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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • MeanAndEmo

    Aaaaa, MeanAndEmo might be the best person I've done an RP with on here. They're so friendly, understanding, and their characters are amazing! They're fantastic for any style or genre in RP. I have loved not only the RP but the person behind it!! They've earned every Kudo they have <3
    -- DragonChild
  • CoyBoat275

    i cannot believe that i have found an amazing person like coy, he is very detailed and i love his rp's that we do, he means a lot to me and i care and love him so much, im very protective of him, he is my sweetheart and i will do anything for him, i love you babyboy <3
    -- jessikahjones
  • draconicforests

    Draconicforests is a hidden gem. Compared to many writters , their skills are astonishing.
    The characters are so carefully crafted and every action is planned out perfectly. Everytime a reply is received, my soul lights up in excitement. Let's just say I am impressed, and anyone considering to rp with this gifted person will be too. I highly recommend rping with Draconicforests, you will not be disappointed in their quality of story writting.
    -- RenjiSama
  • Ember_Wolf

    Ember is a fantastic writer. Words are a slow trickle of information developing into a gorgeously evolved work of art when it comes to these characters. I give my Kudos to this Fantastic Roleplayed and Friend.
    -- EndingDivinity
  • GarnaalProductions

    Garnaal has so much talent. With an eye for detail, and a wild imagination, Garnaal brings to light a symphony of the purest role play you could ever find. I give my Kudos to this Fantastic Roleplayed and Friend.
    -- EndingDivinity
  • Copper_Dragon

    She helped me recently with a situation that has happened with a troll/stalker and i really appreciate that THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    -- wolfydere
  • Copper_Dragon

    She helped me twice with a difficult situation. She was freindly helpful kind and sweet. I'm grateful to her and all the moderaters for all they do for all of us.❤❤
    -- SexySultryBabe
  • Doctor Ibara (played anonymously)

    He is interesting and intriguing, someone I believe I might enjoy being around.
    -- MisterNiko
  • Sharklore

    Where do I start? We've only been RPing for a few days now; it's already going so well! Our writing styles mesh perfectly. Sharkie is a wonderful writer and is attentive/kind/creative OOC.

    What we planned to be an RP with just one romantic pairing has already turned into us planning on putting that pairings best friends together and having two romances in the RP! I already adore our RP, and am excited for every single post I receive and get to send. I could seriously 11/10 stan and recommend.
    -- Mercyinreach
  • tomatosalad

    Tomatosalad is a great roleplayer! Super creative and fun to work with. They're great at thinking of ideas on their feet and if you roleplay with them, you're sure to venture into anything and everything. They're also a genuinely nice person, so roleplaying with them is something you definitely won't forget.
    -- alright

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