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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • F-9451 (played anonymously)

    She was the one to change Balto around on enslavement. One that aided him, unwittingly, to understanding the nature of it at it's core. He then understood that he couldn't save everyone from enslavement, because some didn't WANT to be saved from it. So instead of saving her, he gave her to the one Owner he knew he could trust to treat her as a PERSON. Not an object. Balto has always viewed the cold calculative woman this way, and likely sees something neither I nor the player could suspect.
    -- Michonne
  • Allurean (played anonymously)

    Baltos little conundrum. One of the reasons the Arkaine was so torn between tribe and others. And that's no small feat. She is strong. Ancient. Powerful. Steady. Balto admires her heart, her loyalty, and her strength. It's no wonder that in return for her kindness of letting him pour his anguish on her, he swore to always protect her and Fawn. What was hate blossomed into something more, and I love watching it blossom even more.
    -- Michonne
  • Krem Threlden (played by Threlden)

    I have a lot of respect for you, Krem. You create excellent characters and universes.
    -- Exiakaiser
  • Michonne

    Mich has a million personalities (to each character their own) bundled up in one awesome package - ready and willing to bring out the best or worst in yours. Staying true to each one individually no matter the cost, she is a great and loyal friend putting up with more then she should - I know cause she puts up with my constant lack of motivation but remains on stand by for that spark of inspiration to ignite. All around just a great person to be friends with and I suggest you do the same. 💛
    -- Elliott
  • sadi

    I think another potential bromance. Can it be helped though? He runs a car shop. Talk about being in my environment! I love this guy. He's dedicated to his family, but also dedicated to Roleplay stories and plots. So thankful to have met him and looking forward to writing all these amazing stories together! Cheers my dude. You're officially in my trusted circle
    -- Michonne
  • Nivela

    I have to tell ya, this is one friendly gal! Interesting to talk to and just from talking a short while, she has a unique fire about her. Creative and open-minded, I can tell that she will not only bring the best out of me but out of anyone who wants at collab with her! Two thumbs up dammit!

    That's my shout out :) <3
    -- KingTai
  • KingTai

    Such a kind fellow here on RPR, and shows faith in humanity. He is very creative and all his characters are beyond amazing.

    I can’t wait to start our RP! I already have a gut feeling he is a great RPer as well.

    Kudos to you! ~
    -- Nivela
  • Somnom

    Although I have not exactly talked to them more than once, I can tell they're extremely nice and sweet! Keep being awesome! I hope we can soon bump paths. :D
    -- ALTY_Heave
  • Felicia_Marie2000

    An awesome roleplayer indeed! Her characters are well made and unique, and it makes our roleplay awesome! You should roleplay with her sometime!
    -- MangoNekros
  • FranklinRPer

    It has been such a joy to write with Franklin. He is an absolute sweetheart and is very considerate and witty both in character and out. His character fits so well in the world we are creating and he is always up for brainstorming ideas to help flesh out our story. I have to say our RP is one of my favorites and I'm always excited to see what he comes up with next.
    -- LadyLaz

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