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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Degu

    Between Furc work, academy, and life as we know it, Deg has plenty on their plate. Despite this, they always find time for others. Whether it's finishing a scene, working on our group project, or taking a moment to chat and catch up, Deg makes time. They're quick to get back to you and won't leave you hanging. If ever they're needed for art, plot progression, or just someone to spend time with, I can always vouch for their reliability.
    -- Libertine
  • Spiteful

    Been RPing with Spiteful for a while now and they are great to write with, both IC and OC. Putting up with my long periods of inactivity because of irl stuff, which is awesome for me - a person who like long stories and not just one-off scenarios!
    -- Kriptess
  • Heidi

    I could have sworn I gave Heidi kudos earlier, but apparently not, please forgive me! Every single one of Heidi's posts are outstanding. She provides so much detail, and how adds to the story with each of her replies, it leaves me utterly gobsmacked. She's a wonderful person outside our rp too!

    I look forward to seeing how our stories progress, but I seriously recommend her, if you find yourself presented with the opportunity. She's definitely worth it!
    -- Mintelle
  • Ace (played by create_everlasting)

    He's proud of being who he is. Staying true to what he feels. I know that he could be better. but he is better already as he is keeping honest and true to who and what he is. Changing for no one's pleasure but his own and is happy for it.
    -- MacieLightfoot
  • Demilicious

    I feel compelled to give this wonderful man another Kudos, this time for being so generous with his creativity and his lovely C'eröd script! It's long overdue, but seeing the Death Prayer by Sí'qan written by Demi has left me speechless for the longest while. Totally worth the trip to Tam'nyer–a'! <3
    -- DorianM
  • Saa-sahi oz Kir' Ynru (played by Malachite)

    A short and sweet scene with this Ãoni character is all you need to become extremely amused and fond of them. Saa-sahi is a lovely bird, beautifully written, and an honest merchant, which makes for an endearing combination. Looking forward to reading her exploits in Tam'nýer—a' in the future, and the adventures she'll certainly have on her travels!
    -- DorianM
  • Aoni Healer (played by Krispythekritter)

    Krispy plays this lovable Aoni bird to perfection, and I was so happy to be able to write with her despite the differences in location in Tam'nýer—a'. Mæja is so sweet and caring an individual, that one cannot help but like her, and such kind personality is backed up by real writing talent. If you ever travel to ZàÞça, don't pass her up!
    -- DorianM
  • Redrose

    A wonderful person who is always open to discussion on an RP. Redrose is a great writer who always gives a lot to offer in a post. She is also very kind OOC and easy to talk to! I hope we will RP again; all of her characters have something special about them.
    -- Mercyinreach
  • jessikahjones

    Jessikahjones is a great girl and I love to roleplay with her. She's also nice, funny, shy, and all around a great person!
    I love her, and give her two thumbs up!
    -- CoyBoat275
  • KahnMan

    Kahn really knows not only how to set a scene but how to keep you immersed in it. Both are important and the latter's mark is often missed, but not with this guy. His characters are believable, his writing flows seamlessly and he does his best to keep you updated on what's happening. Hit him up for what will be some pretty amazing RP.
    -- Peachcakes

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