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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Lille (played by Teacup)

    A period character that is exceptionally well done! There are few that can get Jihan interested enough to sit still, and Lille manages each and every time. In-depth character history as well as a fun personality, this is one Duchess the djinn doesn't mind!
    -- CrescentNomad
  • Vanessa

    What can be said about this lovely woman, other than she always brings a good time! Yoshino has guts as well as a load of heart. I never leave a RP disappointed with this one, and I am happy to know her :3
    -- CrescentNomad
  • Cygnus (played anonymously)

    This shaman woman has a fiery personality that fits in with a unique character concept. Interacting with her is fun, and your character can gain a great friend for life. The player is an absolute doll and a great artist!
    -- CrescentNomad
  • Eve

    Spontaneous! Pretty much sums it all up. Creative personality and mind and growing into one fine artist to boot.
    -- Lyssic
  • Meem (played by Eve)

    Meem is one of those kindred spirits that are full of tomfoolery, theatrical-flare and one person whom you'd love to get involved with.
    -- Lyssic
  • oldmusic

    What can I say? I got to know her when she commissioned me one day for a portrait, since then we spoken on and off (more so recently). She is a gentle soul, kindhearted and a complete sweetheart <3
    -- Lyssic
  • Nowla (played anonymously)

    She's a sweet character with a vicious bite and a player who's creativity is astounding.
    -- oldmusic
  • berserker544

    Instead of passively just saying he wanted in on a role play I suggested, he immediately dove head first into the mess of it and started helping with the system. He's being more than just help - he's rocking out the suggestions and encouragement.
    -- TheLily
  • Nazhosh

    One time I got some trail mix out of the vending machine at work, and a mars bar fell down instead. I like you even more than that one occurance in my life. Also you are a super writer person.
    -- Fortune
  • Goat

    Honestly? She's one of my favourite people on furcadia, I absolutely adore her and she's never failed to create a unique and interesting character. She's always lovely and friendly, and just overall a fantastic person. I wouldn't be without her for a moment <3
    -- Eve

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