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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • liquidchaos

    :3 A wonderful, sweet-hearted roleplayer
    -- Yuka
  • weremagnus

    Endlessly creative, talented and an entertaining roleplayer to top it all off :3
    -- Yuka
  • Sumatra (played by Angela)

    Fiercesome, intimidating and OOCly it is always a pleasure to read this character in action.
    -- Yuka
  • Deristrasz (played by IPeeInPools)

    A gorgeously designed character, with a good and complimentary visual design to top it off :)
    -- Yuka
  • Michael Alasdair MacKenzie (played by Phrostphyre)

    Well thought out and well played. Always interesting to rp with :D
    -- Pineapple
  • Shawn

    Girl does her rounds, 'nuff said. Much love, great writer, has no idea precisely -how- great. <3
    -- -No
  • Dadj Avers (played by f0x1nth3b0x)

    This is one awesome character (then again, it's Foxy's) that I utterly adore. If he's as fun to play as he is fun to play with, it's understandable why Foxy puts so much passion in the character.
    -- SeraphicStar
  • Andryn

    After reading his forum thread, I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life. So amazingly amusing and seems to have some crazy idea to boost people's spirits for sure. Keep up the good work!
    -- Javan
  • CelestinaGrey

    aka the Post-monster, Celestina makes RPing so much fun. I like how she builds her characters, and develops them in our RPs. :3
    -- kuroi_neko
  • Kim

    Kim deserves this kudos x infinity for creating this place. I wouldn't have experienced the awesome RPs I have had, if this place didn't exist. Thanks Kim, for being amazingly awesome-sauce.
    -- kuroi_neko

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