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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • BryceMyers513

    Wow! Roleplaying with this guy is... so much fun. His responses are simple but loved. He puts heart and thought into them, and you can tell. You don't need paragraphs to know that this guy is a great writer. Hell, I just appreciate that he has great grammar. But he offers so much more than that. He really goes into character with each response, which something that I truly admire. He doesn't make things long and boring, which really strains a good plot. He's just... really great!

    -- Nav_Kat
  • DancingWithAStranger

    I genuinely cannot describe what it's like to roleplay with this person right here. They put so much thought into their responses and, my favorite, so. Much. Detail. How do you do it, that's my only question. Their characters are astonishing and beautiful with their flaws. Now, we haven't even gotten to a climactic scene yet... and I'm hooked. Every scene leaves me begging for more. I swear, if they ever write a book, I'll be the first reader. All in all, they're just amazing~<3

    -- Nav_Kat
  • Xenoworlds_BEYOND

    Her characters are amazing I enjoy rping with her and I enjoy how much she write and how overall you should rp with her if you can.
    -- Ascalon
  • Crystaldragon126

    Crystal is an amazing rper and a joy to chat with ooc! She is very cooperative when it comes to plot ideas and relations between characters. Her characters are also very good and well done! I don't regret the day I asked for a rp with this person, and j urge everyone to do the same!
    -- Aggy1231
  • asherb92

    Asher is just a joy to rp and generally talk to. It's so much fun to rp with her and she's really good to discuss with when it comes to plot ideas and little things in the rps! I am thrilled that I got to meet her and o highly recommended that people rp with her. You will not regret it!
    -- Aggy1231
  • Galaxy-Star

    Weeeeeeeeee another Kudos cause holy hecc she's amazing and underrated! She knows how to keep an rp going,and interesting! She makes one of the best roleplay buddies in the holy heccing world! Dis Bean is a great friend,and like the best person to talk to! So the question still remains.... wHy dOeSEnT sHe hAVe mOre KudOs yEt
    -- TheDuckDuttches
  • potatosandham

    There's a lot of words that I can describe this person with: Talented, kind, creative, sweet, inspiring, and I could go on and on and on. I'm am SO thankful that I stepped across their forum post, because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have found such a wonderful rp partner and friend. I enjoy our talks as well as our rp more than you know. <3 <3 <3
    -- ChocolateIceCream
  • Abigail_Austin

    I can’t beleive I hadn’t done this before! I swear I did on my previous account. But even if I did, she deserves another one. Not only is she a magnificent role-player Abigail is one of the friendliest people in the community! Her profile is filled with funny and uplifting quotes! And her role plays are steamy and well thought out. Her characters are beautiful and intriguing. I know shes quite busy now, but if you ever get the chance to roleplay with her, take it! You won’t regret it.
    -- Redrose
  • Redrose

    I wrote some RPs with Redrose, one when she was under her other account and one on this one. Although we didn't complete those, it was easy to see that she's a quality writer with vivid characters and a great sense of timing. She knows how to build tension in a scene and is great with personality dynamics between the characters. I enjoyed the ones we did and I recommend exploring interests together and doing and RP with her!
    -- Abigail_Austin
  • Nav_Kat

    Where does one start on someone who has so much to offer? RPing with Nav_Kat has been one of the best RP experiences I've had in quite some time. Her writing style is extraordinary and it is so enjoyable to read every post. Her characters are all incredibly well developed with interesting stories. On top of it all, she's an amazing person to chat with and is so kind and willing to cooperate in coming up with a story. I highly recommend enjoying an RP with this wonderful person.
    -- BryceMyers513

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