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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Noosey

    I've said it before but it warrants repeating. Noosey possesses such a magnificent talent for creating some of the most in-depth, creative, fleshed out characters I've ever had the privilege of writing with. If you don't ever take the time to sit and plot with her, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. <3
    -- Nioght
  • Lady_Istyar

    It was a blessing to see Lady Istyar return to RPR! Our RP of old was such a fun Tolkien story, and I know her writing is articulate and engaging, and always led to inspiration to write another post! Welcome Back!
    -- Shadow-Ranger
  • SmolBeanio

    She has been the funniest RP partner I have had in so long I am absolutely obsessed with it! I love how her Character seems to so easily connect with my Alec Redbird. And her writer is sweet, and a funny person to talk to!
    -- NightmareBryce
  • Heather Greene (played by Deumeawyn)

    Who doesn't love a rebellious teenager? Deumeawyn has a done the perfect teenage girl. From the descriptions pictures and history. To her troubled relationship with her parents. Impressive character she must be fabulous to role play.
    -- LakotaSiouxWarrior
  • Lightningstar

    Lightningstar is an amazing roleplayer! She knows how to keep a roleplay fun. Her writing is always brilliant, it's one of the reason why I love roleplaying with her.

    Her characters are also brilliant, the way they are writen is just like they are real people.

    She is also very friendly.

    So if you wanna have an amazing roleplaying pm Lightningstar! She'll be sure to make it fun!
    -- Cookiesareyummie
  • Cailiawen (played by Deumeawyn)

    A fabulous Lord of the rings character. With a deep history and description. Her creator is so well immersed and knowledgeable about everything Lord of the rings. Truly a beautiful wonderful character deumeawyn.
    -- LakotaSiouxWarrior
  • Una Dubach (played by Freaysia)

    Una has such a good story presented to us on her character page that I feel the need to give her kudos and suggest everyone give it a read! I look forward to learn what her plan is to get away from the situation she finds herself in! Well done Freaysia! Thank you for bringing Una to life!
    -- Shadow-Ranger
  • Gretchen Heather Alexander (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

    I do love this CIA agent and think it’s worth everyone give it a look! Her journal reports are entertaining to read, and I for one look forward to reading more of her missions and exploits! The character page looks really good bringing that mystery forward! Well done Lakota!
    -- Deumeawyn
  • Lavena (played anonymously)

    I saw Lavena as I scrolled the character list and had to read her page. Wow! I’m glad I did! I recommend giving her profile a look! What an awesome dualist profile, and the page reads as if they are alive! The mild-mannered professional librarian and the sensual seductive woman! Lavena is such an inspiration! Looking forward to reading more of Lavena’s encounters! Her creator has done a wonderful job!
    -- Deumeawyn
  • Lady_Istyar

    I know this person from before, and her writing is on point. She's very creative, and I recommend roleplaying science fiction or fantasy with her. She's a delight.
    -- Abigail_Austin

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