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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Redrose

    Redrose is an absolutely lovely person to write with, thought it has been a long while since our games it can be expected that they have simply gotten more colorful, mindful, and kind with time. They have a way of making worlds and characters come to life for everyone involved and is very open out of game. Not only are they fun to write with but considerate and thoughtful simply as a friend. If given the chance, I think anyone should take the opportunity to write with them.
    -- Kruhee
  • Mayiamaru

    I have only just started roleplaying with Mayiamaru ! But she is so awesome! She keeps up the OOC chatter, and keeps the plot interesting and grammatically correct! Her posts are thrilling, and her characters are unique and spicy! If you get a chance to roleplay with her, take it!
    -- Redrose
  • Queen_of_Hell

    This woman is kind and she is very polite! I had questions for her AMAZING group she was making and she answered them all, didn’t complain and was so very kind about it! <3 I can tells she’s a fabulous RPer and person in general. Check her out and see her group! :)
    -- FallingSTARISH
  • Orrik_Zynn_x2

    Ok, where to, I've only been RPing with Orrik for a little while, but I already love them to the moon and back. Their characters are so well done, and they interact in a way that's real, and not all "True Love" and "Clichés." I adore the fact that they respond with multiple paragraphs, and hope to RP much more with them in the future!
    -- FandomsForDays
  • Tykari

    Contained within this lovely lady is a heart of gold- delicately wrapped in layers, upon layers of silver strings she uses as walls. With proper care and attention, one can remove such threads to reveal what is a brightly gleaming, precious heirloom of magic. Endlessly thoughtful, considerate, and giving unto others- thus is what her happiness is forged from. Please, do be very careful to handle such a pure, ethereal thing; for it is just as fragile as it is lovely. Thanks for being my pal. <3
    -- Whiffle
  • Zane Alevarez (played by Bosskiller22)

    He is an amazing person and knows how to bring words to life. I love him to death, and he has an awesome character! He knows how to make someones day! Really, if you dont rp with him, your missing out XD
    -- Demonghoul
  • Ascalon

    They are super nice! They treated me with so much kindness and is a great RPer! Their characters are fabulous as well and I just adore this guys personality!
    -- Bloody_stars
  • Bloody_stars

    Shes a really good rper you should rp with her you would enjoy it she has memorable ocs and is really nice.
    -- Ascalon
  • Amon (played anonymously)

    This character is FABULOUS! I swear, he is the best! I love him! Also, the user that created him is the best RPer! I’m glad I got to be in a RP with this user and character and I can’t wait to have more RPs with him in the future! :)
    -- Bloody_stars
  • Seasongriffen

    Season is nice and caring ❤ she has helped me a lot and she has a crazy life but she loves it(thanks for everything season
    -- Mistake

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