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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Khaitan Freya (played by Mystriss)

    Dark elves are fun, I play them often.
    -- Jaredthefox92
  • mitchs98

    An Amazing Roleplayer and person as a whole. Even if you dislike Romance RPs and Adventure Genres I can guarantee that you'll enjoy Rping with this Adorable RPer
    -- Suwako423
  • vickym96

    This gal is an absolute joy to rolepaly with <3 She's literate, her reply responses are better than most, and she has /at least/ two paragraphs per post, usually more. She's absolutely amazing at making her characters and scenes come to life, as well as being consistent with all her characters provided information. If you dont RP with her, you'll probably regret it.
    -- StaticNightmares
  • Floflo

    This kudos is long overdue, for the sole reason that I wanted to keep this amazing writer a secret to myself. Her writing style is almost magical, and her characters are clearly well thought out, with aesthetics perfectly matching their personalities >.< On top of all of this I LOVE her personality, talking to her makes my day. Honestly, it makes me feel bubbly inside with excitement. And then I open up her posts and I'm like *mindblown*

    Honestly, I have so much love for this lil mochi <3
    -- Reckless
  • wolfydere

    It’s hard to explain how amazing you are Wolfydere your the best you helped me through a lot. I’m glad your my friend
    -- Imthenaysayer
  • Ricochett

    Rico is one of the best RP players I've ever known! His posts are well detailed, structured and full of fantastic dialogue! OOC hes understanding, friendly and enthusiastic about the RP. It's so fun to RP, chat OOC and brainstorm with him! I look forward to all his replies and any small talk we may have. A job well done Rico :)
    -- Lornzie
  • Mercyinreach

    Dei is a lot of fun to interact with, IC and OOC alike! We just started roleplaying, but I can tell the future holds many stories just waiting for us to unfold.

    Also- her hair is fabulously blue, your argument is invalid.
    -- Spook
  • Spiteful

    Just started roleplaying with Spiteful a few days ago and they're amazing! Great person and very easy to work out a prompt. Their writing is phenomenal and if you have the chance, make sure to roleplay with them as it is sure to be an enjoyable experience!
    -- alright
  • Reckless

    Reckless is a really special dude; I've known him for a while and their posts are detailed. What makes him so special is his personality and how sweet and nice he seems. I always get excited whenever he messages me back and I get hyper like a little puppy greeting its owner. It's odd in a way, because lmfao wow I rarely get that hyper around most of my friends, but he seems to change that, in a good way.

    He's a guCCI FRIEND, PLS STAN 💞
    -- Floflo
  • tear_ps

    Tear_ps is a lovely person once you get to know them, mainly because their aura seems rather calming and sweet. I was more than happy to chat with them because they are so sweet and nice, it's hard to ignore it. More people should recognise their sweetness, since it's adorable and really cute. ^-^
    -- Floflo

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