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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Virguy

    While I don't know Virguy well I am glad to have them as part of Tam'nyer-a’ and be in the same group as someone so upstanding.
    -- Kruhee
  • Ghostly_Melon

    A honestly delightful person! I can’t say enough how positive and wonderful they are to have as part of the Tam'nyer-a’ community, I look forward to the future and getting to know them even better as time goes by. With well made characters and wonderful writing you could look for nothing better in a writer.
    -- Kruhee
  • SilentSybil

    Such an absolute delight to share the same community as this fantastic ball of adorable. Always upbeat and kindly I am honored to be able to say that I know them. Not to mention see them write their characters which are well thought out and wonderfully sculpted.
    -- Kruhee
  • Wendigo

    While not someone I know well I can say that Wendigo is a great writer and an asset to any community they chose to be in, I am honored and delighted to have the chance to get to know them through Tam and to that simply having them as part of the same group. Tam wouldn’t be the same without you!
    -- Kruhee
  • Riik

    Another person I love RPing with. They have great muses and the person is a likeable person as well. If you get a chance, check them out!
    -- Asroc
  • danmanmun

    Danmanmun is a wonderful partner, he is patient even when my real life is chaos. He also understands when my posts are not great, but he makes me strive to do more. I love his OC Nathan, he is a sweet caring guy. I really am happy I was so lucky as to find Dan as a partner when I was so new to this site. I really do adore this guy all around. <3
    -- Furyaun
  • Churchtuary

    Chruch is one of the more fun dudes to talk to and amusing. Still need to RP with them one day. Plus, they make my day feel better. Made me feel more confident.
    -- Asroc
  • wolfydere

    I seen them around, but never Interacted with them. I wouldn't mind RPing with them. They seem like a very nice person and rather fun.
    -- Asroc
  • LightSide-Lucree

    By far one of my most favourited RPers on here. I miss their one RP, but hey, I would LOVE to do another RP with their musesand mine. Give them shot! She is worth it!
    -- Asroc
  • RimCaster

    I really should Rp with this person. I have heard good things bout them. I have did a small Rp with them. (It being a small group) but it was fun. Check them out!
    -- Asroc

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