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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Jay

    One of the most unique, zany and energetic individuals I had the pleasure of meeting. Her characters were all well crafted with intricate details that many tend to leave out. The community is at a loss with her departure, and I can only hope that where ever she is now she's at peace and keeping up with her antics. God speed.
    -- Coheed
  • Jay

    Meeting Jay was wonderful; being around her was even better. She drew me right in as if I belonged right next to her, offered a wealth of kindness and encouragement when I was concerned about my character holding up alongside hers and others. Her writing was not only beautiful, it was fun and refreshing and while we didn't get to venture far in, I'll cherish it. Thank you so much for giving me your time, attention, and affection Jay. Rest easy.
    -- pockets
  • Jay

    500 characters can't possibly say enough, nor could 5,000,000. Jay was a phenomenal artist, writer, and friend. It was a privilege to have come close to her; I'll cherish every sketch and roleplay and little moment we shared. Forever.
    -- Cross
  • Jay

    I can not accurately express all the overwhelming feelings I have. Rennata/Jay was a wonderful, quirky and kind hearted character with an equally amazing woman that played her. She was part of many roleplays, hilarious ones and devastating ones. I will never forget her creativity or kindness.
    -- Essie
  • Jay

    We chatted a lot over discord and role played together over various characters. I cherished the time we spent together and you are loved.
    -- Taigas
  • Jay

    We knew eachother a long time ago and I was so surprised to see you surface again after all of that time. I was glad to start talking again. I cannot begin to express how sad I am that we never really got the chance to finish catching up on life. Thank you for always encouraging me, thank you for seeing things in my writing and making me feel so appreciated. Thanks for being so sweet and making me feel welcome at times when i felt like wallpaper. I just wish we had more time this go around.. :(
    -- Mina
  • Jay

    Thank-you for having been a part of my life. You shard a lot with me and I in return and you've been a wonderful friend. I will miss you terribly and I hope you rest in peace. All my love goes with you.
    -- Cinnawolf
  • Jay

    I wish I had said this sooner. I loved talking to you and being your friend. I'm sorry I drifted away, but I'm sure you realised that life has a knack of getting in the way of things. You were a beautiful person who always made me smile. You will be so missed. Rest in peace. xo
    -- Luxe
  • Jay

    I should've written this a long time ago and now its too late for you to see it. I believe everyone should have the chance to know just how wonderful of a person you were though. Creative beyond belief, welcoming and friendly to all she met; the community has lost one of its greatest people. Rest in Peace Jay, you were loved by many and will be deeply missed.
    -- Caitlin
  • Jay

    We knew each other before and it was always a delight to see and talk to you. In some small way I feel like I've been robbed of rekindling a very wonderful friendship. We just got to talking again, it was looking bright. When I saw the news I didn't know what to say, I didn't want to accept it. It's not what any of us expected and now that you're gone a part of our community is lost. I'm not good at goodbyes but where ever you are my thoughts go with you, you will be missed friend. Very much.
    -- Voidsquid

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