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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Dylan

    I bloody love this woman, despite playing quite an intimidating (though equally loveable) character (Siena) she's utterly lovely and I don't know what I'd do without her! She's just an altogether good person <3
    -- Eve
  • Claine

    I haven't had the pleasure of RPing with her (yet?), but she has been very kind in the chat thread and she's a very sweet person. Seeing her in chat puts a smile on my face!
    -- CelestinaGrey
  • Vinters

    While playing a bastard of a hound, you stay quite charming OOC and that is magnificent! Definitely someone everyone should roleplay with! c:
    -- IzzieBiz
  • Bocca (played anonymously)

    Two words. Baddass. Character. <3
    -- Marishka
  • Kaiser

    One of my favorite folks to role play with and talk to. If for nothing else the fact I can threaten him with fluffybum nicknames! But seriously, inventive character that's never really old and fun to see what happening next to a amazingly sweet guy to just go crazy at and then have him pop ya one and set you straight. <3 Good friend and awesome role player.
    -- liquidchaos
  • Claine

    I don't know Claine that well, but she just radiates a kind of awesome that makes me want to befriend her! :D She's sweet and warm to everyone she meets.
    -- Sanne
  • Vanessa

    This chick right here is beyond amazing. Yoshino never disappoints in a roleplay, even when she fights while drunk! Haha, good times. :] Out of all the people I roleplay with I'd tag her in the "I'd like to roleplay with more" category. c: Totally awesome.
    -- IzzieBiz
  • Karishi (played by DL909)

    This character here, my favorite person to to with :D she is not only the owner of Reginald but i see her as a good friend of mine and I believe she deserves kudos for being a fun person in general
    -- Warwick
  • InquisitorCat

    Always making a situation interesting ;)
    -- LittleLuckyRed1
  • Kaiser

    Made me feel so super good about stuff I'd be doing anyway. Clearly knows how to brighten a day!
    -- Kim

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