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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

  • Mr_Stick

    Mr_Stick is a real sweetheart! He's always polite and kind, genuinely caring, supportive and encouraging. His characters are very unique and well thought out. He's a blast to talk to, inspirational and someone I look up to a lot. He's also the best big brother ever! I <3 you big time brother bear!
    -- SylOfficial
  • Serein

    Serein is such a nice person, having great ideas and able to relate really well with her roleplay partners! The amount that she writes varies due to how much is needed, and is absolutely wonderful to read! It provides so much detail and emotion, I'm always excited to rp with her as I see her responses! She deserves all the kudos!
    -- Pandas71
  • MestStrauss

    Mest is such a nice, consistent, and enjoyable person to roleplay with! While we were planning, they made sure that I was fine with everything that we decided so it would be great for the both of us! Their character really came to life and is so cool! If I were you, I'd totally hit them up for a good story! :3
    -- Pandas71
  • Pandas71

    Pandas71 is a great roleplayer that brings a scene to life and makes you feel like you are really there. If you are looking for a great person to roleplay with look no farther. So much fun to RP with.
    -- MestStrauss
  • Solitaire

    This man is the best bb I could ask for. He's talented in singing, perfect, amazing, and just overall absolutely wonderful. He's the best boyfriend, and I have never found someone so kind or amazing or understanding. He has his up and downs, but we all do. Everything he's suffered through just makes him so much stronger, and truly admirable.

    Love you boo <3
    -- StaticNightmares
  • SylOfficial

    My sweet cuddly RPR sister! Love you lots hun! Keep on writing! Keep on making certificates! Keep being you!

    She is sweet, kind, fun, and a fellow writer! My first official fan even! THAT is why I like her!

    -- Mr_Stick
  • Dug

    I have an immense amount of respect for people who work hard and are still able to make time for what they enjoy. More importantly; Kim does this in a way that makes everyone she interacts with feel special in their own right. She could take what limited time she has and focus on those closest to her, but she doesn't and that's truly special. I may have only gotten to know her better recently, but it feels like its been much longer than that. 500 characters just isn't enough here.....
    -- Caitlin
  • Jaiyden (played by Caitlin)

    My favorite part about Jay is that he was made to be a part of a family I had already started to create, and never once did he feel like he was being forced in. He has been built into the very core of this family in a way that leaves me wondering if he wasn't always the center of it, even though I know he wasn't! A family man, a hard worker, a jokester who can keep you on your toes. A kindness to him that anyone could fall in love with. He's Perfect.
    -- pockets
  • Dug

    If I've kudos'd Kim, I've done it a thousand times-- but I'll do it a thousand more because I don't think people are getting the picture here. Kim is this hard-working busy body that somehow still makes time out of her day to give everyone else appreciation and friendship. I don't know how she does it! She makes all of these wonderful characters, works her ass off, and still manages to be this beautiful, sweet, kind person on top of it. What are you suckers waiting for? RP WITH HER!
    -- emily
  • Madiswain

    I've always sort of envied Madi's characters from afar-- their depth and dimension have always seemed so pathetically intimidating that I was almost SCARED to interact with her. But really? She's nothing but the nicest, most kind-hearted and welcoming person out there. Sure, her characters might seem big and scary, but Madi definitely isn't. She's a beautiful soul inside and out and if you ever get the chance to roleplay with her, you definitely won't regret it!
    -- emily

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