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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • JayBird

    Charmingly gregarious, fearlessly authentic, and one big fuzzy credit to the community you won't find just anywhere. There are plenty of people I can appreciate; JayBird, on the other hand, I envy.
    -- sland
  • jungshook

    Ive been real behind on my kudos for the mostestest perfect guy in the worlddd.

    Well, hes not perfect, but none of us are.

    I love him very very very much, and he makes me happy every day.

    Hes basically the main reason im still alive and kinda happy right now. Hes really great. Weve been roleplaying for 10 months!! Almost a year, it makes me happy that our friendiversary is coming soon XD

    I love himmmmm hes a great roleplayer and a really fun guy to be around.

    I love youuu petit etiolé.
    -- Hyemis_Friend
  • TheDuckDuttches

    She is always open to ideas. She is very sweet and kind if you want to edit her characters a bit for the rp, and very good storyteller and rper.
    -- BondJamesBond
  • DeliriumAngel

    DeliriumAngel is a wonderful rper, her posts are always detailed, and her characters well written. But the thing I love the most about her, is her understanding that real life is a thing, and how she is willing to work with you to make things work. Truly, I believe anyone who wants a good rp should check her out. I totally love the rp with her, and look forward to interacting with her more. Thank you for giving this froggy a chance.~
    -- Godfrog
  • M-S

    This girl is the best! We've been writing together for awhile now and it is never boring! She has amazing ideas for our plots and tries to match my reply length every time. It's a joy writing with you, keep being amazing! :)
    -- seagreen
  • Kotomi657

    So first this is my first "Kudos" so Kotomi really is good. She is someone who is really fun to RP with and has amazing ideas. We were able to start with just a vary basic idea and turn it into a wonderful story in no time at all. It's not that other people don't do the same it's just that she is someone I think is really amazing and desires praise for it.
    -- Bombsqwad14
  • seagreen

    Love playing with this gal! She is very detailed and is a great person to role play with! I’m always eager for her next reply, everything stays interesting and twists the plots in amazing ways. Happy to say we’re starting another rp. Definitely check her out you won’t regret it!!
    -- M-S
  • Firn (played by Abby)

    One of the most unique and beautiful Zykla designs made by an equally unique and beautiful soul. Firn is a Zykla staple and is one of the first that comes to mind whenever I think of this gorgeous species. Her writer is amazingly creative and one of the kindest people I am honored to call friend. ♡
    -- Noosey
  • Ayla Titus (played by Gobshite)

    This big doggo gave me such a fright when I first interacted with her! Intimidating as all get out, Ayla is just so incredibly cool. How can you not love her style and attitude? And her player is just as amazing. I'm so psyched to have a character connected to her. ♡
    -- Noosey
  • Aurora (played by BrandyCat)

    Aurora is a character that drips glamour, poise and beauty. And even without those gems, she's got a dark center that just begs to be scratched at. Eloquently written and beautifully designed, I am so lucky to have been able to RP with her. Hopefully she can spread some of that glam to my characters too! ♡
    -- Noosey

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