t play with him, I want to keep him for myself only. Aeneas is a millennia-old character, layers of the best and worst of humanity, and more addictive than Hope. With him, the story escapes the confines of a specific setting and becomes eternal as only myths can be. Golden surface or uncharted depths, Aeneas is a handful, one of the most beautiful stories I have written so far, and hopefully (no pun intended!) one which would last for a very long time. <3
    -- DorianM

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