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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Minkja

    AHHH MY FAVORITE SUPER HEROES EVER ARE BACK. Thank you so much for further adventures of Roll and Initiative! You are so creative and funny and nerdy! <3 Yes, I realize that my last kudos for Minkja also mentioned Roll and Initative, but that's how awesome they are.
    -- Kim
  • Loki

    Though new to the site, seems to be perfectly suited to it. Funny, friendly, and off beat in a good way. I also want to thank Loki for writing me such a fantastically heart warming Christmas note. This gal knows how to spread yuletide cheer.
    -- Kim
  • Pyrroglaux

    Ethelle is the type of person who is full of refinement, class, and random doodlings of Mal Reynolds from Firefly. I don't really know how that can be topped. Also, wrote me an incredibly warm, kind, joyous note that absolutely moved me.
    -- Kim
  • Copper_Dragon

    Lauren wrote me a truly RPR-style poem for Christmas, and it just absolutely touched my heart. So creative and awesome!
    -- Kim
  • Lorvilran

    Lorvilran sneakily snuck a sweet sweet note into the bestest christmas card I ever received. I can't thank him enough. Knowing how much you like the site just makes my day.
    -- Kim
  • Jane

    Although English is not her first language, she takes any language barrier there could have been and instead turns it into a source of humor, joy, and sweetness. I had no idea that was possible, and I am really impressed by it. I also love love love the poem she wrote me!
    -- Kim
  • ToBeContinued

    TBC knows that a few kind words can have a huge impact, and when picking his kind words, he pick them well!
    -- Kim
  • Iokua

    He took time out of his day to tell me what he appreciated about me. Friends like that can really turn a day around.
    -- Kim
  • Dagger (played by Jane)

    She always has the most intriguing character designs; this being one of those that simply take your breath away! And she bites too, what else would you want? ;)
    -- Lyssic
  • Pineapple

    The best Christmas caroler ever. Seriously. Her creative lyric writing brought joy to everyone on the site.
    -- Kim

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