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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • In'Anna (played by DorianM)

    In'Anna is an interesting multi-verse woman. When she sets her mind to something, you better watch out. Feisty, ready and willing to learn, and probably has a fist ready for your ill-behaved self, In'Anna is a character I really enjoy watching grow. Dorian does amazing. <3
    -- Demilicious
  • Zeta (played by Rigby)

    Much like a lot of Rigby's characters, Zeta is amazing, full of life and so much fun to RP with. He's got the makings of a comedic Space-Dad, but put him in a spot where he or his own are threatened, and he's as dangerous as they come. Every roleplay with him is fun and exciting, no matter the mood!
    -- Rook
  • Aveilthe

    I've not known Aveilthe for TOO long, but even in the span of a handful of months, she's been a warm, ever-enthusiastic, ever-direct person to talk to out of character - and in-character, every scene's become THAT much more enriched with one of Ave's characters in it. It's been fun brainstorming anything and everything with her and watching her lay groundwork for plot after plot - even now, I'm excited to see what she has in store for the future!
    -- Rigby
  • Troy (played by leotines)

    If you roleplay with Troy, you're in for a shocking experience. No, seriously, the poor dumb dragon boi is prone to electrocuting things. It's kind of hilarious. But more than that, you've got yourself a character who rolls with punches and seems to have a good handle on the fact that life really do be like that sometimes, and it's okay. He does his best to understand his species and thrives despite having to go at it alone, and I'm so excited to watch him grow.
    -- pockets
  • Sunni (played anonymously)

    BE STILL MY HEART? What a total DWEEB! How do you fit that much DORK into such a HORRIFYING CONCEPT. Like on the one hand he's making jokes about pool sticks and grabbing butts and on the other he's literally eating your next door neighbor. He's got so many feelings that have me wanting to reach out and shelter him from the world, but so much earnest humor that I'm too busy laughing to even consider comforting him. And the spontaneous nature to him will bring never a dull moment!
    -- pockets
  • Alejo (played by Kruhee)

    Tam'nýer—a''s very own juicy grandpa. <3 Not only does René bring extra spice and life to the group, but he's such a delight to read. This man is crafty, wise, and pure sass. I love reading Alejo in action, because your face turns into nonstop grinning. He definitely deserves more attention. He's the old man the world didn't know it needed. Please never leave.
    -- Demilicious
  • Skylar_Woods

    Skylar is such a fun person to roleplay with! They have beautiful responses and are crazy kind! Honestly, everyone should roleplay with them! Keep up the good work, Skylar!
    -- FlamingPsycho
  • Kungfu6453

    Kungfu is an absolutely awesome person to roleplay with! Their RPs are always crazy fascinating and unique! Honestly, I'm so glad I met them!
    -- FlamingPsycho
  • Barnaby Hughes (played by CompanyPanda)

    Barnaby is.. incredible. He's a character with such confidence, depth, and real world struggles that you can honestly feel like you really know him. His struggles with addiction and his criminal past don't feel like they're pulled out of a cruddy action movie, they feel like they could really be happening to the character. They aren't overdramatized or the single focal point of roleplay, they're just an added part of him. I'll never not love this complex boy.
    -- pockets
  • Auberon

    Auberon has always been a great friend to me. They're a wonderful source of encouragement, care, and honesty. Even when periods of silence have fallen between us (as they often do for adults sometimes.) they're always right there when I need them. An immense creative talent and a unique viewpoint are only a few of the many amazing traits this angel possesses. Happy Birthday, love!
    -- Mina

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