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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • kisalefreak

    Let me tell you one thing: kisalefreak is SO incredibly talented in rp. She's creative, an amazing writer, and really nice to talk to. I love talking to her and plan ideas with her, and also just talk about how adorable our characters are. There's so much atmosphere in our rp, plus we have a good connection when talking, even about the smallest things. So rp with this one, she's worth it!

    -- ChocolateIceCream
  • Lune

    Lune is a beautiful soul, someone kind and gentle and deserving of all the love I have to give. Her writing and the thought she puts into her characters is, in a word, astounding. She is without a doubt one of my favorite RP partners I've ever had, and moreover, someone I consider myself so lucky to call a friend.
    -- Auberon
  • Caitlin

    Caitlin is quite the kind of player who, just like me, have a passion about combat RP'ing and she's quite creative in the fights our characters have engaged. Certainly she's one of my favorite fighting Rp'ers I had the pleasure to meet ^_^
    -- Ahrun
  • RayneAllDay

    Ms. Rayne is a very talented and detailed writer with a specific number of talents that helps her stand out, namely her ability to convey unique qualities in her characters, and a willingness to push herself despite adventuring in new territories, she is helpful, productive and very cooperative, my best hopes and wishes during her hard times. I recommend her content, and recommend visiting with her.
    -- Manofmanyfaces
  • Redrose

    Sweet, communicative, and while I only know Finn, he's a ball of angst and charm that makes getting into his head very entertaining. If all her characters are so well rounded, then I can only urge you to give her a chance! Grammar slips from time to time, but by the sheer force of personality, her characters make it very easy to overlook. I always get excited seeing that little notification in my inbox.
    -- Mayiamaru
  • Pixan (played by Mouslykat)

    Characters. If they don't work it'll crush my damn heart but it'll be understandable and realistic. Which makes it all that more painful and addicting in the roleplay. I hope these two can conquer the battles they face to come together! Much love for Pixan!
    -- Michonne
  • Pixan (played by Mouslykat)

    Two years of complications. Two years of holding onto love for each other. Two years of the Sun and Moon hiding or running from each other. A amazing story I couldn't have believed I was even a part of. Nor can I believe that it's lasted this long between these two amazing strong characters. She has changed his world, as much as he has hers. And I know no matter their fate their love for each other will likely never die. I have never seen a more passionate emotional wild exchange between two >>
    -- Michonne
  • Kai (played by AzKai)

    Kaito or should we say...nah. I won't give it away. But this character has a hidden oasis of strength. That you have to dig multiple layers or shatter all the shields to even notice. Complicated but the duality meshes so well with Balto. Not only is Kaito facing her own demons, but she faces it with strength for those around her much akin to Balto. Knowing he was part of the development of this is amazing and I look forward to see how they take on the world United!
    -- Michonne
  • absentworlds

    Much overdue, but never too late. The dedication to development and character building that Absentworlds places in his characters is phenomenal. I have thoroughly enjoyed our growing friendship and story building. His writing has not only inspired me to do more, but also driven my interest in the quest we have going. I wish to give him a shining review because he is well worth writing with and getting to know. A very down to earth guy and enjoyable writing partner.
    -- Hadeslicious
  • IAmNumberFour

    Ok so they are so awesome! There replies are always long and detailed and they contribute so well to the story, I absolutely adore the way they write and their character is just outstanding and so interesting. There replies are nice and quick and they are also amazing in quality . Overall , definitely recommend rping with IAmNumberFour.
    -- DarkandLight

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