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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Perceous Ungarrth (played by UmbraAuthor21)

    He’s a good character, talked to mine like another human and he’s kind and wise. <3
    -- PossitivelyNoOne
  • Vanderhuge

    Vanderhuge is such a great guy, I'm really glad that he and I have become friends! He has so many ideas and has such great enthusiasm for writing, stories, and plots that it's hard not to get swept up into the current of excitement. His writing is brilliantly descriptive and such a delight to read. His characters are so amazing and even if you think you know or understand them, there are so many surprises that are uncovered during RP.
    -- Somnom
  • Optimusprimal99

    This guy is very sweet,when we first met,which was on another site,he was kind,gentle,and the greatest friend i could ask for,everyday he would ask "Hi how are you?" and just brings a smile to my face that he would go out of his way to ask how was my day,and if i was upset,he'd cheer me up,and as for his rps they are very entertaining and i suggest rping with this guy,you won't regret it. ^^
    -- JetStorm
  • JetStorm

    JetStorm she's incredibly fun and inspiring. a great rp, also
    perhaps the best in my book
    i've learned a ton of ideas for
    the RpR thanks to her i would definitely be friend her or add
    👍 😃
    -- Optimusprimal99
  • Tusitala2017

    My god. This purely amazing, sweet, pure, kind, loving, understanding and helpful woman is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She is truly just so easy to talk to and to rp with. I can’t even count all the times I’ve gotten lost in an rp with her, and waiting for what next trick she going to pull.

    She truly does have such a caring and loving personality, it’s so hard to not like her. I can’t even count how many times she’s made my days better without ever knowing it.
    -- Sweet_Little_Sock
  • Tusitala2017

    If you have never traveled her amazing story telling tails, you are truly missing out on an amazing story teller, and amazing characters. She’s is extremely talented, I truly recommend not missing out with her. Thank you for all the times you have made me smile, and forgot how hard the days can be. Thank you Tussy <3
    -- Sweet_Little_Sock
  • 'L' (played by RazleDazle)

    'L' seems to be very mysterious. The storyline behind him is well-crafted. Anyone would be honored to roleplay with this character!
    -- TainaKupp26
  • M Y L O (played anonymously)

    Em has wonderful characters and is an amazing RPer, who is always open to fun plots and just general chatting or joking around. However, Mylo is a character that I've come to really enjoy RPing with and getting the opportunity to see develop. The roleplays we do between him and Quinne are ones I'm always up for, and always enjoy. I look forward to future things with them, on their adventures and more. Thanks for being awesome, Em. <3
    -- Rook
  • Agayturd

    He is a good role player. I love the MxM rp that we are doing,he is quick to reply,and i can visualize what the characters are saying and doing
    -- JetStorm
  • Pooka

    I just wanted to stop by and show some appreciation to this incredible individual who's done a lot for me, probably more than he realized. He is INCREDIBLY creative and hard-working, helpful and insightful. I value his suggestions and opinion, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else The legendary Pooka comes up with :D Thank you, for probably 100th time :')
    -- Queen_of_Hell

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