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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Astarill (played by Pyrroglaux)

    Love the page organization, and the sheer depth of detail in the character! Also, JEALOUS OF THE ART BAWWWW.
    -- Andryn
  • Pyrroglaux

    Your art. I lurves eet. MOAR. MOOAARRRRR.
    -- Andryn
  • Aydel Hlaalu (played by StyxTheMad)

    Puts up a front of a hedonistic dolt, but has on numerous occasions proven to be much more than that. For all his bragging, there is an equal amount of self-derision. The self-confident playboy may in fact be very modest. A complex character hidden underneath a fa├žade of superficiality. Quite brilliantly played!
    -- Pyrroglaux
  • Hannah Montres (played by Msseptim)

    What is it with outwardly unfriendly characters and their irresistible attraction? Hannah is much more than that, though. She can be great comic relief, but she is also a deep, captivating character. I wish I would've had more opportunity to roleplay with her!
    -- Pyrroglaux
  • Galek Dor (played by Darth_Angelus)

    Ugh, Cardassians! No one likes them! Oh, I kid. I'm just a Bajoran lover I guess. ;) Now I know I need to make a root beer drinking Bajoran that likes to call Cardassian's spoonheads. All kidding aside, I'm an avid Star Trek watcher and it's interesting to see an OC from that universe. Kudos to you darth!
    -- Dylan
  • Siena (played anonymously)

    Characters like this make me want to get back into roleplaying on Furcadia! :)
    -- Darth_Angelus
  • Abigaile Fisher (played by Pineapple)

    One of Kyle's most common RP counter parts on and off for around 5 years. Just as her player, Nikina, has, I've had the honor of witnessing the character evolve ove the years and enjoyed various RP scenarios.
    -- Hurricane_Lance
  • Safiye (played by Kim)

    While I've only had the privilege to roleplay with Safiye once, I am really impressed by just how much thought has gone into this character.
    -- Darth_Angelus
  • Tatyana - K Sebroski (played by Msseptim)

    You would be hard-pressed to find a character who is more deeply developed than Tanya. There are many different sides to her, and they all fit perfectly. She feels very much alive, and very real, truly a separate entity that exists like a real person. Wonderfully and intuitively played, a real pleasure to roleplay with!
    -- Pyrroglaux
  • Aethaerraent (played by Kim)

    Oooh-hoo! An Illithid! Playing one of those alone deserves a Kudos. I recall coming up against one in a D&D campaign years ago and they are nasty buggers! Kudos on taking on what I think is a diffcult (yet fun) character to play.
    -- Dylan

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