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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Dini Gakos (played by Strangedisease)

    Even though her uncle is out to paralyze Gallagher Dini is the sweetest girl! She was even able to turn a jerk into a sweetheart
    -- TornBySanity
  • Strangedisease

    SD is always willing to keep me company when I am on late hours of the night and she keeps me highly entertained with her vast amount of characters! If you're looking for someone who'll never leaving you hanging she's your girl <3
    -- TornBySanity
  • Loki

    Loki! She is always there when you need a friend and after probably years of RPing with her it never gets old <3
    -- TornBySanity
  • Adelaide Lomelin (played by Strangedisease)

    Adelaide is a fun loving soul who helped a klutz after she fell and knocked herself out. Who couldn't love someone so kind!?
    -- TornBySanity
  • Nuclear_Dingoz

    I have for a while gotten to talk to Dingoz in chat but I never got to RP with him. Well recently that has changed and I must say he is loads of fun! If anyone is looking for fun just ask Dingoz for some of his time <3
    -- TornBySanity
  • Copper_Dragon

    A lovely lady and wonderful friend, Lauren / Lolren / Copper_Dragon is also a talented and fabulous writer with a diverse and complex cast of characters who truly have lives of their own. She's one of the most patient and caring people I've ever met, perfect traits for such a dedicated moderator, and I couldn't be more delighted to know her!
    -- Tardevil
  • Sanne

    Sanne is pretty awesome. She has a series of wonderful characters and a great sense of each personality. Her RP is filled with flare. Our schedules and timezones mean we don't always get to RP much, but I always look forward to it.
    -- Ben

    This dude is a cool dude and one of my best friends. Creative, very insightful when things are brought to his attention, intelligent, and sharing in a favorite color of mine, he's a sweet Wizard everyone should get to know! <3
    -- Copper_Dragon
  • The_Ross

    Once you get through the massive amount of ponies that make up Ross' outer layer, you'll find a warm and friendly guy who will drown you with hugs and happiness!

    If I ever feel down, all I have to do is give this guy a poke and he'll make sure I'm grinning like an idiot by the time I have to log off. ;)
    -- Sanne
  • Freyya

    Olthain is never afraid to try something new. His characters are varied, intriguing and generally fun to look at. :)
    -- Sanne

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