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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Oliver-Wendy

    Where do I even start? Oliver has been a really great partner and is an awesome roleplayer! They are very friendly and open and come up with amazing ideas. You won't be disappointed with them <3. On top of that our two characters are amazing together :).
    -- Thegreatunknown
  • Rochelle Romaine (played by Mintelle)

    I love seeing characters who are mute. There aren't enough characters with disabilities, and, in my experience, when there are, they are exploited for the RP to be focused only around the one character. But, Rochelle is obviously a well thought through character, and I love reading her profile. Mintelle, also, is an amazing person on the RP forums and I am very sure she's an awesome RPer too! :)
    -- 8_Stars_8
  • Thegreatunknown

    Amazing roleplayer and very communicative and open to ideas. Absolutely love role-playing with this awesome person. I love how our two characters work so well together.
    -- Oliver-Wendy
  • Jennifer Payne (played anonymously)

    I came across this lovely character when looking for one for the Phoenix contest and all I can say is WOW! Love the depth of the summary and backstory, and how it all seems like it is a story unfinished and being completed in RP. The background is awesone too! It must be a joy to RP with Jennifer Payne!
    -- Deumeawyn
  • Subtleknifewielder

    He is a very sweet person, with a kind heart. We bonded very quickly, and he is very welcoming. He makes this website very enjoyable, with his hilarious and witty comments and remarks. He is just overall a good person to be around.
    -- KaediLenn
  • Nivela

    Nivela has been here for such a short amount of time, and I already LOVE HER! Every time I get a reply from her, I get excited just to read it, and just as excited as I read it a second time! Her characters are lovely, and the way she writes makes me keep coming back for more!

    She's a very friendly person in OOC as well! If you're looking for a RP partner, she is worth your time!
    -- WaffleSeagreens
  • WaffleSeagreens

    A dazzling writer who always leaves me at the edge of my seat, on my tiptoes, and excitement roaring through my veins. The way Waffle writes is speechless and I admire their work full heartedly.

    Very kind and supportive as well. They always ask my questions and always help me. A king friend indeed.^^

    Love you, Waffle! Thanks for being such a good and supportive friend.
    -- Nivela
  • JSilentpanic1104

    this person is so much fun!! i am so happy i met them!!! Their funny and always brightening my day! y'all should totally rp with them
    -- Starwarsfan
  • Maw'tea (played by Mipps)

    Sweet Yes! Silver-tongued? Of course! Fun? Without any doubt!

    Maw’teä is quite flirtatious character but his positive energy helps him attract people even with just a smile. He's also witty and very fun to be around with. Loves music and beautiful things with his whole heart and if you're looking for a friendly, a little naughty companion to spend time with, Maw’teä is the right person.
    -- LotusFlower
  • AmongstTheStars

    What can I say? She is such an amazing rper, with awesome posts and I'm always eager for her next reply! I would definitely recommend playing with her if you havent already!!
    -- Ricochett

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