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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Selene

    ^3^ You are so sweet and kind it's unreal! I love how you RP Selene and you're a doll to talk too OOCly as well!
    -- Prince
  • Siena (played anonymously)

    Because I cannot think of a more perfectly opposite yin to Jam's yang, and a more ever-surprising beast of a woman. Often imitated, but never duplicated, right? Keep it up, hun. And don't sweat the haters >.>
    -- Shawn
  • Postey

    You are the best! So nice and funny and not to metion easy on the eyes hurr hurr ;D I love all your characters to death and enjoy RPing with you!
    -- Prince
  • fionnuala

    One of my oldest and dearest 'netbound buddies. Wildly creative and literarily graceful in the extreme, this one's as talented as she is sweet, and a true joy to engage with ICly as well as OOCly.
    -- Hooke
  • Madame Dun (played by Hooke)

    I had an excellent and wonderful time roleplaying with Madame Dun. She is well fleshed out and delightful to roleplay with.
    -- Dylan
  • Hachi

    A regular sweetheart, and a madly talented artist. Kudos, dear.
    -- Hooke
  • Hooke

    You are UNRELENTINGLY amazing! Obviously you're an amazing artist, but you put an incredibly amount of detail into the characters you create with an extra little something on top.
    -- Dylan
  • Prince

    Mmmm. Beefy. <3

    Glorious beef aside, though, Prince is one helluva player. Deep characters from a wide selection of genres and settings makes this hunk of awesome superbly accessable. Which is good, because the RP--it is fabulous.
    -- Hooke
  • ferabird

    Honestly, Ferabird is a walking party. She's funny and quick, and a dynamic, engaging writer whose RP is saturated with life and energy.
    -- Hooke
  • thoreau

    Bloody brilliant author, this one.
    -- Hooke

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