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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Zara Marija Zutran (played by DorianM)

    Where can one truly begin when a character is masterful in every aspect one can think of? Zara is cunning, with a depth of heart that some of us in the real world struggle to achieve. Forever fighting for the best of her children and her family, though her ways may not always be above the table, Zara is a wonderful woman who embodies 'the unconquerable will'. I wouldn't want to think of where the Zûtran Family would be without her. <3
    -- Demilicious
  • InquisitorCat

    Cat offers such well rounded characters to write with and she is able to move a story in such a way that it is very refreshing. Her characters have believable worries and problems and she is a very patient writer. Every post I receive of her's brings a certain feeling of warmth and life.
    -- Miss
  • TakodaVega

    Vega is virtually everything I aspire to be: passionate, confident, and one of a kind. She’s got a feathery heart of gold, has made me smile more times than I can count, and is altogether a wonderful, caring friend who’s as great of a person as she is talented a roleplayer. From the testy Tsu to the ever optimistic Vega, no two of her characters are alike! I can't wait to meet them all!
    -- Lune
  • Volka

    You are an absolute angel. I have found such a kindred spirit in you in such a short time, it's truly mind blowing. I want for us what Brinn and Katie have: a laugh riot friendship that's got all the stuff in it to go the distance. I kick myself on the daily for not weaseling my way into your roleplay circle sooner. You can't really blame me for being intimidated though, my first impression of you was 100% accurate:you are an absolute powerhouse of a writer whose wit and humor know no bounds.
    -- emroidz
  • TakodaVega

    Mom is caring. Mom is kind. Mom builds you up and takes care of you. Vega is the mom friend everyone should have in their life. She's an exceptionally creative and extraordinarily talented writer with some of the most beautiful characters you will ever come across. She's also extremely committed to the continued success of her closed species--proactive in a way no other creator has been in my experience--nurturing its players and tending to the community to ensure the group remains a safe space.
    -- emroidz
  • emroidz

    Don't think I forgot about you Secret Squirrel. Em came in on a fresh breeze and I have never looked back. Her characters have a level of dimensions that make me excited to hear their paths even if I don't participate with them. I'm so happy to have you in my life. Your inspiration brings light wherever you touch and I look forward to the stories we make together.
    -- TakodaVega
  • acertainly_pure

    This is long overdue, and oh my lords is she fabulous. She's one of the best people I've roleplayed with and I love building The Imminence of Gray with her. Her literary skills are beyond amazing and her characters are all unique and as great as she is. I love, love, love, her. And, if you gave her a chance, you would too :)
    -- b_e2e
  • Dndmama

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy Dndmama as a friend and writing partner - oh wait yeah I can. She is a brilliant writer who breathes life into her characters and the story we create together. Heartwarming and soul shattering detail and beautiful prose and poetry. I love Dndmama and out babies Sera and Chanda.
    -- Mercyinreach
  • Lune

    Mother of Birds! For a long time I was shy of Lune, because her characters are so rich in lore and amazing love and care it was hard not to be in aw of her creative mind. I'm so happy I overcame that to get to know this beautiful soul. I look forward to more times we can talk of birds, deer, and all the characters we have in between!
    -- TakodaVega
  • EnkeliAgon

    I'm so glad I ran into Enkeli! His posts are amazingly detailed. His writing is very visceral. His characters are fun and interesting. He's super chill and awesome to talk to OOC. Really just a solid all around dude. Really glad we ran into each other.
    -- Dndmama

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