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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Krispythekritter

    Krispy is an absolute treat, their writing is always on point and has me going to the forums to give a look at what they have gotten into. They are positive and kind and honestly one of the best people a person could ever hope to share an RP community with!
    -- Kruhee
  • Leighton

    Thank you for being you! While I don’t know Leighton very well or very long I find they are a wonderful person with so much to offer. I am thankful to share in the same community!
    -- Kruhee
  • Queen_of_Hell

    Honestly one of the best writers I have come to know, Queen is sweet, funny, kind, and absolutely a mad genius when it comes to writing. I love all her characters and marvel at the amount of work that goes into each and every one of them!
    -- Kruhee
  • CassandravH

    Absolutely adorable in every sense of the word I can’t say how amazing their upbeat and supportive attitude to life and writing is. This person makes RPR a brighter place to be and I hope to know them for a long time to come!
    -- Kruhee
  • Kamizombie

    While I don’t know Zombie well I can say from experience they are hilarious and brilliant and a fantastic writer. Hoping to get a chance to play with them soon but I love dropping in and seeing what they have going on in the forums. They are a wonderful part of any community and I am honored that we can be part of the same one.
    -- Kruhee
  • MoonKunoichi

    Moon is always upbeat and make time for what matters, I am thankful for being in the same group as them and look forward to getting to know them better in the future. They are a truly kind and considerate person. <3
    -- Kruhee
  • Virguy

    While I don't know Virguy well I am glad to have them as part of Tam'nyer-a’ and be in the same group as someone so upstanding.
    -- Kruhee
  • Ghostly_Melon

    A honestly delightful person! I can’t say enough how positive and wonderful they are to have as part of the Tam'nyer-a’ community, I look forward to the future and getting to know them even better as time goes by. With well made characters and wonderful writing you could look for nothing better in a writer.
    -- Kruhee
  • SilentSybil

    Such an absolute delight to share the same community as this fantastic ball of adorable. Always upbeat and kindly I am honored to be able to say that I know them. Not to mention see them write their characters which are well thought out and wonderfully sculpted.
    -- Kruhee
  • Wendigo

    While not someone I know well I can say that Wendigo is a great writer and an asset to any community they chose to be in, I am honored and delighted to have the chance to get to know them through Tam and to that simply having them as part of the same group. Tam wouldn’t be the same without you!
    -- Kruhee

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