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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Pen_Tsunami

    This person here is an amazing role player,i love how detailed their replies are,and i love how creative they are. They spend alot of time on making the replies as detailed as possible. They are also very funny and sweet when chatting in an OOC. So kudos for you my friend

    <3 Jet Storm
    -- JetStorm
  • Darrell Sanders (played by ShadowWeaver)

    Fabulous portrayal of a musician. Truly a authentic believable guitarist.Always in tune and a hit with the women. He's great to roleplay with. The author of this character is great IC and OCC.
    -- LakotaSiouxWarrior
  • FrootLoops

    This guy is awesome. His writing skills cause me to be at the edge of my seat ALL the time. I’m never bored when I have a RP with him.

    I’m always excited to get done with work and school when it comes to replying to him! ^^

    He is also kind and nice. Very understanding. ^_^

    You want a friend, FrootLoops is amazing!
    -- Nivela
  • Your_Typical_Potato

    Yes, she is friend. She's a great person and one great roleplayer. She goes into detail and writes long comments. Did I mention she had a picture of simba as her PFP once?
    -- Primrose-Chan
  • Jay

    Jay is an amazing person: active, polite, creative, and able to make shy like me feel welcome without being overwhelming. I highly recommend Jay for all the RP we've recently had I have never felt intimidated or judged. 10/10 would recommend!
    -- Valiant
  • Foxy_TheWarrior

    She is very clever when it comes to role plays. You will NOT get tired of her and she responds quickly. I love the role plays were doing and I hope we have more in the future. She was so hyper and excited whenever I said I would rp about her and I really respect that. Please try her out :3
    -- Pen_Tsunami
  • FrootLoops

    This is long overdue for me to write honestly. Froot is a lovely, lovely person. Very good at keeping the plot going and they write some amazing characters. He is quite a patient sort, which I appericiate given how my motivation works.


    Froot is 100% worth getting an RP with and I enjoy our RPs tons.

    So glad we met.
    -- Hikari_Yagaza
  • Foxy_TheWarrior

    She is great to rp with, if you want to find a good person to rp with i would very much recommend her. her characters are all amazingly good and she is the best friend i could have :)
    -- Taz
  • Taz

    When it comes to wolf rps, chat with her to do them and to plan them out. I recommend rping with her if you like doing long responses to her and taking your time, in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • Hikari_Yagaza

    We have rping for months on discord and only now I realised we aren't even friends here! I would like to say that Hikari is great when it comes to paragraph rp's. They always seem to try their best to keep up and even when they stop replying for awhile I'm glad they come back for ooc chat. That's enough for me to be patient with them for the whole time. Shows how people are just away and not ghosts :)
    -- FrootLoops

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