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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Sura (played anonymously)

    *☽ Adored. Sura is a character to aspire to. She has love, detail and work packed into every little hair on her adorable head and it shows in spades. I have truly loved getting to work with the Zykla and getting to know this character better instead of admiring from a distance. If ever given the chance, I cannot recommend enough that you interact with this gem. ☾*
    -- Noosey
  • Elke (played anonymously)

    Elke is a wild ride if nothing else. I have so much love and adoration for this character as well as her amazingly creative player. Elke's got it all, rough edges, a sometimes gooey/gross center and a sense of humor that you can't help but cackle at. She charms you, even if you don't want to be charmed. Every time I get to interact with her it's over far too soon and I am so happy to be looking at bigger and better plots with her~.
    -- Noosey
  • Envexa (played by BobbinK)

    Vex is a beautiful example of an artfully crafted species. The versatility of the Chupakri aside, Vex shines all on her own. She's a beautiful dagger; gorgeous to look at but not an ounce less deadly for its beauty. Her player is an amazing writer who has given her depth, darkness and passions that are just waiting to be tapped into it. I've enjoyed every moment I've gotten to interact with this addictive character.
    -- Noosey
  • Mercyinreach

    Mercyinreach is one of the most understanding RP partners. I'd like to think kismet brought us together so we could have such a creative rapport. She brings so many plot ideas to the table, and Eddie and Hadley couldn't be a more wonderful pairing - even if they want to throttle each other 50% of the time. Thank you for all your skill, your passion, and your dedication to our RP. It means the world to me.
    -- honeyandthemoon
  • Corvin

    Each RP is set in a new way, & no matter how much fun our characters might be having, a connection is anything but linear. Nothing is ever as it seems, there always remains a very real undertow of complication & consequence which drives plots forward & leaves you wanting more. His characters are all well articulated, detailed, shining examples of realistic people with very unique behaviors & psychology to further animate them. I could literally go on for days. TLDR Corvin writes REAL GOOD.
    -- Volka
  • Murder

    Murder is a very talented rper, I love the story we have together and she is a very fun person to talk to as well. All of her characters are well made and she's just a joy to write with. I highly urge everyone to at least try to rp with Murder, you will not regret it!
    -- Aggy1231
  • Ceirsha (played anonymously)

    I love the website, the color scheme, the fonts, the art, and most of all, Ceirsha herself. Her personality is so detailed and so nicely organised! It's also the wonderful little details that get me - she talks to herself, and stores stuff in her gorgeous tail! I remember listening to her voiceclaim and going like, "Yeah, this is her.". It's perfect??? My wig has transcended into the astral plane, I am suddenly mentally well-adjusted, world hunger is GONE.
    -- amelie-angele
  • BellaMaeron

    My role play with Bella has only just begun, but in the short time she has proven to be an adept writer and a good friend. While juggling between gaming, drawing, and going to work, she has still managed to give responses that are worth reading. What I love about her style is that she adds some of her own twists to our role play, which does make it much more thrilling. She is also one to give her own sense of humor towards the story and I would occasionally get a laugh from it. She's impressive.
    -- mericosine
  • Rose-Garden

    This person, right here. Is a great Rp'er. She has many great stories in her head, like creating a grand and long story with a poweful lore and gods alike. During times where you come to ''Whats next?'' She is amazing to plan your next step with you, she very good to work with. And is a very nice person.
    -- Count_Krokkorok
  • numberFive

    Wait...Have I seriously not given this beautiful person kudos yet? I’m shook that I haven’t! I mean we barely started roleplaying but she makes it super interesting and fun to do so I highly suggest that you (yes you there on your phone or whatever device you use) to go befriend this beautiful person and roleplay with them like right now
    -- LarryBandzIV

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