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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Kruhee

    Kruhee has been a dear friend of mine for more than 5 years and I can't thank her enough for nudging me into joining this site. She's such an insanely creative mind, her art and drawing abilities are astounding, and I love how helpful she is to everyone. Even if I don't need help with a character, I know I can toss information at her and she'll offer her honest input. :D
    -- Somnom
  • Hossbutt

    I've spent far, far too long admiring this woman and her characters who are all insanely well thought out (not to mention super hot). She is so sweet, so funny, and extremely easy to get along with. I was so happy to find that she was just as excited about plotting and getting excited over future rp ideas as I was and I am so happy we finally got a chance to start playing together! I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for some quality rp or just a really bangin' chat partner.
    -- TickTockz
  • Freelancer (played by Demilicious)

    An avid writer and compassionate friend. I love him as my husband, but honestly? The inspiration he gives other people with his world building is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend reading into the world he's built, and see the splendour that he's created. It's absolutely mind blowing.
    -- Hadeslicious
  • Juls

    I met Juls in one of the public game forums with her NPC Cody Ross, and almost immediately thought one of my characters would go greatly with hers. Turns out, I was right! Every time she responds to the roleplay, I get all excited as I have to challenge myself to meet her talent in writing.
    -- 111dev111
  • Volka

    I love Volka like a sister. She's spooky, she's creative, and she's one helluva writer. Her characters are intricately spun together, defying stereotypes and delivering refreshing takes on mainstream monsters. As a friend, you couldn't ask for someone more kind and supportive. She's been there for me when I've been low, and I know she always will be. She's a ride or die, and I count myself #blessed to have her in my life.
    -- Auberon
  • soldierboy771

    This lil' pile'o appreciation really is a long time coming! So Soldier here, he's the bomb. Our first RP was wicked in its own right, and the next.. well, let's just say it's one of the most spectacular modern supernatural RPs I've ever had! While short, his posts are detailed and definitely worth the short read, and he always seems to have little twists up his sleeve to spice up any situation touched in-game. He's a cool guy OOCly too, anyone can appreciate that! Cheers, my man!
    -- GarnaalProductions
  • Foxy_TheWarrior

    So if you ever hear me talking about making progress, you know for sure that I'm talking about Foxy. Only a slim year ago I started RPing with this nice gal here, and man, I've never seen anyone make such impressive leaps! Throughout our campaigns, her characters were consistent and interactive and most certainly improved with each roleplay. On top of that she's really sweet OOCly, which is always a plus. I'd recommend her to anyone who needs a casual RP to fight boredom. Cheers, my matey!
    -- GarnaalProductions
  • Night_Cat

    I would like to give this wonderful man some well deserved kudos. His replies are very detailed and filled with everything that will make a plot more interesting. But not only is this man great with rp’s, but even with just talking in general. He is very friendly and overall someone I would recommend role playing with to anyone.

    I would also like to point out his generous amount of patience. Especially with how I am with my slow responses. ^-^ Kudos to you, Night_Cat!
    -- Skylar_Woods
  • Foxy_TheWarrior

    She is a Great RPer, I love doing stories with her. She makes them feel so real. It makes me wish we could do it more
    -- ShadowFlame2022
  • JetStorm

    She's one of my closest friend on this site. I enjoy RP with her very much and she always replies when she can. I love how detailed she is and she's so much fun, probably more fun for me. I will admit I was a bit nervous when I met her because I thought she was too cool for me but now I'm way more confident to say that I enjoy being her friend.

    p.s I love the MxM roleplay were doing and I hope we can do more. :3
    -- Pen_Tsunami

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