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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • XxCandy-ChanXx

    Although we have not chatted or roleplayed yet. This brilliant writer wrote a eloquent story in the arts and creativity forum. Well done and written. Kudos to you❤❤.
    -- LakotaSiouxWarrior
  • Sanne

    I have yet to rp with Sanne but she is a friendly and incredibly creative person. I enjoy chatting with her and know I can always message her with any dorky or random thing and she will probably care. But she also cares about me as a person what I am dealing with and that means so much to me. Congrats 'new' moderator ;) and friend. 💕
    -- Mercyinreach
  • Pantrane

    Pantrane is a very kind and generous person! I was incredibly touched to receive a detailed character image based on my written description and existing art that perfectly encompassed my vision for her. Pantrane did an excellent job and if they ever take commissions, I can only recommend them.
    -- Sanne
  • Miura Riku (played by Romluek)

    I just came across Muira in the character showcase and had a look at the profile.. Wow! Such depth! Miura Riku’s bio is a fascinating read in itself! One of the best character bois I’ve read!
    -- Deumeawyn
  • cirene

    Cirene is one of the best roleplayers I've ever played with. There hasn't been a single genre that we've rp that hasn't been amazing. Each character she actually feels like a real person. There never been a time that I've been disappointed with her rps. If you the chance to rp with her, you're going to have a great time.
    -- Membranethevenomous2
  • Xaria (played by Michonne)

    Amazing writing, great personality and a fun time to rp with! You're missing out if you overlook this player! :D
    -- sadi
  • DarkandLight

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! Her character is consistent, well developed, she handles NPC side characters like they are her main and her writing is simply wonderful! I have been doing a lot of world building with her; she conquers; it all with enthusiasm and reacts to cultural differences with realistic comparisons and reactions. She is definitely one of my favorites, I am always eager to see a new reply and I look forward to any and all future roleplays we do together! <3
    -- Mipps
  • Mipps

    I literally cannot describe how outstanding Mipps writing is. I’m not even sure how to put it into words, but I will try. She replies almost more than every day, her replies are very detailed and always moving the story forward. Her characters are so alive and everything about her writing brings the story to life. I’m always excited to see a reply from her.
    -- DarkandLight
  • BrandyCat

    Honestly, I don't even know where to start with Patti, because there is so much praise that I could lavish on her and it still wouldn't be enough. She is my friend. A rock-steady, supportive, wonderful friend. I am absolutely privileged to know her, and I love and value her immensely. Her writing is emotive and stunning and flows effortlessly, and the stories she weaves with her artfully-constructed characters leave you needing more of her words. Patti, I'm so grateful for you.
    -- Owelle
  • Owelle

    This woman is incredible. Simply, astoundingly and monumentally incredible. One of the kindest, most thoughtful and considerate people I have ever been blessed to know, Elle will set fire to your soul. Passion and pride is poured behind every word to engage you and take you deep into this world that you and her paint together, in a way that makes you hopeless and without desire to leave. I'll say it forever: Absolutely incredible.
    -- BrandyCat

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