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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Copper_Dragon

    Despite being a Copper Dragon, she has always struck me as one of the most human people I've met on the 'net. From our first conversation, Copper has always felt so real and complete to me it was almost like I had met her in RL once before and now we were running into each other online. It's just something about the way she carries herself and interacts that's very genuine. I find that really relaxing and unusual.
    -- Kim
  • SeraphicStar

    It only took me so long to write a kudos for SeraphicStar because I was just stumped about how to fit it into this space. He's been here forever and surprised me with some new hilariously awesome thing every month. And now I've taken up all the space explaining why his awesome just won't fit. OH NO! HURRY HURRY-- AWESOMEFUNNYSTUDLYKINDNERDASAURUSREX
    -- Kim
  • Sherlock

    When times get their darkest and things seem to be falling apart, Sherlock has proven completely capable of rising above, staying friendly, helpful, and keeping perspective in the face of all varieties of nastiness that might make lesser mortals be grumpy or lash out. Serene self-awareness, respect for everyone around, and gumption you wouldn't believe are just a few of the things that make Sherlock stand out as amazing to me.
    -- Kim
  • Claine

    Claine writes the best characters and is probably the only person I haven't been able to corrupt. I will eventually!
    -- GloriousCookie
  • GloriousCookie

    Cookie is a great RPer. Her characters are funny and unique, and she's always good fun to talk to <3
    -- Claine
  • Darth_Angelus

    For a Sith Lord, he's awfully friendly. Ever since my start here at RPR, Darth has always been there to help me out, answer any questions I have or just make me feel welcome! He listens to my whining on chat when I've had a bad day and helps motivate me when I don't feel like getting my school done. Darth is the complete package with looks (no one can resist that hat), personality, and a British accent. He's a friend you wont regret making!
    -- CelestinaGrey
  • Magical_Pie_Pan

    Pan is one of my oldest friends and longest RP partners. She writes extremely fun characters. Her writing is exciting and descriptive and all her characters are well rounded and interesting. <3
    -- Claine
  • Selene (played by Selene)

    A refreshingly unique character; diverse, many-layered and visually appealing :)
    -- nachtzehren
  • liquidchaos

    This woman is as sweet and creative awoman as you'll find anywhere! You always are willing to lend an ear, are extremely helpful and patient, and so fun to RP with <3
    -- Prince
  • liquidchaos

    I consider myself very lucky to have met you. You never mind just letting me vent and get stuff on my chest, you are a willing shoulder to cry on. Open, honest. I am never very good at opening up with my thoughts and feelings towards others, but you deserve every bit of praise you recieve. <3
    -- Mo-

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