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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Victor Meli (played by Tyr)

    This character comes complete with a beautifully formatted family tree of the crime family he belongs to. Definitely worth a look!
    -- Kim
  • Hauk Alrek (played anonymously)

    Gotta love Thor ;D
    Everyone does!
    Pahahah! An amazing person to RP with, and great to chat to OOCly too!
    -- Lizzie
  • Karrin Kosinski (played by Loki)

    I really adore Karrin! Though strong female characters can sometimes feel few and far between, she is well-written, tough when need be but emotional when appropriate. As someone who's incredibly picky about who they'll play with, I love this character, and her player does her absolute justice. I want a best friend like Karrin.
    -- Aces
  • PenGryphon2007

    Pen is one of the most amazing roleplayers I have ever met. Not only is she talented in creating interesting and diverse characters, she's incredibly friendly and sweet. She's exactly the kind of person RPR needs. I love RPing with her, and I'm sure everyone else will too. It's rare to meet a person who posts to frequently Kudos to you, my friend. Stay awesome!
    -- Pirate
  • Dylan

    A wonderful women, though i havent truly spoken to her, ive been watching from afar. Talented with amazing characters to boot! Give her some love, people <3
    -- Clipped
  • beccathisweek

    Becca is the most sweetest person you'll ever get to know. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body! She is kind and considerate of others, always having something nice to say and able to cheer you up no problem. I missed her and I am glad to see her back!
    -- Dylan
  • Dawn of Deceit (played anonymously)

    A picturesque women that knows no bounds, fun to drink with on top of having amazing hair, two words: love her. <3
    -- Clipped
  • Toasty

    A women, who delights oocly and has some of the most well thought out characters i have seen thus far. I pray for more rp in the future
    -- Clipped
  • Hooke

    A person who has an addictive personality, deals with my silly nature and above all else a wonderful writer and inspirer; someone worthy or respect and a good friend. <3
    -- Clipped
  • isolationary

    A wonderful creator of the arts, teasingly profound and dangerously fun to rp with <3
    -- Clipped

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