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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Anokhi Harika (played by CelestinaGrey)

    Good RP.
    -- Tetttiva
  • Campy (played by Vinters)

    Probably the most spotted dog you'll ever see... EVER! Very nice character and lovely RPs. :D
    -- Vanessa
  • Kim

    A fantastic example of community spirit, Kim is amazing at everything she does. If not working to make RPR better for us, she's doing something else that benefits others. Either that, or sleeping.

    Her characters, her art and her warm heart are great traits to her name, giving her flair and creativity. She really is a fantastic person. Keep it up, Kim!
    -- Javan
  • Dylan

    She has a serious talent for community and making sure huge groups of people are getting along and having fun. That is no mean feat!

    I am so, so happy we have her here. She is definitely someone everyone should know.
    -- Kim
  • Darth_Angelus

    When I met him more than a decade ago, we were two kids who loved star trek/star wars crossover RP. I had no idea what an AMAZING lifelong friend and eventual collaborative partner I had just lucked into. I suspect I still don't know the full extent of how amazing he is, since I am surprised almost monthly by his new achievements and the things we create together. He is friendly, polite, creative, supportive, calm and super resistant to all kinds of internet drama.
    -- Kim
  • Sanne

    From the very beginning of the site, Sanne has always been there, bending over backward to support us in every way that she could, for no pay but my sincerest and humblest thanks. The site and the community are in better shape than they ever would have been without her. Passionate, friendly, and brimming with ideas and beautiful intentions, she is always there for everyone.
    -- Kim
  • Darth_Angelus

    Darth is the friendliest person I have met yet on the RPR; he's always up for a good chat and is knowledgeable on a lot of interesting things. He's great to have around :D
    -- f0x1nth3b0x
  • f0x1nth3b0x

    I became friends with Foxy thanks to RPR's chat feature. We've had many good conversations during the day and those were missed during her absence. Glad you're back now though! :)
    -- Darth_Angelus
  • Kim

    Kim is the diety of this site. She is everything good about the RPR and always willing to help and adapt the site to better serve the people. I have never seen a place where character pages have been so in depth and worth while until she created this site. So Kudos to the Kiministrator!
    -- f0x1nth3b0x
  • SeraphicStar

    SeraphicStar is a fantastic character creator and a fun partner to play with. I love his characters and you should be lucky to play with him <3
    -- f0x1nth3b0x

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