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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Kim

    This box isnt big enough to tell everyone what I love about Kim.. From her shiny hair, crafty smile and gorgeous eyes to her ability to just make magic happen (seemingly instantly sometimes!), this woman is a legend who should be showered in rose petals everyday as her kingdom worship her at various Kim Temples around the land. A true genius!!!!
    -- EbonySnow
  • Temperance (played anonymously)

    Whoops.. Narsuun has gotten himself into quite a pinch with the lovely octolady! Shame on you Narsuun! :D (But thank you so much for hilarious roleplay!)
    -- Sanne
  • Ikarus (played anonymously)

    It's the pansy-ass of Nasmara! XD I love this guy, his stutter is just too cute. Panne is terrified of the man, which seems to make him just more intent on making her like him. Always fun!
    -- Sanne
  • Kyra45

    It's that person I always seem to miss in the chat! :P Kyra is always happy and popping in to say hi no matter what's going on. It makes me smile to see she was there, even if I'm always too late!
    -- Sanne
  • Kim

    Kim never ceases to provide us with only the best! I love the new groups' features, and I love the time and effort she put into them. <3 She should totally give herself accolades as well!
    -- Sanne
  • Pineapple

    When I thought I'd try to stretch my legs, I didn't expect to run a marathon. Thanks, Nikina. You're inspirational and beyond amazing.
    -- JayBird
  • Arinbjorn (played by JayBird)

    I love playing with this character, and with Jay. Arthur is interesting, well developed, and well played. I love getting replies from this guy!!
    -- Pineapple
  • Pineapple

    She's a lot of fun, and has fun Characters
    -- Jetticus
  • Magnus Mortlock (played by Heimdall)

    Magnus is just amazing character, one of the best Pokémon OC's I've ever seen. Everything about the character is refreshing and new. His way of speaking is also simply amazing, he deserves all the brohams!
    -- XinonHyena
  • isolationary

    Another amazing artist! Incredible roleplayer and a great friend. <3 Scientia vincere tenebras!
    -- Hachi

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